Why Can’t I Be Pretty Too?

I was reading MMO-Champion (as I do pretty much ever day since I’m a glutton for Cataclysm information), and there was this image of the new models for the faction leaders. Now, aside from the fact that Ysera and Sylvanas – both supposedly (at least originally when it comes to Sylvanas) are night elves – have obviously blood elf bodies something else struck me. The human models for Jaina and Varian Wrynn look good.

Now, don’t get me wrong – most of my characters are human females. I just love their animations when fighting and some of their faces are okay. When I was horde I found them plain and boring, but I’ve grown to love them. However, when compared to Jaina’s face – you can see that the graphics could be so much better.

See the difference?

Then of course there are the male humans. I’ve always found their faces to be absolutely horrible (them and night elf male) there is not a single handsome male face among them. Then you see Varian’s face – and you go like. Why can’t they look like that?

Seriously? Ugliest face in game?

My friend says that our models can’t look like that because they’re faction leaders and they should look special. Sure, I’m all for them looking special. But isn’t it enough that they might have special clothes/armour and a face that no one can choose? Why can’t we have similar faces in the sense that we have the good graphics?

I noticed already in TBC that Blizzard could do a lot better than the faces we could pick at the creation screen. Inside Magister’s Terrace you meet this guy. His face definitely look a lot better than the original male faces.

Pretty Boy

I really wish Blizzard could give us some updated graphics for our character models. They obviously could do so much better.

This post I did focus on the human faces for sure, mainly because the night elf model (Ysera) doesn’t even look like a night elf, and Malfurion.. looks like a bird. If you want to see all of the faction leaders from MMO-Champion you can check this link. (Btw, is it just me or does Garrosh look like a total knucklehead?)

Which character models do you think need an update/upgrade?

Worgens & Goblins

This weekend Worldofraids.com posted two really nice hands-on experiences of the starting areas and quests for both Worgen and Goblins in Cataclysm.


I won’t tell you what they said since I know some people don’t want to read spoilers – but it sounded really awesome. If you want to read them, you can check them out here for Worgen and here for Goblins.

What are your thoughts on the new races we’re getting in Cataclysm?

I think it’s interesting that Alliance are finally getting a “ferocious” race, while Horde is getting a “cute” race. (Though one might argue how cute a green goblin with arms longer than their body actually are.) I like the story behind the Worgen – when I was Horde Silverpine Forest was always an area I loved to quest in, and to this day Shadowfang Keep remains one of my favourite instances.

The Goblins are an interesting race, but it feels a bit odd having them (or some of them if you will) join the Horde since their trademark so far has been neutrality. From what we’ve heard so far regarding racial traits and skills they seem like a lot of fun though – as you would expect a Goblin to be!


I loved it when we got new hairstyles in WotLK, and I have to admit that I hope we get some more in Cataclysm because I’m very envious of some of the Goblin hairstyles that we saw during the art panels of last year’s BlizzCon.

When Cataclysm hits the shelves I won’t be re-rolling neither Worgen nor Goblin to be honest with you. I will play them both for 10-20 levels to check out their starting experience and the classes in general – but I have no desire to be either long-term. At least not as it stands now. Goblin because – well, they seem fun but I’m no longer Horde and if I was I’d be Undead most likely – or possibly a skinny Blood Elf-I-die-if-you-poke-me.

The Worgen seem neat and their racials seem too good – but I don’t want to walk around being a furry all the time. Yes, I know you’re only in Worgen form in combat and if you choose to when not in combat. But since I’m a raider that means my character is in combat most of the time – and I just prefer my character being… not furry.

What about you? Are you planning to re-roll a Worgen/Goblin in Cataclysm? Or maybe race change your current main (once available)?