Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone.

This is a little postcard I made for my guild, featuring the main raiders of our group. Unfortunately I was having some issues with WoW Modelviewer, and none of the emotes worked – as well as any sit/sleep etc. So I was quite limited in the things I could make the characters do. Still, it didn’t turn out too horrible. (If one looks closely you can see lots of little problem areas though, since I’m no photoshop wiz… But at least I had fun!)


I’m back! (I think)

In the summer, we finally got fiber to the house where I’m currently staying, which means we could get a proper internet connection. Rejoice!

For over eight months I was barely playing WoW, because whenever I tried I would generally end up with 5k+ ms as soon as I left the Garrison. I’ve picked it back up now, and I’m back to raiding with my guild, which is nice.

Sadly, I’ve not enjoyed my Warlock this expansion, and so I’ve been playing my Hunter and raiding with her. I’m stubbornly playing her as Beast Master, even while everyone is staying Marksman is better. I suspect I will have to admit defeat soon and respec, which makes me sad… BM is so much fun! Up until now I’ve been able to stay in the top half of the raid dps, but I’m slipping behind as the gear levels increase – so a change is probably necessary.

In other news, I’m preparing to move to another country – so that’s taking up some of my time.

I missed this blog though, so I have decided to pick it back up. Is there anyone still reading? I have no idea, but I will keep writing anyway (it’s what I do!). If there are any readers out there, feel free to let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like me to write about.

Anyway, in short – I’m back!


This blog has been quiet for a while, which has mainly been due to me not playing so much WoW – and therefore not having much to write about. My WoW playing was picking back up again though, and I was enjoying the pre-expansion event… When everything was brought to a screeching halt.

This past weekend I moved, and as it turns out – the place where I now live is without internet. Not only that, but no ISP that I’ve contacted is able to provide any access at that address. Being out in the countryside, I can’t even get a decent mobile internet connection.

Which means I’m stuck with no internet, and unless something miraculous happens, I won’t be able to play in the expansion. Which sucks. I was finally starting to look forward to it again!

It’s very frustrating.

In any case, that means that this blog will remain silent for a while longer. They’re working on fiber in my area, but judging from surrounding areas – that could take anywhere between three weeks and three years. I’m hoping it will be soon, but there’s no way of knowing.

So for now, I will be MIA. I hope that everyone else will enjoy the expansion! I will envy you every step you take on Draenor…

If you want to keep track of what I’m doing with no internet, I will still update my personal blog from time to time.

Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a second beta key for Hearthstone, Blizzard’s new game. It’s a lot of fun, and something I really am enjoying playing! I especially look forward to being able to play it from my phone when I’m in waiting rooms, bored and similar situations.

In any case, I have this spare beta key – and it seems there are still people out there who are interested in getting one. The most fair way to give it must be to just do a simple giveaway, using a random number generator.

If you want to enter, just leave a comment to this post! That’s it. No need to follow in Twitter, favourite me, retweet me or anything. (Heck, I barely spend time on Twitter.. you’d be bored out of your minds!) For me to be able to contact you, please fill out the e-mail field. If it’s left blank I have no way of sending you your key! Either leave your e-mail in the field when making the comment, or your Twitter tag in the comment itself. The e-mail of course being preferable since only I can see it.

I don’t want the contest to go on forever – so it’s going to be a short one. I will draw a winner in 24 hours. That would be tomorrow, Friday 6 December at 5pm CET. (I believe that is 11am EST or 8am PST.)

Good luck to everyone who’s entering!



How: Write a comment to this post, leave your e-mail address in the required field!
When: Contest ends Friday 6 December 5pm CET (11am EST/8am PST)

Edit: The winner has been e-mailed. Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Twisted Nether Blogcast

This is feeling a little bit crazy, but I’m going to be a guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast this weekend! It’ll be the first podcast I’ve ever done, so I’m quite nervous. Heck, I normally don’t even talk on Ventrilo/Teamspeak when around people I don’t know, so it’s definitely going to be interesting. But also lots of fun!

Please feel free to come along and listen, or you can hear it later in the week (if you’re like me – over in Europe!). It’s starting around 8.00 pm Pacific time. For the live one, this should be the link! If you’re listening later on, the one below should work.

Back to Business

As it turns out, I miss my blog and the WoW blogging community too much to stay away. So here I am, back to writing about WoW and all my failures successes. I hope that someone still remembers me, I’ve been gone for just over two months, which in internet time is probably closer to 20 years.

I’ve been doing some updating to the blog in general. The Warlock Information page and the posts that it links to have all been updated and I’ve added a Gallery with my screenshots. I have several Warlock posts in the works, which I hope to be posting soon since I’m a bit behind on that after my absence. So, I had better get to it!

I'm back! I'm back! I'm back!

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!

Riding off into the sunset…

I’m finding myself a little bit too tired and too worn out lately to be able to devote the kind of time and effort to the blog that it deserves. For that reason, I’ve decided that it’s probably best that I officially stop, since I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to finish even the posts in my drafts folder. It’s been a great ride, for nearly three years now. I’ve met a lot of great people in the blogging world, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with you all.



Another Year…

Time passes by a lot quicker than I’d like to admit, and I actually missed my two year anniversary yesterday because I had lost track of the date. (I seriously thought today was the 11th until I realised that, oops, it wasn’t!) So, yes… I’ve now had this blog for a full two years, and it’s been a lot of fun!

I’ve not been writing as actively as I’ve wanted to this past year, but I hope that it will change. The post that have had the most views out of all of my posts ever is of course my Destruction Warlock Guide. The post with the most views this past year was the one following the announcement of male/female counterparts of the Warlock pets.

So, what do we do to celebrate this two year anniversary? A CONTEST!

Spellbound’s Worst Warlock Outfit Contest

Warlocks are evil creatures who dabble with the fel magics that most other people stay away from. Obviously this means we have a certain… image.. to uphold. It’s why our tier sets have huge spikes and skulls, and other awesome looking things. A Warlock should look good.

So let’s turn it around. Let’s find the worst possible Warlock outfit available in the game. Something that would make other Warlocks shun you and not let you near them. Something that would make your demon take one look at you and return back to the Twisting Nether laughing all the way.

Link us a screenshot of the outfit (from in-game footage or ModelViewer type things) in the comment section, and we will crown a winner.

Rules: Anyone can join in the fun. The outfit doesn’t have to be possible to transmogrify – use your imagination! – but it has to be things that a Warlock can actually wear/use (ie. cloth/daggers etc.)

Submission Date: The cut-off date for submissions will be 25 April, and winners will be announced by the following weekend.

Prizes: The winner will receive a companion pet from the Blizzard store of their own choosing. The runner-up will get to be a guest appearance in a Curse of Fail comic.

I realise that my comics aren’t as well made or fun as others out there, but I enjoy making them and thought it might make for a fun bonus prize.

Companion Pets


In other news, my good friend and guild master in my Horde Guild has decided to join me here on Spellbound to contribute with some writing. She’s a Priest first and foremost, and an avid Beta tester so you will probably hear a lot about the Beta from her. Due to this the site will undergo a few small changes in the next few days when I change things around a little to make space for Kimzowy. Perhaps she will write a small introductory post for you as well. (I guess this means less whining about guild things, now that the guild master is on the site!)

To Another Year

It’s my hope to continue writing on Spellbound for as long as I continue to play WoW, and I hope that you will all bear with me. If you want to contribute anything today, other than to the contest – feel free to suggest topics to write about, or something you’d like to see me write about or discuss.

I wish you all a good weekend (since it’s nearly here, one more day… one more day…) and hope to see many entries into the contest!

Warlock Changes in 4.3

Patch 4.3 hits today in the US and tomorrow in the EU, so let’s have a look at the changes that are coming to Warlocks.


Shadowbolt has a new spell effect.

I didn’t dislike the old spell effect, but the new one looks pretty cool. I don’t have a movie editing program, so I couldn’t do any recording myself, but if anyone wants to see it before they get the patch themselves, I found a video here.

Soul Fire now scales with 72.6% of spell power, up from 62.5%.

I hope that this will make Soul Fire feel more like the hard-hitting spell I imagine it was always meant to be. It’s not a huge boost, but 10% should at least do something.

The Voidwalker ability Suffering now works like the hunter pet talent Taunt.

I’ll admit, this confuses me a little. It’s a simple taunt, I don’t quite understand the change made to this. I thought it already worked the same way? Edit: I realised that even though the tooltip isn’t updated the change is to the part that says that it will have no effect if the mob is already attacking the Voidwalker. So basically it should now properly be able to hold threat by taunting every cooldown. (If you’re wanting lots of threat though, I suggest popping Demon Soul and throwing out some Searing Pains.)

Fixed a bug that caused Doomguard and Infernal to benefit dramatically more than intended from Demonology Mastery.

This is a well-known bug that basically made your Doomguard and Infernal double-dip for their damage increase, making them do a lot more damage than intended for Demonology Warlocks. Not to worry though, Demonology was buffed in other ways and according to Sims is still a very high damage dealing spec.


Master Demonologist now grants a base bonus of 20%18.4% and 2.5%2.3% per mastery, up from 16% and 2% per mastery.

I suspect this is to make up for them “fixing” the Doomguard and Infernal.

Impending Doom is now also activated by Soul Fire.

This is a good change, since below 25% you will be casting a lot of Soul Fires as a Demonology Warlock!


All of these changes are made in an attempt to bring Destruction’s damage up. This spec has been falling behind in Cataclysm, and except for some utility on some fights there were times when it felt completely useless compared to the others. Simply because you couldn’t keep up on the dps. Looking at PTR data and Simcraft it does seem that the changes are working and Destruction is now on par with Affliction for single and duo-target fights.

Improved Soul Fire now lasts 20 sec, up from 15sec.

This is a welcome change. Improved Soul Fire is a rather clunky mechanic, and while this may not “fix” it per se, it might at least make it a bit easier to deal with when you have 5 more seconds. That’s 5 seconds more of hoping for a proc for an instant Soul Fire, so we won’t have to hardcast it.

Some Other Changes

While Warlock changes are of course the most interesting, I just wanted to highlight a few other ones as well. And of course, let’s not forget that there is a new raid instance, three new Heroics and the new Darkmoon Faire Island (and it’s time for Darkmoon Faire this weekend!).

  • You will no longer be saved to a Heroic dungeon that you did in the Dungeon Finder. This means that you can still queue for it specifically with friends later in the day even if you got it through the Dungeon Finder earlier in the day.
  • You now only have to kill 2 (you can choose yourself) bosses in both Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub before you can fight the final boss. (This will be nice for those groups that just don’t seem to understand the basic things like… not walking across green lines on the snake boss!)
  • Lots of things that previously just showed up on the World Map will now show up on the Mini Map as well. Things such as Archaeology spots, Quest tracking areas etc.
  • Improved quest flow in Northrend and Outland. Quest givers have been moved into instances for most of the dungeon quests. Northrend has had it’s required experience to level through it reduced by approximately 33%. (Finally! Maybe now I can level that Rogue.)

I’ve also updated the Destruction Warlock Guide for 4.3. There aren’t really any changes to rotation or anything, just the buffs to the spells already used.

What are you most excited about in the patch?

Operation: Clone the Gnome

For those who perhaps don’t hang around Twitter all the time (I am notoriously bad at it myself), or just missed it, there’s a new “thing” going on. Recently Alas was reminiscing about her time with her gnome clones, and this got a lot of people curious. The US people have all decided to go for this, and I’m left to try and rally the EU version.

So, the clones?

We’re all making gnomes, looking similar, and eventually wearing the same gear. We will lock our experience at level 24 and PvP in that bracket.

The suggestion is that we all pick cloth wearers (since we’re all supposed to look the same), which means Warlock, Priest or Mage. Engineering is advised as being a good PvP profession.

Similar names and similar looks makes for one great army of gnomish doom.
You can read more about the whole thing here. Note though that a lot of it is discussions, and quite a few things US specific. The document is an ongoing thing that you can edit and add to if you wish to bring something to the conversation!

The Quick and Dirty

So, to get to the specifics for the Europeans.

Where: Stormrage (Alliance)
Guild: <Punt This> (GM Liilly)
What: Gnome Clones!
Classes: Priest, Warlock, Mage
Hair Style: Punky (barbershop)
Hair Colour: Any of the three white ones
Skin Tone: Alas went with third from the lightest, but I may have gone a shade darker
Face: Freckled with blue, slanted eyes
Names: Lilli/Lilly and variations thereof


Want to join?

Roll up a gnome clothie on Stormrage-EU and either whisper someone already in the guild, or let me know and I’ll try to catch you online for an invite, since there’s not many of us yet.

If you don’t really have any interest in PvP, you’re of course welcome to join and be social and cheer the rest of us on!

I’ve created the guild, and I’m working on getting some mats and other things sorted for the guild bank. Will try to provide every new gnome with a little bit of starter cash and some bags.

Spread the word, and let’s make our own gnome army in the EU!


Engineering Leveling Guide (Gnome specific)
Punt This Gear List
The Punt This! Site
The Gnome Clones Document
Guide to Twinking in Cataclysm
Twinkin’ Ain’t Easy