Pirates Day!

Ok, so it’s come and gone….a few short hours of piratey fun!  I talked with the woman and got my *bling!*  10 Nerd Points!  and as a bonus, got to run around as a pirate for an hour 😀

I don’t know much about Pirates Day but we did have fun!

Pirate Kim comes home to BB!

Demon joins Kim! She never knew he was a closet pirate!

Wait, where did your bird go? What’s going on, Demon?


She knew it!!! He shall always be a shaman at heart! *cry*

Ok, that’s it for my goofyness today!  We did have good mini fun.



Letting Go: Updated

Scratch everything written below!

Sure the guild is doing great, I’m proud of them and 99% of everyone is pleased.  Unfortunately, one officer is not.  Now, for what ever reason, he’s felt it’s his responsibility to be the wet blanket in our happy picnic of a guild.

Small Ventilation Process:  that’s what these things are for, right?
Last Saturday, I skipped a raid.  Since I’m also raid leader, and have lots of little conversations the whole week long regarding the raid, I thought it would be handy to make a message on the officer’s forums to communicate all the information I had; then wished the, then one and only, officer luck in getting things started.

When I logged in around 22:00, I was bombarded with whispers and rather abusive language in officer’s chat.  He was offended that I should have the audacity to think he wanted to know what was going on to make it easier for both himself and the rest of the guild!  How dare I ask him to take a member who’d not seen the beginning FL content because he’s been busy every Sat. for the past three months?!  In sharing my communications and ideas for the raid I was taking “This Queen Bee Thing” to far and if I “didn’t realize the GL title was purely cosmetic with no meaning to it what so ever” he would ask for demotion!  (this isn’t the first or second or third time he’s threatened me to step down from being an officer)

How did I handle this?  Two sides to every story, right?  Well, I forced myself to stay calm. Asked the raid what had happened with the officer.  They gave me their side.  He didn’t want to work out a rotation so he begrudgingly stepped out of the raid and suffered till I came online at which point he vented.  I told him we would talk tomorrow, that I think I must have written something wrong and unintentional in my post to him.  I would re-read it and was sorry for the miss communication.

The Next Day it all became clear!
He was still furious.  Refusing to speak rationally or even without swearing.  It all came down to one line I’d written in the post.  After reading that one line, he saw red and didn’t even bother reading the rest.  I had assigned two other moderators as this officer has a tendency to show up 5 mins before raid invites.  I was pretty sure he wouldn’t have time to organize who was going and do invites on time.  One moderator was to look for PuG’s if needed, the other was to do invites and give assistance to those who needed it and do healing assignments.  The officer was to raid lead, be loot master and (here comes the horrible thing I said) “be the voice of reason ;-)” .  I thought the wink made it obvious that it was a tongue in cheek joke but he went mental, completely missing the point.  *sigh*

“Be the voice of reason” is apparently one of the most offensive things you can say to this particular person.  Odd, since we joke about how that’s all I am around here and the key to keeping things running smoothly.  Maybe he thinks I’ve done nothing while he logs in twice a week and doesn’t even greet people.  I guess the guild started raiding and having fun all by it’s self.

Since Saturday, we’ve appointed another officer to the ranks and I have made it perfectly clear that I have taken enough whispered abuse from this particular hot head and shall suffer no more.  One final chance till he blows up again (which I’m sure he will), at which point, I’ll be hunting for an officer again *sigh*.  Some may ask why I don’t demote or kick him now?  Well, I believe in trying all avenues before giving up.  If I didn’t, this guild would have fallen apart ages ago 🙂  *raises glass*  Here’s to hoping he’ll surprise me!

Why am I writing this all here???  Who cares about guild behind-the-scenes drama?
Why?  When we agreed to take on a new officer and with this decision, the first officer deleted all our posts in which we had conflicts in.

Why am I letting you all read this?  Saga forced me!


Letting Go

I became a Guild Leader by inheritance, not because I created the guild.  Our guild was created by a good friend of mine who I’ve known for some time outside of WoW.  Because of some personal complications, she asked me to hold onto the guild until she returned.  She knew I would uphold the original values she laid out: Maturity, Respect, Real Life > Any Game!  I asked her about how long she thought it would take.  “1 month +/-” was her reassuring reply.  6 months later, I was still the GL and she still wasn’t close to being ready to return.

We were lucky as a guild.  When she first left, raiding pretty much ceased.  In all those months, only one newer member decided to leave and was really sorry to do so.  We didn’t blame him, but it says a lot for the community we created.  People preferred to stay with us, not raiding, than take their chances on some other guild who was.  After 6 months, I had an argument with my officers (they were becoming pessimistic) and something awoke inside me.  I had to turn this guild around, get raids going again, the guys deserved a strong leader.  Looking around for one, I realized, with horror, it would have to be me!

Now, I’d have difficulty leading a horse to water, and I can barely manage my shopping list much less a raiding guild, but I had to do something.  So I stopped talking things over with the officers, who had become distant and almost bitter for various reasons, and took action. I called in favors from non-officer guildies and other guilds, met people in BH runs and made a point to remember the nice ones.  I made decisions and posted events in the calendar.  Didn’t have enough sign-ups?  We PUG’ed the spots to the best of our ability.  The raids would go on!  Once we had 7 PUG’s!  Hardly a guild run but it still felt great.

Slowly, but surely, things picked up!  More of our afk members began returning.  People were signing up for raids.  We were getting applications from some of those guys we met in BH!  There was a pivotal point when we could have relaxed our standards for the sake of raiding, but we didn’t.  We stuck it out and have raided every week since 2 weeks into 4.2.  I look around me now with a sense of pride in my guild mates for all their hard work and loyalty to the guild.

So, what’s the problem?  Surely there must be a hook here.  Well, tonight, I won’t be in the raid.  We’re busy and taking the night off to visit family.  By taking so much upon myself and being involved in every aspect, from Guild Leading, Raid Leading to Voice of Reason, I just realized a small part of me is afraid things won’t run as smoothly without me there.  I soften the sharp edges of some members and explain in more detail parts of a fight to others.  There are 100 little things I do each raid to ensure our guys have a good time.  For someone who didn’t want the roll to begin with (and someone who’s been saying she doesn’t want to raid every single raid anymore), I’m surprised to have this twinge of sadness.  My guild has grown up.  It doesn’t need me anymore!

Still, I couldn’t be more proud of my guys and gals!


Post no. 2

The most important thing to getting a good blog off the ground (for me that is), is liking the look of it.  Themes, backgrounds, layouts.  I feel this is going to take some time before I’m truly happy.

Last night I had a bit of time after the Baby Goblin went to sleep to log in and play a bit.  Lately, I’ve been having difficulty deciding what to do so I gathered up a couple guildies and jumped into Random Battle Grounds!!!!  With my uber 1300 resiliance, I was a force to be reckoned with! (Or maybe just a squishy decoy while my properly geared mates picked them off one by one)

When I first started PvP, I insisted Holy was in fact better than disco for BG’s!  Why?  Because I knew how to play it.  Because I’ve recently learned how to play Disco for a couple fights in Firelands, I’ve decided to try my hand at it in BG’s as well.  I still stand behind my statement.  Holy is better if you know how to play it properly, and I love the daze/disarm ability, but I’m starting to see the strength of Disco.  Bubbles are nice, Penance is loverly, and my survivability is much stronger….but I really do miss some other form of CC or interrupt!  More and proper testing is required!

Builders are still in my house.  Today, they are doing the tiled floor!  Soon, we’ll have our bathroom back and everything will return to normal!  *dreams of LONG hot shower*


Good morning!

So, I’m sitting here in my living room, with builders in the house renovating our bathroom, wondering what I should do today.  My long-time friend’s voice, who is an avid blogger, echo’s in my head, “You should have your own blog!”.   But what should the title be?  What should I blog about?  Well, WoW of course!  But what angle?

Who am I?
I’m a mother and spouse who plays WoW.  I’m also the GM of a casual raiding guild.  I’m the partner to a gamer, a hobby we both share.  We met through WoW about 2.5 years ago and now have a 12 month old son together.  Interesting enough?   No?  I didn’t think so either.

WoW history in very short summery:
For years and years I was a restoration shaman, chain healing my way through TBC and loving every minute of it.  In Wrath I went hunter.  Pew pew an purdy pets was my thing!  Then the Focus mechanic came and I just couldn’t make the adjustment so I went back to healing in Cata.  Unfortunately, the shaman lost it’s spark for me so I looked for a challenge.  “Level a Priest” my self-punishing side said!  So, being someone who always listens to the voices in her head, I did and have been in love with the class ever since!  (disclaimer:  I don’t really listen to the voices in my head.  I pretend like they aren’t there like everyone else)

Since leveling a priest has traditionally been the most difficult class to raise to greatness, and because I must have started 20 priests and quit before lvl 45 each and every time, I now feel like the little engine that could, hence the blog name.

So here it begins!


Baby Goblin Survival Guide

This is Kim’s little guide on how to survive WoW with a Baby Goblin. (Note: not to be taken too seriously.)

She had her little Baby Goblin in August 2010 and is juggling the little one with casual raiding and farming herbs. Lots of herbs.

Below you can see Kim’s survival guide:

  • Find a very understanding guild, preferably run by someone you know and have good dirt on.
  • Make up a cute adorable WoW related nick name for your baby. We use Baby Goblin but feel free to pick something that fits your child’s personality.
  • Don’t be afraid to randomly go afk. Get your guildies used to it early on so they aren’t surprised when you have to run off during a raid to the baby who’s decided bed time is variable.
  • Do take your little one to the bed time trainer early on. Early bed times or at least a regular one is going to be the key here. You will feel much better if you can put all your attention in your little one or your game.
  • Don’t forget to play together! That’s where the bed time training comes in handy. Time with your partner will keep you feeling balanced and centered. Whether it’s playing WoW or watching a movie, doesn’t matter, time together is time well spent.
  • Relax!!!! You’re probably not going to be a great HC gamer and an outstanding parent at the same time. Fact is this: to play at top performance you have to put a lot of hours into the game every day, to raise an outstanding child, you have to put many more hours into him/her every day. There is simply not enough time for both. Think in baby steps game wise and you will get there. You may not be the first in your guild but you will have greater rewards 🙂

Last, but not least – the awesome shirt given by the guild’s Guild Master. The parents are a Blood Elf Marksman Hunter and an Orc Elemental Shaman. I guess that explains this little Level 1 creature.

Read the print!

Everybody’s gotta have a Horde shirt.



/giggle Attack

/giggle /giggle /giggle

I’ve done it!  I’ve picked a character!  This may be an easy task for most people, but when you’ve played a game for so long, you’ve created just about everything there is out there and have probably settled on just a couple of favorites.

How it all started:

Recently, a really good friend of mine (Saga) and I have, partially out of boredom, decided to give each other a hand.  She’s alliance, I’m horde.  How did we become friends in the first place? I sometimes wonder!

Our guilds raid on different days and we both need healers.  I just happen to be a healer.  She just happens to want to try her hand a paladin healing. A deal was made.

For her, money isn’t nearly as important as the tedious bore of leveling without heirlooms so she transferred a char.  For me, I wouldn’t give money out for a transfer if my life depended on it, so I’m leveling without heirlooms… (Wish me luck!)

I made a human in the image of my first char ever, thinking the nostalgia would spark something in me… Nothing.

I made a dwarf thinking the quirkiness would do something for me… Nothing. (Flat faces, really!)

I made a night elf thinking the flips would light an interest… Nothing.

I made a worgen hoping the story would hold my attention… Nothing. (The sniff sniff sniff while spell casting had me paranoid for a week!)

Then I did what I never thought I could.

Select Priest

Race… erm… uhm… GNOME, and my little giggling healer was born.

The pitter patter of her feet and the way she seems to struggle to keep up with the taller races won me over.  Of course I had to give her a story.  She has developed a self-image issue and wears her hair very high to make her a bit taller so she looks like a cute dwarf… (no one’s told her such a thing doesn’t exist).

Look! Almost as tall!

She’s making her way to the Wetlands tonight while healing instances like there’s no tomorrow.  I’m having a lot of fun exploring the new content with her and can’t get over her little quirky animations and vocals.  By far the most adorable gnome of them all… probably because she’s mine.

If you find yourself in an instance, with a funny little gnome priest and she hesitates before healing you…. it’s probably just me trying to get my head around keeping humans and night elves alive again.

Gnoam Healing!