Curse of Fail #3


This comic has a lot to do with the many discussions we have in our guild about the fact that our raid leader can’t hold his temper. We tease him about it, but it’s also something that bugs me (which he’s well aware of). I’m not one who likes being yelled at. So, here’s how Démonique would like to deal with the situation!

Comic #2

I’m sorry for the lack of posting lately, it’s a combination of being busy in real life and having little to write about at the moment. However, I am still playing around with some comic ideas. The new patch broke my WoW Modelviewer and I couldn’t do human female models for a while, which is how I came up with the idea for the new comic. That, and my ever-lasting hatred for gnomes 😉

I hope you’re all enjoying the Hallow’s End in WoW, and have something fun planned for this weekend when the “real deal” rolls around!

Click the image for the larger version of the comic.


My first Comic

I’ve been wanting to do a comic (and have several ideas stacked up) for more than a year now. The intention was to draw it by hand, but I’m not very good at it so it’s just never happened. So now, inspired by the awesome Liala over at Disciplinary Action and her incredible comics I decided to try making them using photoshop instead.

So here, I give you my very first comic. (You’ll have to click it to be able to read it I’m afraid.) It was definitely a learning experience, and if I can bring myself to do another I know a few things to look out for next time.