Warlocks in the New Expansion

Note: This is all based on the information released during Blizzcon 2011 and is subject to change at any time between now and the actual expansion.

In the next expansion they’re making quite a few changes to Warlocks as a class. Not only are we getting the big overhaul in talents that every class is getting, but Blizzard wants to move back to the tank-ish caster class for us. Something I approve of, because I miss the days when there were specific fight mechanics where having a caster tank (often a Warlock) a specific phase or boss was the way to go. ย (I can’t help but hope for such fights again!)

Different Spec – Different Feel

They also want to make our three talent specs feel different to each other. They don’t like the specs using the exact same spells too much, and so they’re having us do different ones. Immolate will be Destruction only, Unstable Affliction still Affliction and I imagine we will get something new for Demonology.

Each spec seems to get their own filler spell; Shadowbolt, Incinerate and the new Malefic Grasp. I’d wager that Incinerate is Destruction, but which of Shadowbolt of Malefic Grasp goes to which spec I don’t really know.

We’re also getting a different resource system depending on the spec:
Affliction – Soul Shards (they have plans to make these more fun!)
Demonology – Demonic Fury (build it up and you enter Metamorphosis at full, there should be new abilities during Meta as well)
Destruction – Infernal Embers (casting fire spells make you hotter and hotter, and you end up able to use a big nuke)

New Talents

Gone are the old talent trees. We choose a spec and get everything that we normally got (more or less) by simply choosing that specialisation. You then gain new spells/skills as you level (not need to visit the trainer anymore either!).

Instead every 15 levels you get a talent point and each time you get to choose 1 out of 3 abilities. You can only ever choose 1 each time and can not use the next talent point to pick one of the others. However, it will be easy to respec (“kind of like glyphs”) so you can easily switch your point around depending on the needs of the fight.

The new talent trees with your choices every 15 levels (courtesy of MMO-Champion):

Click to view Full Size

I think the new talent trees look interesting, but I’m holding off judgement until we know how it will play out. Some of the abilities look rather fun. More powerful demons? Yes please! Or an extra demon now and then… (Can I have 2 for the price of 1, please?)

I was hoping they’d announce our new spell, cause I’m sure we’ll get at least one new spell in 5 levels (even if you could say we can talent for a few new ones in the new talent trees). All in all, I like the idea of bringing warlocks back to the sturdier caster with their damage reduction options and health drains (compared to the mage who will go back to it’s glass-cannon roots).

What are you excited/not excited about regarding Warlocks (or your own class) after the news?

Out of Office

As of this afternoon I will no longer be around, because I will be making my way to Spain for a full week of (what I hope to be) sunny weather!

I’ll be back next weekend 10 June – most likely red as a lobster, but it will be worth it. I need a week off to recharge my batteries.

Everyone enjoy your week, I hope your epics will be shiny and your boss kills spectacular!

It’s been a year…

It’s quite amazing how fast time flies, isn’t it? I started this blog exactly a year ago today, and I can’t believe it’s already been that long.

When I first started I wrote for just myself and a few guildies might stop by and have a look now and then (usually after a lot of prodding). Now a year later I’ve discovered the entire blog universe of WoW bloggers and I’m so grateful to be part of that community.

The Road So Far

When the blog first started it was called Girls Don’t Play WoW – not to advertise that I’m a girl, but rather because I find it such a silly statement. It was ironic I guess. In any case, as the blog grew I outgrew the name because it did kind of imply some sort of female perspective, which – other than being of the female persuasion – I don’t really provide.

So I changed the name to Spellbound in early 2011, a name (and domain) I’ve owned for years for various purposes. Don’t ask me why, but I love the word “spellbound”, and that’s why I initially bought the domain. I hadn’t even started playing WoW yet when the domain became mine.

When I started writing my main was a Warrior and I wrote some posts with some tanking tips and that you should respect your tank!

But I’ve always been writing general things about everything between why we can’t have nicer looking characters to alt adventures.

I got into the Cataclysm Beta and did some reviews on the starting zones, but I never did finish it since everyone (including me) got a bit sick of all the Cataclysm huff. Information overload.

As Cataclysm was nearing I finally decided to go back to my Warlock as my main since tanking was too stressful for me. I’ve since become a Warlock blogger (still with a lot of general discussion though).

I even tried my hand at some comics, from the Warlock side of things.

The Numbers

I’m admittedly a complete noob and didn’t even install any stats for my blog until the move to Spellbound in 2011, so I don’t know the stats on hits/visits before that.

Number of posts: 155
Number of comments: 1 420
Visits since I started tracking: 16 315
Most visits ever in one day: 504

My most visited page (other than the home page) is my Warlock Guide with 4 616 visits.

Sadly I lost some comments when my blog decided to take a day off and self-destruct some time ago – but I think the stats are fairly correct.

20 Days of…

I never thought that my challenge would take off the way it did. I’m amazed at how many people are currently, or have been, taking part in this.

I’d like to thank every single one of you for participating. It’s so awesome to see everyone’s posts, and I’m only sorry that I’ve not been able to keep up and comment on everyone’s entries.

I’ve tried to keep up to date on who is participating though, and the list has been updated; so please check out the other participants here!

The Challenge

It appears to be tradition to offer something on your anniversary, and since I’m no skilled artist (though I’d have loved to draw people’s characters I’m afraid it would have taken me another full year to complete it), I will have to stick to the topic suggestions.

So, if you would like your very own personal topic suggested by yours truly.. eh, yeah.. Post a comment and let me know!

I can’t promise that they’ll be good – but I’ll do my best to find you something. (Writing about pine cones is a totally valid topic, right?)

World Map of Bloggers

I don’t know how many people are interested in this, but I think it’s a really neat idea.

It all started out as a discussion between Larรญsa and Syl, and now Rebecca at MMO Melting Pot is taking this to task.

Basically, it’s going to be a world map showing which country people are blogging from. I think it’d be a lot of fun and interesting to see how many people are from Europe, US and Oceania etc.

If you’re interested in joining, or want to read more about it, check out Rebecca’s Call to Action and post about it.

Database Failure

Trying to get the site back up… *sigh*

Updated: The site is back up, but the database had been over-written so I’ve lost all comments since the 1st February ๐Ÿ™

Managed to get the posts from a cached Google version so I’ve added them back. The ones prior to 1 February were okay since I still had them saved on the old site. But anything since then I’ve had to re-add manually, and of course no comments since I couldn’t get those from the cached version.

I still have to update About and My Characters to a new version and work a bit on the Widgets, but I’ve been at this for hours and will take a break now.

Also, sorry for the spam you may have received in your Feedreaders as I was adding the posts back in!


I’ve moved!

Girls Don’t Play WoW is moving to the root domain Spellbound and is being re-named accordingly.

I’ve thought about doing this for some time since the root domain has been pretty much unused and it seemed a shame not to use it properly, hence this blog changing forms slightly.

I’ll still be the same writer with the same ramblings, so please follow me to my new blog; Spellbound at http://spellbound.nu

Please update your links and feedreaders. Look forward to seeing you at the new site! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year – and I hope that you’ve all had a great holiday period with your friends and families.

You may have noticed that there’s been few updates here the past week or so, there is a reason for this.

My ISP has been down for 1 week. Yes, a whole week – and I have been given no estimations on when it will be back up again. I hope soon, but I’m not holding my breath (which is good since it’s already been a week I’d be dead).

I’ve gotten my hands on a mobile internet but it’s quite honestly crap. It’s been giving me 6500 ms in WoW which means I haven’t so much been playing WoW as I’ve been staring at the screen as my character tries to move. For minutes. Only to eventually get kicked out of the game. Or quit out of sheer annoyance since my character is doing nothing.

Today has been worse than usual. I’m not even able to load most websites, it took me about 5-10 minutes to load this one and I can only hope that it will actually let me send the post.

It’s such an inconvenient time for this to happen too. I actually had some time off between Christmas and New Year’s and I wanted to spend at least some of it doing Heroics and gearing up for raids. With this connection (or none at all) I think we can all agree that hasn’t been possible.

I hope I get proper internet again soon because I want to read other people’s blogs as well as manage to write and upload here.

In the meantime, a toast to a new year that will hopefully bring us lots of dead raid bosses and epic loots as well as many a fun time with our friends.

Happy New Year

Edit: Turns out that actually posting this post was too much for my mobile internet and it gave out for the night, so I’m sneakily posting this from work.

Small Update

As of the other day I finally have proper internet again at my new place. Something I’m very happy about! I was really worried for a while that I wasn’t going to get it in time for Cataclysm.

However, while I’m happy that I now have internet again, having been without it in the midst of The Shattering my plans were somewhat overthrown and I now feel like I’m flailing wildly to find my footing again for Cataclysm on Tuesday.

I had planned to level a new warlock and record the experience, but having not had internet for two and a half weeks and only a few more days left before Cataclysm that is just not an option right now. Perhaps later on, but for now I will concentrate on my main and getting her ready for the new leveling experience (80-85).

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs to find out about the world and new leveling through it since I haven’t had time to do any myself. With so few days left now I’ve decided it will have to wait until my main is 85 and I start a worgen to try the new race out. It’s such a shame though because it all looks so great.

In other news a very good friend of mine surprised me the other day and got me my very own Moonkin Hatchling! I love it! It’s such an adorable pet and it makes me smile every time it dances. Or when it tries to fly, but it’s too fat to do so. Too cute! Thanks sweetie for the gift! <3

Moving Time!

You may have noticed that there’s a distinct lack of writing lately, and for this I apologise. I’ve been very busy since on Saturday I’m moving to a new apartment. Since I (unfortunately) don’t have demonic minions to do my bidding in real life I’ve had to do all the packing and preparations myself.

I wish...

Hopefully things will be back to a more regular posting schedule after the move, though I’m a little bit frightened about the fact that I don’t have internet the moment I move in. However, I will still have access to internet at work during breaks and will try to get online to read the blogs I follow as much as I can until I have internet again.

I will not say good-bye, because I have every intention of being around as much as I possibly can – and between packing I’ve tried to prepare a few posts to go up even while I’m bus/without internet – so please stick around!

New Design

As you can probably tell I’ve updated the blog design. I didn’t get it exactly the way I want it (php/css noob) – but at least I got it switched to lighter colours – which was the goal. If I can figure out how to fix the last few bits I might do so, in the meanwhile – please enjoy the new design ๐Ÿ™‚