Warlock Gear in MoP (5.0 + 5.1)

Edit: Updated to add the Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring items.
Edit: Updated to add the Operation:Shieldwall / Dominance Offensive items.

This is an attempt at a complete list of all the gear currently available in Mists of Pandaria for Warlocks, and where to obtain it. I will try to update as more raids get released. Note however, that I will only list the normal version of gear from raids, so always keep in mind that the same piece will exist also in LFR and Heroic difficulty.















The Warlock Guide to MoP Reputation Factions

This expansion it seems that we’re being more or less overwhelmed by factions with dailies, and not everyone has the time to do dailies with every faction every day. For this reason I decided to write down the basics of each faction, so that it’s easier to see which one(s) to concentrate on.

The gear that you can buy from the faction quartermasters all cost Valor Points, rather than gold (with a few exceptions).

You buy the gear from the vendors by Niuzao Temple or at the faction’s quartermaster. The exception to this being the Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught, since you can only get the gear from their quartermaster’s on the Isle of Thunder.

It’s worth to note that once you reach Revered with a faction you can purchase a Grand Commendation from their quartermaster which will increase your reputation gain with that faction on all characters across your account. It’s nice to get through the Revered-Exalted grind, but also great for any alts that you may want reputation on.

Shado-Pan Assault

This reputation faction is linked to the Throne of Thunder raid, and you can only gain reputation with them by killing mobs and bosses in the raid instance. You can only earn a certain amount per week, so you can’t increase it by doing LFR and Normal/Heroic. Only one clear will count.


Destroyer’s Battletags 1250 VP

Troll-Burner Bracers 1250 VP
Signet of the Shado-Pan Assault 1250 VP
Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault 1750 VP

Flameweaver Handwraps 1750 VP
Charfire Leggings 2250 VP
Shadowspike Cloak 1250 VP

Fire Support Robes 2250 VP
Firestrike Cord 1750 VP

Shoulders of Demonic Dreams 700 Gold
Frost-Kissed Shoulderwraps 700 Gold


Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught

These two factions (alliance and horde) are located on the Isle of Thunder where they take part in a server wide effort to unlock more of the island. There aren’t really any high level items to get from there, but there are a few that might still be useful to you.


Pain-Binder Girdle 210 Gold
Belt of Loa Charms 210 Gold

Static-Collecting Cloak 937 VP
Sandals of Oiled Silk 1312 VP
Bon-iy’s Unbreakable Cord 1312 VP

Restored Hexxer’s Signet 937 VP


At Exalted you can also purchase the mount Golden Primal Direhorn.


Operation: Shieldwall / Dominance Offensive

These two factions (alliance and horde) are located in the Krasarang Wilds where they are fighting to gain a foothold in Pandaria and gain the upper hand in the ongoing struggles. You will be following a long quest-line that tells you the story of what’s currently going on, as well as daily quests for reputation.


Band of the Shieldwall 937 VP

Shock-Charger Medallion 1312 VP
Sandals of Oiled Silk 1312 VP
Bon-iy’s Unbreakable Cord 1312 VP


At Exalted you can purchase a grand armored gryphon flying mount. There are also a couple of ilevel 458 trinkets that you can buy for Justice Points.


Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus is a faction in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You can gain access to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms already at level 87, but the daily quests as far as I’m aware are level 90 only. If I remember correctly, at level 90, you unlock the dailies by picking up a quest in the “basement” of your faction’s base in the Vale. (Shrine of Two Moons or Shrine of Seven Stars.) Finish the quest line, and the dailies should become available to you.

Each day you will start the dailies from the hub at the Golden Pagoda in the Vale (between the two huge Pandaren statues). As you gain more reputation with the faction, they will start sending you off to more hubs. You still start in the same position every day however.


Simple Harmonius Ring 625 VP

Mantle of the Golden Sun 875 VP
Vestments of Thundering Skies 1125 VP

Burning Necklace of the Golden Lotus (quest reward)


At Exalted you can get some cool looking Crane mounts. Also, this is the faction that sells recipes for Tailoring and Leatherworking. Once you hit Revered with the Golden Lotus you also unlock the daily quests for two other factions; August Celestials and Shado-Pan.

The Klaxxi

This faction can be found in the Dread Wastes and unlocking them is rather long and tedious. I’d suggest simply doing the zone while leveling anyway, and then by the time you hit 90 and complete the zone the faction will be unlocked and you will be at (or close to) Honored already. The dailies can be picked up at Klaxxi’vess which is more or less in the centre of the zone.


Wire of the Wakener 625 VP

Klaxxi Lash of the Orator 875 VP
Leggings of the Poisoned Soul 1125 VP

Seal of the Lucid (quest reward)


At Exalted the Klaxxi will offer you blue quality weapons of ilevel 463 for gold. You will most likely have an equal or better weapon at this point, but this might still be interesting for transmogrification. There’s a scorpion type mount to buy as well. They are the faction that offer Blacksmithing recipes (including the new belt buckle).


The Shado-Pan faction dailies can be picked up at their camp Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.


Cloak of Snow Blossoms 625 VP

Blossom of Pure Snow 875 VP
Firecracker Corona 1125 VP


At Exalted you can buy a replica helm to get the tell-tale look of a true Shado-Pan. They also offer some awesome looking tiger mounts. Last, but not least, they sell weapon enchant formulas for enchanters.

The August Celestials

Where you go to quest for the August Celestials will change from day to day. To find out where to go, talk to their quartermaster in the “basement” of either Temple of Two Moons or Shrine of Seven Starts depending on your faction.


Minh’s Beaten Bracers 625 VP

Sunspeaker’s Flared Gloves 875 VP
Void Flame Slippers 875 VP


At Exalted you can purchase two cloud serpent mounts. They also offer the wrist enchant formulas for enchanters. Tailorers will find the pattern for the Royal Satchel.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

This faction doesn’t offer any gear rewards, so if you don’t have time to do all dailies every day, you can always skip this and do it later on. You can find them in Jade Forest at the Arboretum. The dailies all revolve around you getting your own Cloud Serpent and the ability to ride Cloud Serpents, helping out with everything the faction needs.

You can get three Cloud Serpent mounts in total from the faction. One from the quest line itself, then you can buy the other two from the quartermaster. Other rewards worth noting are the Jewelcrafting patterns for the panther mounts.

The Anglers

This is a fishing faction in Krasarang Wilds. They’re all holed up at Anglers Wharf and offer three dailies. Their quartermaster is none other than Nat Pagle himself! No gear is offered when you gain reputation, so again, this faction is optional if you’re looking mainly for gear.

What you can get from them is a companion pet (tiny goldfish), some water strider mounts and various fishing items. There are also two cooking recipes.

The Lorewalkers

Located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, at the upper floor of Mogu’shan Palace this faction is devoted to safe-keeping the history of Pandaria. They offer only one daily quest each day, which usually seems to be to either turn in 20 archaeology fragments, or solve one Pandaren of Mogu artifact. They offer no gear rewards.

If you want to gain reputation with them quicker, you should complete the exploration achievements that has you travel across the world and click on monuments. Once an achievement has been completed, you will receive an item in your mailbox which starts a quest. Turning the quest in to the Lorewalkers gives you a nice chunk of reputation.

At Exalted you can buy a flying disc mount. They also offer some Archaeology specific rewards. If you have Archaeology at 600, you can speak to Brann Bronzebeard as of Friendly, to turn your restored artifacts in for boxes of fragments from other factions.

The Tillers

In Valley of the Four Winds you can find the Tillers faction. They’re all farmers and brewers, and the people you go to when you want to learn Cooking. They’re also the ones offering you your own farm. Again, they offer no rewards in the sense of gear, but you can unlock seeds for your farm and a bigger farm.

At Exalted they also offer three goats as mounts, as well as a couple of cooking recipes.

Personally I love them mainly for my farm, which I use to sow Motes of Harmony.

Which Faction(s) Do I Choose?

If you want to gear as quickly as possible, you will want to start with the factions that offer the highest ilevel rewards. Currently this is the Shado-Pan Assault. You can’t do dailies with them however, only raid for reputation. The highest ilevel rewards you can purchase from a faction you can get reputation with via dailies are from the Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught and the Operation: Shieldwall / Dominance Offensive.

Destruction Warlock Spell Rotation (5.0.4)

Today the patch finally went live on EU realms as well, meaning that everyone now should have their updated Warlocks. As mentioned previously we’ve had quite a few changes to the Warlock class and I will try to write down the basic rotations at 85.

This is not the be all end all guide, but just the pure basics to get you started with your changed rotation as Destruction.

The Basics

We no longer need 17% Hit, but only 15% (1537 rating at 85).

You now pick a specialization, but the actual talents are the same for each one. To change your talents you don’t have to visit a Class Trainer anymore, but you do have to visit one if you wish to switch from one specialization to another. Switching talents now is similar to switching glyphs, and you need Dust of Disappearance just the same as well.



You can pretty much choose whatever you want for your talents depending on your personal preference and the boss mechanics. The one talent that actually has a bearing on your actual dps is the tier 5 talent where you choose your grimoire. The suggested one for Destruction is Grimoire of Supremacy, which turns your demons into the stronger versions. Supposedly at 85 Grimoire of Sacrifice may yield a little bit more dps, so you can go for that if you prefer. As for me, I’m sticking with Supremacy, because hey… those demons look awesome!

Stat Priorities

Intellect > Hit (15%) > Haste > Crit > Mastery


Major: Burning Embers, the rest you can choose depending on the fight
Minor: Your choice (I personally like Nightmares)


As Destruction you’ll want to use the Felhunter, or if you chose to go with Grimoire of Supremacy, the updated version; the Observer.

Spell Rotation

Use your dps cooldown Dark Soul: Instability every cooldown, but try to do it when you have as many Burning Embers as possible so that you can cast several Chaos Bolts.

Also, try to save up Burning Embers for when the boss is about to hit 20% so that you can use several Shadowburn straight off.

And obviously don’t forget to use your Summon Doomguard (or Summon Terrorguard if you went with the Supremacy talent.)

Enjoy your new Warlock changes and let’s get out there and dominate!

Warlock Spell Effects

This week the patch comes live and with it all our new skills and abilities. There are a lot of new spell effects, which is something I always enjoy to check out. So I’ve been spending a bit of time on the PTR specifically checking how we look, and can I just say… We look awesome!

This post will have no valuable information really, just some screenshots of our new spell effects. Since I love spell effects! After this week, we will all look this great when casting spells!

Soul Shard visual – your shards will float above your head.

Destruction’s Embers – as you get more embers you will burn more and more. This is when you’re at full power.

Demonology’s Demonic Fury – as we gain more and more demonic fury, we grow horns!

Shadowbolt Glyph – splits your shadowbolt into three smaller ones.

Soulfire has a new graphic where we hurl three balls of fire at our target.

The new Affliction spell – Malefic Grasp


Conflagrate – now with extra burning!

Chaos Bolt is bigger and more awesome looking!

Verdant Spheres glyph – turns your soulshards/burning embers into spheres.

Soulwell glyph – now with extra green stuff!

Nightmares glyph – makes you run on water… with fire!

Warlock Changes in 5.0.4

Next week patch 5.0.4 will be hitting the live servers and a lot of changes are going to be happening. Not only to Warlocks, but everyone – so it’s time to get ready! Please note that the tooltips may not be entirely correct since things are still changing somewhat.

General Changes

These are some of the changes happening to the game in general:

  • The Theramore Scenario, a lead-in to the Mists of Pandaria story. (Won’t be active straight away.)
  • Account-wide achievements, pets and mounts.
  • AoE looting!
  • Prime glyphs are gone and we only have Major and Minor glyphs, both of which have had big changes.
  • We get the new talents, abilities and skills for all classes.
  • BattleTags are finally in WoW!
  • Head Enchants will be removed.
  • Ranged weapons no longer have a minimum range.
  • Relics, wands, thrown and ranged weapons are gone or changed to take up a main weapon slot.
  • Spell Penetration is gone, and instead we will see PvP Power on items.
  • The current Arena season will end.
  • You can no longer obtain Valor or Conquest points, everything will award Justice/Honor points.
  • Items previously bought with Valor/Conquest can now be bought with Justice/Honor.
  • Your current Valor points will be converted to Justice points, and current Conquest points will be converted to Honor points.

Warlock Specialisations

As Warlocks a lot is changing for us in the patch, since Blizzard has done quite some work on the class. First of all, each spec now has its own resource system. Affliction will keep using Soul Shards, while Demonology uses Demonic Fury and Destruction will have Burning Embers.

Once we choose our spec, the actual talent tree will be the same for all, and you can choose whichever talents you feel suit you since most are situational or might just simply suit your personal playstyle better. The only talents that actually increase dps are the level 90 ones, which we obviously can’t access yet. However, the tier 5 ones (Grimoires) have ones that are generally considered better per spec. This might still change of course, since the beta is still open.

According to Elitist Jerks, the grimoires we should use would be:
Destruction – Supremacy or Sacrifice (at 85 Sacrifice may be a tiny bit better, but the difference is rather small.)
Demonology – Service
Affliction – Sacrifice

Our new talent tree.

Spells & Abilities

There have been quite a few changes to our spells, and I’ll try to go through them all. The first thing to remember is probably that spells are now split in two categories; Core and Spec. Core abilities are ones that you have regardless of which specialisation you choose, while Spec ones are only available in their respective specialisation. In an effort to avoid this post being huge, I will only list the abilities that are new or changed for the Core ones. However, I will list everything for each Spec so that you know which spells belong where.

Core Abilities





As mentioned earlier Prime Glyphs are gone and we’re left with only Major and Minor glyphs. Few glyphs provide an actual dps increase, and instead may be useful in certain situations or are just there for fun/visual changes. Below is a list of glyphs that will be available to us as of the patch.

Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs

Suggested glyphs per spec:
Destruction – Burning EmbersConflagrate
Demonology – Imp SwarmShadow Bolt
Affliction –  Soul ShardsSoul Swap

These are the major changes happening to Warlocks next week. Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll try to answer them as well as I can.

[MoP] Warlock Gear Preview

With less than two months left before Mists of Pandaria is released I wanted to have another look at the Warlock gear that will be available to us.

Dungeon Set

This is the cloth set mostly available from 5-man Heroic dungeons. There are a few items with the same looks, some are also from quest rewards or the new scenarios. It’s fairly non-descript as it’s the same for all cloth classes. Out of the colours shown so far, I personally prefer the one with purple for my Warlock. The set feels fairly boring, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to wear it for long once LFR and the raids are introduced. The items are mostly ilevel 464, but there are the odd quest reward/tailoring item that is ilevel 450.

Dungeon Set

Season 12 Arena Set

The season 12 PvP set is absolutely gorgeous. I normally don’t do PvP on my Warlock much, but I think I may have to start because I really want to get my hands on this set. There are three sets with varying colours, depending on how you earn them. Dreadful from Honor Points (battlegrounds), Malevolent from Conquest Points (arena and RBG) and Malevolent Elite from Conquest Points, but requiring a personal rating of 2200.

2-piece bonus: Reduces the cooldown of your Unending Resolve by 20 sec.
4-piece bonus: Your Twilight Ward now absorbs damage from all magical schools.

Season 12

Challenge Set

From the new challenge runs in heroic 5 man dungeons you can get the challenge set. It has no stats, but makes up for it in looks, allowing you to use them for transmogrification. I personally love this set, and it’s another one on my list of sets that I just have to get.

Challenge Armor

Tier 14

From the raids you can get the usual tier sets. There’s the ilevel 483 from LFR, ilevel 496 from normal raids and ilevel 509 from heroic raids. I think the helm looks pretty badass, and I like the overall look of the armour. My one tiny pet peeve is the little discs. For some reason, once I saw them.. they were all I could see!

2-piece bonus.
4-piece bonus.

Tier 14

On the whole, I’m really happy with all of the Warlock sets that we’ve currently seen for Mists of Pandaria. I can see my Warlock wearing any of those outfits and loving it!

What are your opinions on the Warlock sets? If you’re not a Warlock, how’s your set looking? Are you hating it or loving it?

Images from Wowhead and MMO-Champion.

Warlock Changes in 4.3

Patch 4.3 hits today in the US and tomorrow in the EU, so let’s have a look at the changes that are coming to Warlocks.


Shadowbolt has a new spell effect.

I didn’t dislike the old spell effect, but the new one looks pretty cool. I don’t have a movie editing program, so I couldn’t do any recording myself, but if anyone wants to see it before they get the patch themselves, I found a video here.

Soul Fire now scales with 72.6% of spell power, up from 62.5%.

I hope that this will make Soul Fire feel more like the hard-hitting spell I imagine it was always meant to be. It’s not a huge boost, but 10% should at least do something.

The Voidwalker ability Suffering now works like the hunter pet talent Taunt.

I’ll admit, this confuses me a little. It’s a simple taunt, I don’t quite understand the change made to this. I thought it already worked the same way? Edit: I realised that even though the tooltip isn’t updated the change is to the part that says that it will have no effect if the mob is already attacking the Voidwalker. So basically it should now properly be able to hold threat by taunting every cooldown. (If you’re wanting lots of threat though, I suggest popping Demon Soul and throwing out some Searing Pains.)

Fixed a bug that caused Doomguard and Infernal to benefit dramatically more than intended from Demonology Mastery.

This is a well-known bug that basically made your Doomguard and Infernal double-dip for their damage increase, making them do a lot more damage than intended for Demonology Warlocks. Not to worry though, Demonology was buffed in other ways and according to Sims is still a very high damage dealing spec.


Master Demonologist now grants a base bonus of 20%18.4% and 2.5%2.3% per mastery, up from 16% and 2% per mastery.

I suspect this is to make up for them “fixing” the Doomguard and Infernal.

Impending Doom is now also activated by Soul Fire.

This is a good change, since below 25% you will be casting a lot of Soul Fires as a Demonology Warlock!


All of these changes are made in an attempt to bring Destruction’s damage up. This spec has been falling behind in Cataclysm, and except for some utility on some fights there were times when it felt completely useless compared to the others. Simply because you couldn’t keep up on the dps. Looking at PTR data and Simcraft it does seem that the changes are working and Destruction is now on par with Affliction for single and duo-target fights.

Improved Soul Fire now lasts 20 sec, up from 15sec.

This is a welcome change. Improved Soul Fire is a rather clunky mechanic, and while this may not “fix” it per se, it might at least make it a bit easier to deal with when you have 5 more seconds. That’s 5 seconds more of hoping for a proc for an instant Soul Fire, so we won’t have to hardcast it.

Some Other Changes

While Warlock changes are of course the most interesting, I just wanted to highlight a few other ones as well. And of course, let’s not forget that there is a new raid instance, three new Heroics and the new Darkmoon Faire Island (and it’s time for Darkmoon Faire this weekend!).

  • You will no longer be saved to a Heroic dungeon that you did in the Dungeon Finder. This means that you can still queue for it specifically with friends later in the day even if you got it through the Dungeon Finder earlier in the day.
  • You now only have to kill 2 (you can choose yourself) bosses in both Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub before you can fight the final boss. (This will be nice for those groups that just don’t seem to understand the basic things like… not walking across green lines on the snake boss!)
  • Lots of things that previously just showed up on the World Map will now show up on the Mini Map as well. Things such as Archaeology spots, Quest tracking areas etc.
  • Improved quest flow in Northrend and Outland. Quest givers have been moved into instances for most of the dungeon quests. Northrend has had it’s required experience to level through it reduced by approximately 33%. (Finally! Maybe now I can level that Rogue.)

I’ve also updated the Destruction Warlock Guide for 4.3. There aren’t really any changes to rotation or anything, just the buffs to the spells already used.

What are you most excited about in the patch?

Warlock Gear in the new 5 mans (4.3)

I’ve compiled a list with the Warlock relevant gear from the three new 5-man dungeons that will be released in 4.3. Similar to how the Icecrown Citadel 5-mans worked you will have to complete each dungeon before the next one is unlocked. The first dungeon is End Time, followed by Well of Eternity and finally Hour of Twilight.

The ilevel required to enter these dungeons is 353. The ilevel of the items that drop in these dungeons is 378.

As per usual I’ve not added Spirit items to the list, but if you have a very bad item there may be the odd occasion when a Spirit item is better than what you have. Always check your stat values though, because most of the time the item without Spirit will be better.

Sadly none of the dungeons seem to drop bracers, cloaks or necks for casters. There’s a Spirit cloak from Asira Dawnslayer, but that’s it. This means that you’ll most likely have to get items for those slots from Valor Points. I have a separate list which contains the drops from the Dragon Soul raid and the Valor Point items.

Cowl of Highborne Sorcerors (Well of Eternity – Mannoroth & Captain Varo’then)

Mantle of False Virtue (Hour of Twilight – Archbishop Benedictus)

Robes of Fate (End Time – Murozond)

Chillbane Belt (Hour of Twilight – Arcurion)

Archivist’s Gloves (Quest Reward: Archival Purposes)

Nothing 🙁 

Time Traveler’s Leggings (End Time – all Echoes)

Slippers of Wizardry (Well of Eternity – Queen Azshara)

Nothing 🙁 

Nothing 🙁 

Horned Band (Well of Eternity – Peroth’arn)
Ring of the Loyal Companion (Quest Reward: To Wyrmrest!)

Foul Gift of the Demon Lord (Well of Eternity – Mannoroth & Captain Varo’then)

Jaina’s Staff (End Time – Echo of Jaina)
Fanged Tentacle (Hour of Twilight – Archbishop Benedictus)
Stalk of Corruption (Hour of Twilight – Archbishop Benedictus)

Orb of the First Satyrs (Well of Eternity – Peroth’arn)

Writhing Wand (Quest Reward:  The Twilight Prophet)

If you wear a full set of the gear from these Heroics, you will be looking like this.

And below are the weapon choices.

Jaina's Staff


Stalk of Corruption


Fanged Tentacle (1h)


Orb of the First Satyrs (Off-Hand)

Warlock Gear in the Dragon Soul (4.3)

Below is a list of gear that drops from the bosses in the Dragon Soul raid, as well as items that can be purchased with Valor Points as of the 4.3 patch.

The Dragon Soul items exist in three versions, Raid Finder (ilevel 384/390), Normal (ilevel 397/403) and Heroic (ilevel 410/416). I’ve only listed the ones from Normal, but that does mean that for each item there is a worse (Raid Finder) and better (Heroic) version.

The Valor Point items are all ilevel 397. Do note that in this patch no Tier pieces can be purchased from Valor Points.

Note: The items listed to drop from random bosses. This means any boss in the Dragon Soul raid except for Deathwing.

Tier 13 Token (Warmaster Blackhorn)
Hood of Hidden Flesh (Vendor: 2200 Valor Points)

Tier 13 Token (Hagara the Stormbinder)
Mosswrought Shoulderguards (Morchok)

Tier 13 Token (Ultraxion)
Robes of Searing Shadow (Vendor: 2200 Valor Points)

Cord of the Slain Champion (Warlord Zon’ozz)
Tentacular Belt (Vendor: 1650 Valor Points)

Tier 13 Token (Warlord Zon’ozz)
Gloves of Liquid Smoke (Spine of Deathwing)
Clockwinder’s Immaculate Gloves (Vendor: 1650 Valor Points)

Bracers of the Banished (Hagara the Spellbinder)
Chronoboost Bracers (Vendor: 1250 Valor Points)
Bracers of Unconquered Power (Tailoring Pattern)

Tier 13 Token (Yor’sahj the Unsleeping)
Lavaquake Legwraps (Tailoring Pattern)

Janglespur Jackboots (Warmaster Blackhorn)
Kavan’s Forsaken Treads (Vendor: 1650 Valor Points)

Nanoprecise Cape (Vendor: 1250 Valor Points)

Opal of the Secret Order (Vendor: 1250 Valor Points)

Ring of the Riven (Hagara the Spellbinder)
Infinite Loop (Random Boss Drop)
Seal of the Grand Architect (Vendor: 1250 Valor Points)

Cunning of the Cruel (Random Boss Drop)
Insignia of the Corrupted Mind (Yor’Sahj the Unsleeping)
Will of Unbinding (Spine of Deathwing)
Bottled Wishes (Vendor: 1650 Valor Points)

Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind (Madness of Deathwing)
Ti’tahk, the Steps of Time (Madness of Deathwing)
Lightning Rod (Hagara the Spellbinder)
Vagaries of Time (Morchok)

Nothing 🙁 

Finger of Zon’ozz (Warlord Zon’ozz)
Hungermouth Wand (Vendor: 700 Valor Points)


Looking at the gear list there are some obvious things that I find peculiar.

  • We have a few one handed weapons dropping in Dragon Soul, but not a single off-hand item. (There is one, and it has Spirit.)
  • Not a single Neck or Cloak (without Spirit) drop in the raid instance, so we have to get those from Valor Points.
  • You can’t get a full set of gear from Valor Points, there are – for instance – no legs or shoulders.

What's available from Valor Points


Tier 13

Warlock Spells in Mists of Pandaria

Blizzard recently released a Talent Calculator for Mists of Pandaria. Obviously this is still in early stages and may (and probably will) change several times before the expansion is released.

I was looking through the list of spells and passive talents and saw a few changes.

Specialisation Specific Spells/Talents

As they were discussing during Blizzcon they want to make the specs to feel different to one another. For that reason they’ve made some spells that were previously a base spell spec specific.

Here’s a list of all the spec specific spells/talents (both changed and the ones we had before). Each spec will have their own recourse system to empower their spells, I’ve added a tag behind them in the list.


  • Unstable Affliction
  • Soulburn (Resource)
  • Drain Soul
  • Seed of Corruption
  • Soulburn: Health Funnel *new*
  • Bane of Agony
  • Malefic Grasp *new*
  • Soulburn: Fear *new*
  • Nightfall (Passive)
  • Soulburn: Seed of Corruption
  • Improved Fear (Passive)
  • Soul Swap
  • Soulburn: Demonic Circle Teleport (Passive)


  • Metamorphosis
  • Demonic Fury (Resource) *new*
  • Demonic Leap
  • Hellfire
  • Wild Imps *new*
  • Bane of Doom
  • Summon: Felguard
  • Felguard: Pursuit (Passive)
  • Metamorphosis: Immolation Aura (Passive)
  • Demonic Rebirth (Passive)
  • Hand of Gul’Dan
  • Decimation (Passive)
  • Demonic Freedom *new*
  • Shadowflame
  • Metamorphosis: Carrion Swarm (Passive) *new*


  • Conflagrate
  • Immolate
  • Rain of Fire
  • Bane of Havoc
  • Incinerate
  • Infernal Embers (Resource) *new*
  • Shadowburn
  • Aftermath (Passive)
  • Fire and Brimstone *new*
  • Backlash (Passive)
  • Destructive Influence (Passive) *new*

What we can read from this is that each spec have their own filler spell; Malefic Grasp, Shadowbolt and Incinerate. They also have their own Bane spell, and a few things that give the spec flavour. The AoE spells have been moved to a spec-only thing. At the moment you’ll more or less only use them like this anyway, but with the MoP changes you won’t have the possibility to pick the “wrong” one.

Drain Soul which used to be available to all specs is now Affliction only. Shadowflame is Demonology only. I’m going to miss Shadowflame!

I see their reasoning for putting one Bane per spec, but I don’t like it. Choosing which Curse and which Bane to use was always something I enjoyed. Not only that, but Bane of Havoc for Destruction would need to see a change, because it is great for a dual target fight, but does nothing on a single target fight – which would effectively leave Destruction without a Bane spell for any single target boss fight.

New Spells

The new spells for the specs seem fairly interesting.

All Specs

Nethermancy (Passive)
This is a passive ability that increases the Warlock’s Intellect by 5%. Fairly straight forward and given to all specs at level 50.

Unending Resolve
This seems to be our very own little survival cooldown. It makes us take 50% less damage and makes us immune to interrupts for 12 seconds. 3 minute cooldown. Gained at level 64. I like this addition, because I miss the old “tanky” feeling of Warlocks. I am still secretly hoping for a Warlock tanked boss like Leotheras the Blind in SSC.

Demonic Portal
Our level 88 ability. It creates a demonic gateway between two locations (70 yard range it seems) which allows party/raid members to port from one to the other. Limit 5 charges, generates 1 charge every 15 seconds. I’m curious about this one, and I’m already trying to think of boss fights where something like this might be fun/handy.


Soulburn: Health Funnel
A new possibility for your Soulburn; it will instantly restore 36% of health and decrease damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds. It doesn’t specify in the tooltip, but judging from what this spell normally does I think we can assume it’s all for your demon and not your own health/damage taken.

Malefic Grasp
The new filler spell for Affliction supposedly. They seem to want to bring Affliction to a drain type spec, because unlike Shadowbolt/Incinerate this is a channeled spell. It appears to be a 3 second channel. You can supposedly increase the time by recasting the channel before it finishes, I think this will be done using the new resource system (Soul Shards in Affliction’s case). While channeling it doesn’t only do damage though, but it also increases the periodic ticks of your other DoTs by 100%.

Soulburn: Fear
Using Soulburn with fear will change it from being a cast spell with a 20 second fear to an instant cast with a 4 second fear. I guess this might be good if you’re really in a rush to get something feared, but I can’t help but think that in most cases I’d prefer to cast my fear and get the longer duration.


Wild Imps
Instant cast spell with a 30 second cooldown that summons one Wild Imp which will cast five Firebolts at your target. With more Demonic Fury (your resource as Demonology) you will summon more imps, but the cost of the spell will also be higher.

Demonic Freedom
Instant cast, 1.5 minute cooldown. Instantly restores 25% of your demon’s health and removes all stun, snare, fear, banish or horror and movement impairing effects for 15 seconds. This seems quite a bit like a PvP thing to me, but might also save your demon in a raid if it’s taking a lot of damage for some reason.

Metamorphosis: Carrion Swarm (Passive)
This ability basically turns your Shadowflame into Carrion Swarm while you’re in Metamorphosis. Carrion Swarm will knock enemies away from you.


Fire and Brimstone
Instant cast, 10 second cooldown. Your next Immolate, Incinerate, Conflagrate or Soul Fire will hit all targets within 15 yards of the target. A simple, little spell that will help with a bit of AoE damage.

Destructive Influence (Passive)
This is a passive ability that makes your demon’s attacks decrease the cast time of Soul Fire by 0.1 seconds. It stacks up to 40 times though, so I’m guessing we’re meant to let it stack and then get an instant cast once in a while.

Changed Spells

There are some changes to spells and abilities as we know them as well.

Curse of Enfeeblement
This is a new version of Curse of Weakness. It now reduces physical damage done by 30% and cast time is increased by 30%. Lasts for 30 seconds. It does make a note that this is less effective against dungeon and raid bosses, but it doesn’t say how much less effective.

Twilight Ward
This is a new version of Shadow Ward. It will absorb an amount of Shadow or Holy damage, lasting for 30 seconds. With Nether Ward no longer being in our spec, I guess that means we can no longer get full immunity like Destruction currently can.

Dark Intent
This has changed considerably and is now a raid wide buff that increases everyone’s spellpower by 6%. Basically this means that all Warlock specs get the former Demonology talent Demonic Pact (though slightly worse). I’ll still miss the haste though. I liked the haste.

Fel Armor
Demon Armor appears to be gone, and instead there have been a few changes to Fel Armor. The new version increases armor by 2603, total stamina by 10% and amount of health generated by spells and effects by 10%.

Chaos Bolt & Haunt
These spells aren’t so much changed as completely removed. I realise that Chaos Bolt may be a bit of a clunky spell with a long cooldown, but I hope they put it back with some new use to it. It’s a great looking spell after all. Haunt was also a spell I quite liked to have in my arsenal. Hopefully Malefic Grasp can make up for it on MoP though.

Hand of Gul’Dan
This seems to have changed quite a bit. It no longer refreshes Immolate (since that is now a Destruction only spell), and is now an instant cast spell that summons a meteor. The meteor seems to do damage only after 2.5 seconds though, so I guess that means it needs a stationary target. However, it seems to stack a movement reduction effect on the target, so maybe we can hope they don’t get out in time..

I’m sure there are more changes that I’ve missed, but those were some of the more obvious ones that I could find.

On the whole there are some things I’m not sure about (like Bane of Havoc being the only one to use for Destruction in its current model), but since there’s plenty of time between now and the release of MoP I’m fairly confident that Blizzard will iron out the problems. I think Warlocks may end up fun to play (as they already are) with a fairly definite feel to each of the specs.

I didn’t mention the new talent trees today, even though they have changed a bit since the Blizzcon preview. Cynwise has a great breakdown of these though, so go over there and have a look!