World Event Overload!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there feeling overwhelmed by having three world events at the same time.  Mr. Zowy is so fed up with it that he’s letting Darkmoon Fair go this month in favor of the two annual ones.  Between the Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air, I’m all world evented out!

Today’s To Do List: (in-game)

  • Turn in bracelets to all for faction leaders (farmed 3 days worth yesterday)
  • Do Love Daily in Orgri on 4 chars
  • Do Love Daily in Uldum on one char
  • Do Seasonal boss on 4 chars
  • Pull some time out of my backside to get into those dungeons to hunt down the Elders and kill them, then steal their tokens!  (not very priestly, but I did say I’d had enough *smile*)
  • Do DMF dailies on all chars I have time for remembering the mounts and pets are worth it.

Items 1-4 will take up all the time I can be logged in if I neglect house work and play during nap times.  So now I’m faced with a problem.  Do I neglect the Love event for one day to get the Elders out of the way, or do I skip the last 6 elders and do them next year?   Maybe I can ask Blizzard for an extention.  We responsible parents simply don’t have the time! *sad face*


Darkmoon’s back!

Last night after the raid we were greeted with two things I’d forgotten about.  Love is in the Air world event, and DARKMOON FAIR!

While all my guildies were busy grouping up for the new world event boss fight, I flew over to TB and hopped through a portal, being sure to have all of my quest items in my bags!  I only needed to turn in one for my purpose.

Turned in my Mysterious Egg then ran over to the guy who promised me a mount last month!  I asked him if he still had the one I wanted in the colour I wanted and he did!!!  BAM!  Dancing Bear mount!

Darkmoon Fair Bear Mount

So, what’s the first thing I did with my new mount?  Replaced my mechano hog and ran up and down the fair while doing all the quests!  I also did a bit of ….dancing!

Call me crazy, or maybe it was the late hour, but I couldn’t figure out how to make him dance!  After typing /dance 20 times, I decided to see what his roar looked like.  <spacebar>  He started dancing…  Yeah, makes sense after you know how!

Next thing I’m getting from DMF will be the DMF cub pet, or maybe the turtle since I don’t have a turtle on my priest yet.  After re-completing all those quest item quests, I nearly have enough for it.  Happy Carnivale!

Darkmoon Dancing Bear – Dancing



Guild Leader’s Guide: Attendance

Okies, so a friend of mine’s guild is going through a rough spot and for once, we aren’t regarding attendance.  What are the differences and what am I, as a guild leader, doing differently to what I’ve done in the past?

Where did all the people go?
We know guilds fluctuate all the time with trends over the hollidays, Start and End of school terms and summer always has an interesting effect.  Lately, all guilds have seen a decline, many good ones have gone bust as a result!  There is a lot of speculation as to where the people have gone.  In our case, we had 3 social members make the move to SWtOR and two main raiders (that we know of) play it part-time.

Are we bitter?  Hell no! But we do wish to know what people’s plans are so we can recruit accordingly so those who are sticking to WoW won’t have to miss raids or struggle gearing up another new member who just returned after a 2 year break. *sigh*   My friend’s guild saw similar numbers of people moving over.  Some let them know their plans, others just disappeared never to be heard from again.

Attendance and Punctuality
Two of the main problems guilds are having at this time is Attendance and Punctuality.   This is a tough thing for a casual guild to address since you’re supposed to be, well, casual! Right? Wrong!

Casual doesn’t mean irresponsible or rude.  It means understanding of the time restraints people have in their lives and trying to get as far in the game in as little time as possible.  My guild raids Max. 2 nights a week for a max. 4 hours per raid.  Because we don’t raid more, we need everyone to be present and prepared to roll at the same time.  Our progression is comparable to many guilds who raid 3 or 4 times in the week.  I like to think this is much thanks to the responsibility and consideration our members have for each other.

What to do?
Many small casual guilds are faced with the problem of missing one or two sign-ups for a raid.  Leaders don’t want to punish those who showed up by calling the raid.  Often, they don’t want to replace the late people with pugs in fear they will be offended and not sign up next week.  We went through this phase for most of last year, and it caused a lot of unnecessary stress!

  • Ask for consideration and responsibility.  It’s not crazy to ask people to behave responsibly in a game.  Just like in the real world, if they can’t make an appointment, they call to cancel.  Exchange contact info (even if it’s only an email used for game purposes) so that anyone can leave a message somewhere you look often.  People don’t always log onto a guild website, but in today’s day and age, it’s hard not to be able to send an email or text message.
  • Don’t be afraid to pug spots.  We found many of our best members by PUGing.  It is a good way for potential new members to test run your guild and see if your raiding style fits in with what they are looking for.  They are PUGing for a reason and you clearly missed a spot.  You also get to see how they perform and behave.  Are they loot crazy or relaxed?  Do they play well or not quite ready for your level of raiding?  PUGing is a great way to get to know people on your server.
  • Don’t be afraid to call a raid.  By cancelling a raid due to low sign-ups, it brings it to everyone’s attention how important every member is.  Chances are, the guild will discuss and encourage the no-shows to sign up next week.
  • Make your expectations clear.  Something I notice is that people like rules.  We like to know what is coming. Set your expectations, act accordingly, and people will rise to meet them.  If you get into the habit of making exceptions for the “slackers”, the hard workers will see no reason why they should bother trying so hard to do what’s right.
  • Replace repeat offenders.  Do you have someone who is always late, consistently for the past few months?  Ask them what they want, what the problem seems to be.  Do your raid times no longer work for them?  You can look into changing your raid times if it suites the rest of the group to do so, or demote the person to social and start looking for someone who’s able to make the raids on time.

What works for us?
Every guild will have different rules that suites your group of people.  Our guild is made up of somewhat older professionals, students and parents.  People who have lots to do in the real world and little time to play for hours on end.  We also recruit only those who we feel would be a good fit, regardless of how much we need a certain class.  As a result, we keep a harmonious environment of like-minded individuals.

For us, a clear simple set of rules works.  Being reliable leaders who set good examples is the best policy!  In the beginning of our “new” way of doing things, it was painful.  We cancelled a few raids and had some poor PUGs, but after a few weeks, it’s been smooth sailing ever since, something we’re very proud of!


Much overdue update!

Wow! It’s been a long while! Lots has happened but I’ve not had the opportunity to log in and finish up all the posts I started. *Sad Face*

Since today is incredibly busy for me as well, I’ll paste our latest guild news! (posted 22 Jan 2012)

Our band of Boefjes

After our wildly successful pre-non-denominational-winter-holiday-changing of western calendar-break, we were a little cocky when we returned last week. After a Saturday’s humility raid which included few more wipes than we are used to, we got Deathwing on Sunday!

So, imagine our excitement when we started Morchok Heroic!

We started the fight with 2 tanks, 4 healers and 4 dps! That was weird! Split into two teams (With TeamA on Morchok and TeamB on Kohcrom) we set to work. 1.5 mins into our first try: Wipe! Doh! We made steady progression but TeamB noticed the noobish TeamA was struggling and couldn’t understand what was going on over there! When TeamB had killed their boss but Team A’s boss was still alive as we wiped, we decided to swap sides since TeamA was clearly unable to take care of it!

So, Team B is now on Morchok, Crystal spawns, then another, then another…what the….*Wipe!* Right, we then understood TeamA’s suffering and took a look at how to keep our guys alive. None of the guides mentioned Morchok casts 3 crystals to Kohcrom’s 1-2! Doesn’t seem like that much more, but trust me, as a healer, it is! It was then we decided to put the winning combination of Cas and Kim on Morchok and the two lesser minions on Kohcrom. (Tim on his off spec and Loutokt newly dinged 2 weeks ago!)

Within a few tries to get our CD’s coordinated, both personalities of the boss were dead and all our raiders alive!

There are several remarkable things in our kill shot this time. Tim was drinking while healing, clearly. The bears also seem to be drunk and the Tree has gon Ent on us. Three sensible people can be found in the middle while Cas seems to be warming his nose on Kim’s Baby Blizzard Bear’s backside. The orcs are too sexeh for this photo.

Well done guys!!!!


Hour of Twilight: One week in (and one day) – Dragon Soul

Okies, so where did I leave off?   Baby goblin was running circles around me and desperately needed my attention.  Since I have a habit of never posting my drafts, I figured I’d just break this up into small bite sized posts.

Dragon Soul
We have a weekend raiding guild.  Saturday and Sunday only.  Patch day over in the EU is Wednesday.  This means we are always a little behind on that darn progression thing.  This also means we get to see where people are struggling and can adjust before our raid, saving us precious hours; in theory.  Since we only raid 8 hours, including breaks, a week, it all adds up.

What did we see with Dragon Soul?  It looked crazy easy!  OK, maybe not “Easy” but totally doable!  Demon looked at me and said, “Right, we’re going for 6/8 this weekend.” To which I laughed, “Keep dreaming!”  He was right!  We killed 4 bosses on Saturday and 2 on Sunday and had 2 attempts at the 7th.  Why was this so easy?  One acronym: LFR

On patch day, pretty much everyone in our guild who even dreams of killing Deathwing immediately queued for the LFR as soon as they could.  They also kept queuing until their wives, girlfriends and parents were wondering where they’d got off to.  This isn’t something we planned, they did this of their own accord and it seemed to work.  The LFR was a mild, bite-sized version of the real fight and helped them at learning positioning without the frustration of only living the first 1.4 min of the fight.

How did it go?
Bosses 1-4 – Two bosses one-shotted, one boss two-shotted, bouncy ball boss was our most challenging mostly because of dispel timing.  There isn’t really much to say about these bosses.  They are similar to the LFR with slight difficulty differences.

Bosses 5 & 6 – Then we came to boss 5.  Being a Target Dummy with wings, we didn’t expect much of a challenge.  We also didn’t expect the amount of damage done towards the end…or the vitality of getting the heck out at the right time.  Clicking the darn button at the right time was our most challenging aspect.  I wasn’t 100% focused for some reason.  After a few tries, we had to call it, get some sleep and come back the next day.

Next day, we had 2 or 3 people who hadn’t been with us the previous day.  Three tries in, they had the hang of it.  Healers had him on focus.  No one was calling out when to click.  A few more attempts and he was down and we were off to the gunship!

Gunship, how dost thou vex me?!:
The 6th boss in Dragon Soul was our most challenging yet!  Why is this?  Well, our group doesn’t like to move unless told to do so.  Dynamic moving, thinking for one’s self, being aware of one’s surroundings isn’t really our strength.  At least it wasn’t!  We learn new things with every new raid release and in this one, we are learning how to pick up our feet and think for ourselves!  It took us a while but after about an hour of wiping, with progression, we hit a wall.

Suddenly, it wasn’t getting any better.  The Zapper wasn’t dying quickly enough.  We had 4 dragons alive at the end of the add phase or we had all the dragons down but 6 adds running around.  Tanks were frustrated, healers were frustrated, dps were…well they’re dps, what do they think about?

About 2 attempts in, I wanted to go shadow.  I could already see my healing was low for this fight and could be more valuable as dps.  The other healers were nervous and said my healing would be needed in phase 2.  After we hit the firmly placed wall, I decided to go shadow, and two-man heal it.

As shadow, I’m in half healer gear but at least I have two really good dps trinkets.  The problem is I haven’t gone shadow in a while and forget all the nifty little mana regen / dps boosting mini cool downs.  First try, I had to figure out why I was oom only to remember about dispersion.  Second try, I remembered to use my shadow fiend on CD…  Third try, I remembered my rotation a bit better.  Not once did I remember about Evangelism but I will for next week!  Still, my dps was competitive in the end.  Dragons were dying, Zappers were slowed and dead, the ship survived to phase two.  PROGRESSION!  Two more tries and he was dead.  By this time, it was late but we wanted to go jump on Deathwing’s back so we did, instantly barrel rolled and wiped.  We’ll get to him next week!

I believe the LFR is partially responsible for our quick progression.  It’s a nice way to learn positioning of a fight and only small adjustments are needed to get the same results on normal mode.  It feels nice as a casual raider to have a sort of practice ground, then the real thing, then on to hard modes for the real test.  We also have fantastic players of high quality.  There are “better” guilds than us struggling to get where we are, so we shouldn’t forget how talented our guys are, even though we are about as casual as a Jamaican sunrise.

Well done guys! <3 ya!


Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3: One week in

Hey guys!  I’ve been taking some time off from writing to get a handle on my physical health and touch base a bit more with the game I love to play so much.  So, in the time since I last wrote we have a new patch (4.3) and lots of posts and discussions regarding this.  Everything from Class Changes to complaints about the Darkmoon Fair. (seriously?)  I thought I’d share my first impressions.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I stopped theory crafting or even looking too carefully at stats ages ago.  We raid progressively but believe skill and a good attitude will bring you further than that extra 3 points in xx stat you could squeeze out by reforging everything.  So I won’t be talking about how to play your priest (or lesser classes) better in that regard, just share some thoughts I’ve been having in the hopes there are like minds out there….somewhere.

Logging in
You may remember how excited I was about the annual pass.  I love testing beta’s and the chance to play Diablo III free of charge was very appealing.  When I logged in Wednesday afternoon, I checked my mail as usual and found a shiny new mount in there!  It was like any denominational, or non, made-up in-game holiday where gift giving and surprises are central!

From that point on, I was in a good mood, skipping and even /cheered.  That’s when my next surprise became apparent:  NEW GOBLIN CHEER ANIMATION! Oh yeah, I was one happy goblin!  I look like this tiny little very happy anime cheer leader.  Love it!  The raid did too btw, great tension dispersion tool.  You can’t help but giggle when out of the cauldron suddenly pops up a cheering goblin telling you things like “Awsome!”.

Around about the time my cheering was making even the critters question my sobriety, I ask a guard where I could find the Transmorph guy.  Found him, took a look at the interface then went to my bank to hunt up the gear I’d so carefully collected.  Here’s what I’ve chosen for my char: Kimzowy

For the moment, I’m going for a winter pixy look.  I’m happy with it.  I would love to do more with her outfits, but let’s face it; she’s a goblin and goblins are designed to pull off every look effortlessly but she sure is cute!

That’s all the time I’ve got for now.  As a reminder to myself, I wish to speak next time about our first weekend raiding (6/8 BABY!), shifting looting systems from T12 to T13 and the general feel of the new pve content.


The Crazies are coming! Flee?

What do you do with the Crazies?

I’ve been asked, “How do you remain calm and upbeat for the guild when you deal with so much baggage from other people’s lives.”.  Answer:  Definition, Meditation and Perspective. Let me explain:

We all know who they are.  We are all playing with one right now…or recently have.  They can be found in PuG’s, Raids, Instances, flying around Orgrimar or even leading your guild!  These are the guys who should have The Truly Insane awarded to them as a diagnosis and would be proud to wear it.

You have to define your guild mates!  I don’t mean judge them.  I mean look at them with objective eyes.  See their strengths and weaknesses.   Utilize the strengths and fortify the weaknesses.  For example:  My DD (Darling Demon) is a people person.  He LOVES to talk! So I put him on recruitment.  He’s great at it!  He also gets easily stressed in progression raids.  So I ask him not to lead those and try to attend since I have a calming effect on him. Everyone is the same.  Good and not so good sides.

Most people are balanced.  Their down sides are easily balanced out by their good.  But sometimes you meet a person off-balance.  This person takes more energy from you than it’s worth and still demands more.  The key is to identify them, file them under “crazy” and move on to the next step.

Very few people in the world are pure evil.  There aren’t really that many crazies either, just people acting the part.  This is why you need to think and think and think before you act.  Some people are having a bad day…or year.  Some people are undergoing major changes in their lives. Others are simply immature for their age and applied to your guild as the person they wish they were instead of who they really are.  Can happen, but you need to find out and bring it to light.

After you’ve “meditated” on the topic, it’s time to talk to the disgruntled member.  Be objective, understanding but not gullible!  Make sure you understand his/her side of things but remember your responsibility to the group as a whole.  If the member demands things that will hurt the guild or inconvenience other non-complaining members, and is in no other way justified actions, refuse respectfully and explain again what your community is about.  I believe it’s a game.  When it stops being fun, it’s time to re-evaluate where you are.  I use this a lot.

After the talk, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be feeling a little drained. Wondering if you did all you could and said all the right things.  This brings us to the final step:

When you’re feeling the stress of fellow gamer’s, do yourself a favor.  Close your eyes, take three deep breath, open them and look around you….yes, further than your computer desk.  What do you see?  I see my house, my husband and my son.  I look outside and see the city I live in and how much I like it here, but my son is my main source of peace.  One look at him and all the troubles in the world don’t seem so great.  At the end of the day, it’s just a game.

By keeping things in perspective you keep yourself energized to handle any new issues that might creep up.  Remember, as soon as one Crazy moves on, another one is making application!


Have you ever…?

Lately, we’ve been reading Dr. Seuss to the baby goblin, before bed time.  It’s working like a charm, except for the silly rhymes and names of characters are stuck in my head!  Before I go to bed, I think “Sleep with my pet Zeep” …. and now, I’m thinking “Have you ever walked with ten cats on your head?”

So, have you ever been sitting around, chatting with a friend and thought “eh he he eh, we’re like the Beevis and Buthead of WoW! eh he he eh!” ?  I have.  Today, in fact!  I have difficulty finding the time to talk about everything I would like to, here, but in-game, funny stories and odd musings just flow like water off a glacier in the desert!

Today’s “Kim and Friend” musings takes us to the pandas and all the complaining surrounding them.  We just don’t get it!  We hear everything from “They just made this up 2 months ago!” to “It’s ripped off KunFu Panda!”.  Well, obviously both these, and probably 9o% of what’s out there, is just incorrect, but it got us talking!  Sure, we know, Pandas.

How can they have ripped off the panda’s? All panda’s are Asian (can’t find them any other place in the world folks) so most story-time pandas are tinged with an Asian flavor….but let’s look at some other things.  WoW has Elves!  OMG and Orcs!  That sounds like LotR to me!  (well that and the fact that half the blood elves I saw for the first year was Legolsomething)  But it doesn’t stop there!  My grandmother used to make some Delicious Chocolate Cakes…How did Blizzard KNOW!?  Some people fish in real life too….coincidence?  Where does the madness end!?!

Right here.

Seriously.  People will complain, moan, point out tid bits of conflicting data (even the golden fun texts in tool tips aren’t safe from scrutiny).  What I would like to see instead, is more creative power!  Let’s see some brainstorming going on about what would be cool!  I remember a post years and years ago about the Furbogs as an Aliance race and Ogres as Horde, backed up with some decent lore complete with racial abilities.  It wasn’t implemented nor ever will be but I miss those kinds of posts.  Pure creative talent!

I’ll start:
After a giggly talk with my other half, I blurted out “DK’s should have a glyph to make an Army of Gnomes!”  Discussing it with a few others, it’s turned out to be a wildly popular idea!  Now, it could be the DK gets an army of the same faction (Gnomes = Alliance; Goblins = Horde)  or opposing!  Might be fun to watch the opposing faction’s pint sized races hold agro and die en mass!  The idea still makes me giggle!

What are some of the crazier ideas you’d like to see implemented into WoW?


Blizzcon 2011!

Well, they did it!  It was said Blizzard was going to need to blow our socks off, raise the roof, set the whole world on fire and I must say, I think they have!  Not for the Diablo III or SC changes, not for the new WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandara (which made it even to our local paper!!)  No, those things are cool!  But I was excited in the first 10 mins of the opening ceremonies.

Blizzard needed to find a way to keep customers loyal and paying even in the first months after the release of some pretty interesting games.  SWOR had my interest until I saw the prices!  Since I’m in a single income family of three, I quickly decided against it.  The trend is moving away from pay to play monthly subscriptions anyways.  GW2 , however…..I was very keen to check out this Free-to-Play, highly developed beautifu artwork of a game.  Still am!  But I won’t be cutting off my WoW subscription to check it out and I don’t feel cheated!  Genius!

It was announced:

  • We didn’t want you to have to decide between WoW and Diablo III sooooooo, we’re giving it to you for free! (with one year subscription agreement)  My ears perked up!  Diablo III was on my list but I didn’t know how we were going to swing another €60 x 2 for a game.
  • Oh, and we would like to give you guaranteed access to the Beta for the next WoW expansion! Say what?!  I cheered!  Ok, maybe for most of you, you have done beta testing with WoW before.   I’ve never been lucky enough to get a key!  I do haunt the PTR’s, checking out some changes but mostly looking for bugs and reporting them very politely (I love testing!), but never a Beta Key for WoW…..this is my candy!  Beta Tested Rift and a few other games, but never one I actually play…yes, I’m a Happy Panda!
  • Aaaand, We would like to give you a new uber awsome imba mount!  It was Demon’s turn to cheer then.  He loves mounts, the shinier the better!  Win win win!  We were both happy!


What do I think about the other changes up and coming? That’s a topic for another post entirely!  Bottom line though, I have faith in Blizzard that they will make a playable, addictive, enjoyable game.  Wouldn’t matter if we were all blobs of purple jelly, the game would be fun.  Pandas.  Yes, I can see how they fit. I did think the “Bounce” racial attribute was a joke and I desperately hope they don’t make light of every aspect of the race.  I will be making one and she/he will be my zen master!



Sooooo!  Finally, after months and months of recruiting (done by my darling other half), we have a guild with enough Tanks, more than enough DPS and the right blend of Healers with two Permanent PUG’s to spare.  What did I do to celebrate?  I declined the next two raids, of course!  Sure, we’re about to kill the weakened Raggy for the first time, but some things are just more important!

It’s all about BALANCE!
We talk a lot about balance in WoW.  Balance of classes, PvP vs. PvE, balance of our gamer’s hobbies and the rest of the world.  In the Zowy house we are all about balance.  I’m calm and patient, Mr. Zowy is energetic and randomly spontaneous. Our Baby Goblin (now 13 months) is a perfect blend of us both!

We strive to balance WoW and our Family Life with mixed amounts of success.  The deal Mr. Zowy and I made was:  One of us raids Saturday, the other Sunday dependent on raid requirements and sign-ups.  Looks good on paper but we can’t always factor in all the variables of life.  Will Baby Goblin want Mama or Papa this evening?  Are there any last second changes to the raid roster?  Will Baby Goblin want Mama or Papa….that one is worth mentioning twice!

Where did all the healers go?
Our guild has been healer-starved for as far back as I can remember.  As a result, I (a healer) end up reluctantly raiding both raid nights, while Mr. Zowy is sitting over my shoulder giving suggestions and chasing a very active smaller version of himself through the house.  This leaves me feeling a bit begrudged because it isn’t my night to raid and Mr. Zowy more than a little miffed because he hasn’t seen the first 5 bosses in Firelands since our third run through.  (Just when he got the tornado dance down too!)

Once Baby Gobs goes to sleep, Mr. Zowy is then able to join us but half the raid is over and it means a very kind and understanding DPS has to step out to make room for him.  It’s not been easy, nor without discussions, but we’re making it work and when in doubt, I always choose to say good night and turn off the PC.

I don’t want to attend every single raid!
One part of me is happy raids have been happening and our progression has been steady for a while.  A huge part of me wants to spend the evening with my Little Goblin (even though I get the other 5 in the week as well) and watch Mr. Z. enjoy himself raiding a full raid again.

House of Nerds
My father was one of the original nerds!  Being an electronic engineer before laptops were invented, we had an Atari 2000 when I was very young and I remember spending hours with him playing PacMan, Salmon Run and Breakout.  It was relevant to his work, was his argument, much to my mother’s frustration. He also taught me to program some basic Basic on that thing.  It was inevitable I should meet and fall in love with a gamer, written in the binary code of my life!

Because we are both gamers, in the same small casual guild, sometimes shit happens.  On rare, occasions, we’ve raided together, juggling Baby Gobs between us, until his bedtime.  One sits out on trash to give him the attention he needs then hurries back to the raid to kill a boss while our pride and joy cheers us on from his play box.  15-20 min break is called after a couple boss kills to put babies to bed, get a drink, stretch legs, call distant relatives, or anything else you’ve been meaning to do for a while.  Sometimes, it’s good to be the Raid Leader!

Lucky for us, our guild mates are of the most understanding sort.  We aren’t the only parents in the guild but we are the only parenting couple.  They don’t seem to mind us taking our time as long as we offer our excuses and lots of chocolate brownies. (guys love chocolate brownies, girls!)  Thanks to them, my guilt is minimized!

Plan for this weekend
Due to low sign-ups and an utter lack of a third (fourth?) healer, we managed only 6/7 pre-nerf with one-half of one evening trying to kill Raggy.  This weekend we have the sign-ups, the proper classes and the determination to make it all happen!  This weekend, I expect Raggy to be down 3 hours into the raid after clearing the instance first!  I jokingly told the guys I’d give them 2.  Instead of laughing, they roared and shouted it shall be done!  haha!

There will be a small twinge at not being in that all important First Kill Photo, but I expect I’ll be cheering too loudly to care too much about it. 🙂