This blog is no more

I doubt anyone still has this on their blogroll/feed reader, but if you do – I just want to let you know that the blog isn’t likely to come back. I may eventually use the domain for something else, I haven’t quite decided. I’ve had it for over 10 years, so I don’t really want to part with it, even if I’m not using it.

I still play WoW, but not nearly to the extent that I used to. Maybe a couple of times a week. My raiding is pretty bad at the moment, due to a work schedule that makes me miss at least half the raids any given week. So my motivation this expansion hasn’t been great.

If you’d like to keep in touch, I have a personal blog where you can find me; The Struggling Writer.

I wish you well in all your future adventures. Fare well from your friendly neighborhood Warlock (who these days main a Hunter).

Guild Woes

If I read back through my blog I always come across several posts regarding issues with my guild and attendance and/or recruitment.

There are so many guilds out there these days, and I swear I see a message in Trade chat nearly every day about a “newly started raiding guild”. I can’t help but wonder where they find the people? Or do they all have the same issues that we do? If there are a lot of small guilds struggling out there, wouldn’t it make more sense to have fewer – bigger – guilds instead?

What is it that makes people decide to start their own guild instead of joining one of the ones already existing. Is it the need to be your own leader? Do none of the other guilds fit what you’re looking for?

As you may have gathered by now, I’m having problems filling the raiding roster in my guild (again!). Finding recruits is difficult at any time, but at this point in the expansion, possibly even harder. It doesn’t help that we’re not a high progression guild, but quite casual. Our progress is even worse than it have been in the past. Partly, I think, due to me and the GM having been around a bit less this expansion.

I spent the first eight months of WoD unable to raid, since I had no proper internet connection. And our GM was working like crazy having little time to be online outside of raids.

We can’t fix that though. We’re both on more now, but the progress doesn’t magically fix itself. To progress we need people to be online, willing and ready to raid. And that’s where we’re currently falling short.

Since October, we’ve barely raided. My GM was moving houses, and I was moving countries – so we had about three weeks when neither of us were online – and no raids happened during that time, apparently. Since then, we’ve barely been able to get enough people to get a raid going. Which means we have had zero progress for months now.

We’re only about halfway through Heroic HFC, and I just don’t think a lot of people are looking for a guild with that kind of progress. But I’m also not willing to give up. So I will continue trying to recruit, trying to get our current members to come online… And maybe… Maybe we can get this ball rolling again.

So, as a side note – if you’re in the EU and want to join a guild that’s halfway through Heroic HFC, you know where to find me!

Post-Blizzcon Thoughts

So, Blizzcon weekend came and went – and we were given a lot of information about the upcoming Legion expansion. For the most part I’m feeling quite excited, though I’m still waiting to hear more about artifacts and the new class specialisations.

My main this expansion has been a hunter. I’ve played the class in previous expansions as an alt, and it’s a class I’ve always quite enjoyed. When questing it’s great to have your loyal pet along to help keep the nasties off you, and I’ve always enjoyed the ranged playstyle with a lot of mobility.

In Legion I feel like they’re taking some of the core things that I enjoy about the class away. Or they’re splitting it between the specs, so that possibly none of the specs have exactly what I enjoy about the class.

Beast Mastery probably comes the closest to what I enjoy. A ranged class with a pet. So, I may be forced to play BM, and can then only hope that they keep the specs competitive and doesn’t let any of them fall too far behind the others (forcing you to change – like I just had to do from BM to MM in WoD).

Marksmanship will be ranged, without a pet. One of the reasons Blizzard gave for this change was “because most players choose the Lone Wolf talent”. Well, Blizzard – do you know why we choose it? It’s not because we want to be a pet-less hunter, it’s because it’s the talent that gives the most dps in raids. Whenever I’m out in the world questing, I’m still using my pet. In Legion, if I’m MM – I’ll have to quest on my own. I really dislike the idea of being a hunter without a pet, but at least now I can still have my pet around when I’m questing – even if he has to be dismissed during raids. In Legion, I won’t ever have a pet as MM.

I like my pets!

I like my pets!

Survival as a melee spec. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I remember playing around in Vanilla testing to be a melee hunter. It wasn’t ideal back then, but it was possible (at least while questing), if you geared properly. If you play a hunter these days though, you probably are doing so because you wanted a ranged class. And you can still be a ranged hunter – you just can’t be a ranged survival hunter. I don’t know… It feels a bit weird, but we will see.

Artifacts for hunters look okay. If I’m BM I would transmog the gun though, since I just never liked the gun animations. My hunter is a night elf, and as such I tend to always want to use a bow. The idea of artifacts is a neat one, but at the same time I’m a bit wary of the lack of choice. It basically means that depending on your spec, you have to use this specific weapon. You can’t decide to use a dagger instead of a sword. Or a 2h instead of a 1h. This is your one weapon, and that’s final.

Sure, you can transmog it – but are they removing some of the restrictions regarding transmogs? Because if they’re not – you may still be stuck using a weapon type you don’t really like the look of. (Like for me, I can’t think of many 1h maces or axes that I like…)

It’s only a visual thing. But with a game that allows us transmogrification and changing hair styles and looks of our characters – I think the visual side does matter. We want our characters to look the way we want, and we want them wearing the armour we like and wielding the weapons we like. With artifacts this is definitely going to be limited.


One of my biggest gripes with artifacts is that I suspect that it will be a hassle to keep up to date on your off-spec. Or if you want to switch spec. A lot of dps players will switch spec between patches if needed, if one spec is under-performing. With the bigger differences in specs, and the use of a different artifact weapon – you may find it difficult to have your artifact ready, not to mention possibly learning quite a different play style.

I know that Blizzard said that there will be catch-up mechanics. But they also said that keeping two artifacts at a similar level will be some hassle. To be fair, for most people it probably won’t matter much. (As a dps, if your spec is under-performing I guess we just have to bite the sour apple and deal with it.) For healers or tanks it will be frustrating though. We’ve often had to have one of our healers go as dps, because if everyone turns up to raid, we have one healer too many. Or that one melee dps that has to tank every now and then when one of the main tanks is away.

For them, keeping their off-spec artifact up to date is going to be fairly vital – at least if the artifacts are going to matter as much to your character as they seem to. So, I’m just not sure if the catch-up mechanics will be enough. Or is Blizzard saying that we have to pick a spec and stick with it?

Alt Woes

I haven’t leveled up nearly as many alts as I normally do this expansion, and of the ones I have at 100, I play even fewer. Whether it’s lack of time or just not enjoying the game as much on more than one character… I honestly can’t quite tell.

Anyway, I’m thinking about leveling another alt at least. If for no other reason than another garrison hopefully giving me gold missions. Need to refill the coffers before Legion, and there’s no time like the present!

When choosing which alts to play this expansion, I have one big qualifier: I must be able to do the Tanaan dailies without wanting to bash my head against the desk.

That means that the character has to be able to not die instantly. Kill something within a reasonable time.

I leveled my Warlock, and while she can generally do these two things (though she definitely takes a beating, and her spells seem to hit as hard as wet noodles), I just find her awfully boring to play this expansion. Which is a shame, because I will always love her. But play her? No, I just can’t do it.

As for my next alt, I’m leaning towards Priest, Mage or Druid. I’m worried about the first two possibly being very squishy, and the third I’m worried about being boring. Maybe I should do Shaman… But maybe they are squishy too?

I don’t know! I am always incredibly indecisive…

char-listI’m basically okay to level anything other than the Monk (since I have a level 100 Horde one on another server). As long as I won’t hate playing it… But how do you know? How do you know?!! 


Since I’m moving to another country, I had this brilliant (undecided if that’s actually true) idea that I should level a character on my friend’s realm. That way, even though I live far away, we can still “hang out” and do things together. In a sense. Now we can see each other for real, and after I move, at least this way we can play some WoW together.

Problem is… She is horde on another server, so I have to level something.

I have a level 90 Monk on her realm since before, but as I’m leveling it, it feels very, very squishy. Is this normal? It’s a dps monk, and I hear they’re good as tanks and healers – but their dps isn’t so good. I have no idea if this is true though, or just something someone said. In either case, my Monk is definitely taking a beating if I’m not very careful, and whenever I do dungeons she seems to do very little dps.

Since I quite enjoy Paladins, and I’m not really playing my alliance one at the moment, I am playing with the idea of leveling a horde one instead of the Monk. Problem is… 100 levels is a lot more than 10 levels. Very boring to do alone!

Cue trying to get the boyfriend to roll on my friend’s realm with me. The boyfriend says that sure, we can do that… After I’ve moved.

So… Now my Paladin is just sitting here… Waiting for when we can level together.


More Casual Than Intended

It’s been several months since I last wrote here, and Warlords of Draenor launched with a bang. Due to my slow internet connection, I haven’t been able to take part of it as much as I would have liked. Some days I can play decently, and I get a few things done – but other days I have such severe lag that I can barely get my followers sent out on missions.

I used to long for a WoW break, or more specifically, a raid break. This has been much longer than anything I had ever planned though, and I’m finding that I quite miss raiding. On occasion, my connection will hold up decently and I can raid for a bit. Rarely a full raid. It’s an odd, spikey connection and I can be fine one boss, then lag out during the next (or even worse, halfway through).

So far, this expansion – I’ve been there for maybe two or three first kills. The number of raids I’ve joined probably barely hits double digits. It’s frustrating. From having been one of the more reliable raiders in my guild, I am now barely more than a casual player. It’s an odd feeling.

When I do join raids I feel guilty, and worry that I’m bringing them down – since my gear (obviously) isn’t quite up to par. I’m between 10-15 ilevels behind everyone else. It’s a frustrating feeling not being able to keep up. Since some weeks my connection isn’t playing nicely at all, there are weeks I can’t even get into LFR – which means I’m still collecting Abrogator Stones for the legendary quest.

I do miss raiding, and I hope that I can soon start playing more properly again. However, we’re having little luck with our internet. This area is supposed to be getting fiber, but there have been delay after delay. At the same time, the fact that fiber is in the works means that no ADSL company is willing to sort anything out, since they know it will soon be pointless. If nothing else, I should have decent internet in the summer when I move again. It just seems very far away at times.

Oh, the joy of mobile internet.

Oh, the joy of mobile internet.

PvP Stories

I’m not a big PvPer by any standard, but the last few weeks I’ve been doing some battlegrounds on my Hunter, and it’s not been awful. It helps that I’m not doing them alone, but with a friend. I have, however, discovered that BGs are no better for the whining than LFR. So I thought I’d share a few of the recent ones that made me raise an eyebrow.

Event 1

I was in Alterac Valley together with two other people from my guild. As we’re waiting for the game to start we’re being told in the BG-chat that they have a 30-man pre-made group and they want to do tactic X. If you don’t comply with their tactic, you will be kicked from the BG.

Since I enjoy slowing the opposing team in AV by protecting our towers, it’s what I wanted to do this time too. It wasn’t really going to mess with their tactic, their tactic would still work fine without me and the handful of other people who ended up doing other things.

However, since I dared ask them why they were doing their tactic, they ended up kicking me from the BG anyway. My friends never got kicked, despite not following the decreed tactic. So, I guess lesson learned – never speak up?

Still seems unfair that you can be kicked out of a BG when you’re active and killing members of the opposing team. While you can’t be kicked out of a dungeon until X amount of time after being out of combat.

Event 2

We were all standing at the gates waiting for the Gilneas BG to begin. Some random rogue started whining that people with bad gear should be kicked. Excuse me, but where will people get their PvP gear if not in unrated BGs? Ironically, his own gear wasn’t even that good. (Why is that always the case?)

Then when no one kicked anyone, he started warning that if you died more than twice you would be kicked.

Interestingly enough, he barely moved during the entire BG. Whenever I was checking the map he seemed to stand up on the hill between the horde and alliance base camps. I guess he was too good of a player to actually help in the actual battle, and was better at just.. surveying?

Event 3

This happened in the Battle for Gilneas as well. Our side was in a good place, having our first base and the Water Works, while pushing towards the opposing side’s base. My friend and I kept guard at the WW to keep horde from capping it, fighting off anyone coming to try.

Then another person comes along and stays with us. After a little while he whispers me to go help another base. I say that I’m watching WW with my friend, why doesn’t he go himself? He says he dies when doing it. I joke that he’s trying to send me off to my death, to which he just responds that it’s my turn (to die).

A minute or so later we get a larger group incoming trying to attack WW. This same guy just stands there, doesn’t even help fight them. So, I guess he just wanted me to leave so he could go AFK without anyone noticing?

Do you have any funny stories from BGs? Or dungeons/LFR for that matter!

What’s Your Role?

I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy playing most in WoW out of the different roles available to us; healer, dps or tank. The more I think about it, the more I’m realising that I’m enjoying the tank role a little bit more than the others.

Dealing damage is fun, but I get frustrated by the long queues for LFR/dungeons. I love my Warlock, and I will always love her – but she can’t quite fill the role I enjoy. I miss her at times, but every time I play a dps I only have fun for as long as I’m questing or doing other things. If I try to queue for something, I get instantly frustrated. There are times when I think that maybe I should go back to my Warlock for the next expansion… Since she is, after all, my favourite character… But I don’t know.

Healing. I used to enjoy it, and I still do at times. In the later parts of Vanilla and early TBC I played a Priest, and that was quite fun. In Cataclysm I raided on an alt that was a Horde Paladin (holy). While I can heal and it’s somewhat enjoyable… It’s probably the role in WoW that I have the least fun doing. These days, I only ever really play my Priest when healing in battlegrounds.

Tanking is the role that I think I enjoy the most. Sure, it can be stressful and frustrating at times – but I also find it quite rewarding. I enjoy being the first person into a fight, knowing the mechanics and figuring out how best to survive them. The last three expansions I started out raiding on my Warlock, but ended up tanking. Partly because we always seemed to end up a tank short in the guild, but partly also because I quite enjoy it. I’m considering making WoD the first expansion I go into as a tank straight away, rather than having to quickly gear one up when we find ourselves tank-less in the guild.

My raiding history goes something like…
Vanilla – Rogue
Vanilla – Holy Priest
TBC – Shadow Priest, who usually ended up having to go Holy
TBC – Warlock (since no one could make me heal then!)
Wrath – Warlock
Wrath – Prot Warrior (guild was short a tank, so I switched when we were about halfway through Ulduar)
Cata – Warlock (again)
Cata – Death Knight (when we were short a tank, fortunately this time we were already in Dragon Soul)
Cata – Holy Paladin (alt on Horde side, raiding with friend’s guild)
MoP – Warlock (again)
MoP – Prot Paladin (we found ourselves without enough tanks in Throne of Thunder, and I’ve been raiding on her since)

Before the Prot Paladin, I did try Death Knight and Monk as well for tanking. Monk was fun, but somehow felt squishy. I also felt that having two tanks wearing leather wasn’t ideal. (Our other tank is a Druid.) The Death Knight is fun, and I’ve always had fun with her, but we had three other DKs in the raid team as dps, and a fourth (even if tank), really seemed like an overkill in a 10 man team.

I enjoy the Paladin though. There are times when she’s felt a bit squishy as well. Especially compared to the Druid tank that tank with me. Some fights just seem to do a lot of damage to her. Fortunately, of course, she has a fair bit of self-healing and cooldowns to save her.

Having played most tanks in the game at some point, either in the guild’s raid group or by myself in dungeons and LFR – I have to say that I enjoy all of them. Least of all, I probably enjoy Druid. But then I’ve never been able to like the Druid class. I can’t put my finger on why… I just can’t bring myself to like it.

Do you have a role in the game that you enjoy more than the others? Do you play it as your main? Do you play several characters filling this role, or just the one?

My tanks.

My tanks.

The Liebster Awards, Part 2c

To avoid making one massively huge post, I decided to split up my Liebster Award post into four. Part 1 contains the nominations and my eleven random facts, and Part 2 will contain the answers to my questions.

This is Part 2c, where I respond to the questions posed by JD Kenada over at Amateur Azerothian.


1. Presume you blogged regardless.  If it wasn’t a World of Warcraft/MMO’s, what would your blog be about?

Well, I do blog outside of this WoW blog. It’s a personal blog, so it’s about a little bit of everything. Daily life, writing, family etc. You can check it out here.

2. Out of all the Caverns of Time, which one do you enjoy the most?  The least?

I liked the Black Morass the most before they fixed it, because you got to see gnomes drowning in the water, since they were too short to run through it. And I have a long standing feud with gnomes.

In all seriousness though… It’s a difficult question. At the time, I really disliked Stratholme because of the large amounts of RP (which has since been fixed), and buggy Arthas attacking random mobs and slowing you down. Not to mention that the bosses/packs always seemed to spawn as far away from you as possible. At the same time, I loved the lore and story of Stratholme.

Maybe I liked Well of Eternity best. Not so much because of the instance itself, but because we got to see Azshara, and I am a big supporter of getting to see more of her. It’s my hope that she will make it into an expansion as an actual boss. The lore never says she’s killed, so I think it would be awesome to go to Nazjatar and meet her.

3. Is there a class in WoW you just can’t bring yourself to like?

Rogue. I enjoyed it in Vanilla, but since then I just can’t stand to play them for some reason. Compared to the other melee classes, I just don’t enjoy them as much.

4. Are you a board gamer, or a pen & paper gamer…or just video games?

Video games mainly. The only board games I play are things like monopoly and quiz games such as Trivial Pursuit.

5. What would you like to see Blizzard grant the Warcraft license to?

Hmm.. They already made a Warcraft Trivial Pursuit, so there goes my first thought. Warcraft My Little Ponies? *lol* My Little Deathwing! Ha! Sorry, that’s ridiculous, I don’t really want that. I don’t watch MLP. Honestly though, I can’t think of anything.

6. What racial leader would you follow into battle, no questions asked?

None of them, I always ask questions.

7. Many people point to Wrath as the pinnacle of the game.  If you were introducing someone to WoW for the first time, what would you show them outside of that expansion?

The boyfriend says gnomes. Said boyfriend now sleeps on the couch.

To be fair, I usually just run around showing them stuff. Maybe give them a tour of the amazing cities that WoW has to offer.

8. What’s your proudest WoW moment?

Nailing the solo version of the Nexus quite quickly when doing the legendary quest line for Dragonwrath. After having read a lot of accounts where people spent hours upon hours on this encounter, I was amazed to make it through the gauntlet on my second attempt and then only spent a few tries on the boss itself. I guess reading up on stuff really does matter! It helped me understand the fight beforehand and make the necessary preparations. After a few wipes, I figured out how to better my performance by changing some talents.. and voila, dead boss!

I enjoy most of the boss kills with my guild as well, but this one feels special since it was done alone.

9. Gold: Rich beyond words, enough to get by comfortably, or always needing to generate it for repairs?

Enough to get by comfortably. I wanted to be rich beyond words, but I don’t have neither the patience or the time to play the Auction House or farm for hours upon hours.

10. What about Hearthstone?  Yes?  No?  Or the other common answer of “I hate this #&$^ game!”

I enjoy Hearthstone. That being said, I seem to play it a bit randomly. For a period of time I might play it several days in a row, then not touch it for several weeks.

11. If World of Warcraft was gone when you wake up in the morning, what would be your fondest memory?

Meeting my boyfriend through the game.


The Liebster Awards, Part 2b

To avoid making one massively huge post, I decided to split up my Liebster Award post into four. Part 1 contains the nominations and my eleven random facts, and Part 2 will contain the answers to my questions.

This is Part 2b, where I respond to the questions posed by Erinys over at Harpy’s Nest.


1. What’s your favourite line from a boss fight? Can be from any game with vocal boss mobs.

XT-002 in Ulduar always cracked me up. One of the favourite lines is probably, “I guess it doesn’t bend that way”, which is when a player dies.

2. What’s your comfort food? The one dish which always makes you feel happy and safe when you sit down with it.

I’ve never quite understood the phrase comfort food (unless chocolate counts!), but I’m very, very fond of enchiladas.

3. If you could only have one book, what would it be?

Are you trying to give me nightmares?? Only one book! The horror! The mere thought is too horrible and I refuse to answer!


4. Create a battle pet/non-combat pet for the game of your choice. What would it be and does it already exist in your chosen game world in one form or another?

I’m actually very fond of the little fire kitten in WoW. It was also the first pet that the boyfriend bought for me, so it’s possible that it has some sentimental value.

Kitty cat

5. Dinosaurs or Sharks?

I suddenly envision a Mega-Shark vs Jumbo-Rex movie. If you don’t know Mega-Shark, click here.

Sharks frighten me, but I also find them intruiging. Dinosaurs are only intruiging, but possibly because they don’t exist so I don’t have to feel frightened! Can I choose both? Sharks are basically swimming dinosaurs anyway, right?

6. Favourite NPC in the game of your choice and why are they your favourite, what makes them special?

Hmm… Pretty standard answer I suspect, but I do enjoy Sylvanas and her story. I hope that Blizzard continues it. She’s a very interesting character, and there’s so much you could do with that.

7. From a Lore perspective, what’s your favourite WoW race?

Possibly tying into the previous question, I really like the Undead lore wise. They have “survived” a great ordeal, and keep fighting.

8. Do you play in silence or must you have music on? If the latter what sort of music makes up the soundtrack for your gaming?

If I’m not on Ventrilo/Skype chatting, I always have music on. What I’m listening to varies a lot. It can be anything from an assortment of channels on YouTube to playlists on Spotify.

9. PvP or PvE?

PvE. Definitely. I really enjoy raiding, and doing group content. I used to do PvP back in previous expansions, but it’s gotten less and less. TBC was possibly my biggest PvP expansion, and the only one where I did some proper arena.

10. Best and worst quest in-game?

Such difficult questions! I can’t think of a particular one. I did enjoy the quest line for the legendary staff in Cataclysm. Or the one in Dragonblight back in Wrath, with the epic cut scene. For worst quest… I don’t know. I hate the ones with bad drop rates of quest items in general. Or buggy mechanics.

11. Ignoring WoW, what’s your favourite computer game?

Bah! It had to be computer game… I was going to say Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but obviously that’s not a computer game. Can I still say Zelda? Cause I honestly can’t think of anything for the PC since I’m not playing much at the moment. Maybe Dragon Age.