Screenshot Sunday: #IntPiPoMo Edition

Right, so I’m a little bit late in getting started with this, which means that I’ll have to hurry up a bit now to finish by the end of the month. This is my first post in regards to the #IntPiPoMo, something started by Angelya over at Revive & Rejuvenate. For fun, I’m also doing this on my personal blog.

With no further ado; pictures 1-5.

Wandering Isles


Kun-Lai Summit


Jade Forest


Vale of Eternal Blossoms


Krasarang Wilds

15 Days of Screenshots (Day 14)

This is the fourteenth post in a series according to the 15 Days of Screenshots challenge issued by Saz over at World of Saz.

Day Fourteen: Place Swap

If you could be any of your characters, who would you be and why?

I find this to be a fairly difficult question to be fair. My Warlock, Démonique is an interesting character with a rich background, but she also has some serious issues which makes me hesitant to want to take her spot. I considered being my Mage, because how awesome wouldn’t it be to just be able to use portals and teleport to where you need to be? (She’s also my bank character and is in charge of all the moneys… Not a bad deal!) She’s a Gnome though, so that’s an automatic no-no.

In the end, I’d probably have to settle on my Paladin, Rhaura. While I don’t have any sort of background for her, she always struck me as a fairly put-together kind of person. She’s calm and secure in herself and her place in the world. There is something comforting about the thought of that.

Which of your characters would you be?

15 Days of Screenshots (Day 13)

This is the thirteenth post in a series according to the 15 Days of Screenshots challenge issued by Saz over at World of Saz.

Day Thirteen: A Fond Memory

Shed a little tear, grin a little grin, and show us an image that invokes a fond memory for you.

Through the years I’ve made a lot of good memories in WoW. Some bad as well, but mostly good. Few of them have screenshots to go with them though. I’ve gone through all of my screenshot folders and realised I need to take more screenshots of actual events and less of scenery and boss kills.

In the end, I decided to share the fond memory of my early TBC raiding guild, Ascension, of which I was a Guild Master. I started it together with my brother and a couple of friends, and we filled it with a bunch of really fun individuals. We were just a 10 man guild and had a great time clearing Karazhan back in the day.


Sadly we never made the jump to 25 man due to being on a near-dead server, and we eventually all scattered to different guilds. I still remember those days fondly though. Had 10 man been an option beyond Karazhan back in those days, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d still been around.

Share a fond memory of your own!

Contest Entries (image heavy post)

We received more entries than we could ever have imagined, and we’re busy going through them all to find a winner. This is proving incredibly difficult! In the meanwhile, we wanted to share the entries with everyone, because they’re just too awesome for us to keep to ourselves.

So, for now, enjoy looking at all these horrible Warlock outfits! We will go back to trying to find a winner, and will announce it as soon as we can.

You can click the images for a larger version.

Entry #1: Erinys

These outfits were sent in by Erinys over at Harpy’s Nest. She sent us three entries, but I list them as one since she only has one shot at winning. You can visit her blog to see the exact outfits with links to the items and everything!

Erinys #1


Erinys #2


Erinys #3


Entry #2: Navimie

This is the entry sent in by Navimie over at The Daily Frostwolf. You can check her blog out for more details on her choices, with links to the items and everything!



Entry #3: Tome of the Ancient

This entry was sent to us by Tome of the Ancient. The Warlock sporting the outfit looks frighteningly much like our very own Démonique, but we’ve decided that this is nothing but pure coincidence. Because Démonique would not be caught dead in such an outfit! As usual, visit the site for links to the items!

Tome of the Ancient


Entry #4: Narci

Narci over at Flavor Text sent us this… lovely… entry. That’s one unhappy dwarf…



Entry #5: Cynwise

The following entry was sent to us by Cynwise over at Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual. That is one creepy looking Warlock…



Entry #6: Kamalia

The next set of outfits were sent to us by Kamalia over at Kamalia et Alia. You can visit her site to see the exact items used and get some more information on her picks!

Kamalia #1


Kamalia #2


Entry #7: Euphyley

This entry was sent to us by Euphyley over at WoW Rare Spawns. Is it just me, or does the undead male sporting the outfit just bring the whole thing home?



Entry #8: Effraeti

The final entry was sent to us by Effraeti over at Effraeti’s RP. It’s a brave thing trying to make a Worgen look cuddly! You can go over to their site to check out the information and gear list.



15 Days of Screenshots (Day 12)

This is the twelfth post in a series according to the 15 Days of Screenshots challenge issued by Saz over at World of Saz.

Day Twelve: Inspiring Imagery

Show us something that inspires you within World of Warcraft. This can be a character, a person, scenery that leaves you in aw, or whatever it is that strikes a cord in you. The inspiration it creates can be anything as well: Has this character inspired you to roll a certain class? Does a certain zone make you long to write a story about your character adventuring through that particular area?

Truth be told, almost everything in WoW inspires me in some way or other. My Warlock in herself inspires me to imagine her story, despite me not being a roleplayer. The beautiful scenery gives me ideas for stories or backgrounds for my characters. Or just inspiration in general. There is so many beautiful areas in WoW, I don’t think it’d be possible to show them all.

I feel inspired to draw my characters whenever a new piece of their story comes to me, but sadly I never get around to it. (I am also not good at drawing, which may also contribute!)

There was a certain part of the world where I always imagined one of my characters walking down the road. It was an eerie and beautiful part of the forest right where Felwood turns into Ashenvale. Sadly it was removed in Cataclysm and can no longer be found, and other than a video (with poor quality) where I use it briefly, I couldn’t find a screenshot of it.

So instead, I will share with you an image of Thunder Bluff at night that I took while leveling my first Tauren in ages. It inspires me because of its serenity and beauty, and reminds me of the spirituality of the Tauren.

What inspires you in WoW?

Screenshot Sunday

The weekend is nearly at an end (they always seem too short, don’t they?), and I thought I’d share a few more screenshots from my leveling. Some of them are of the same areas, I just can’t help myself – I love Howling Fjord with its northern lights.

I hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend!



Howling Fjord


Howling Fjord