Raid Preparation

As we’re all either getting ready to start raiding, or are already progressing through the current content, I’d like to discuss how we prepare for raids. I’m not talking about having the right spec, or bringing your health and mana potions – but rather preparing for the encounter itself.

Each boss have a different set of abilities, and as such a different tactic for us to be able to defeat them.

We, as players, have to know the boss’ abilities and know how to counteract them (as well as of course get enough output on our dps and healing). How we learn about these things is something that interests me (and how we learn things in general).

The Usual Suspects

In a raid guild you can usually find a few different people when it comes to knowing the boss tactics;

The Raid Leader – by distinction he has to know everything the boss does and what the raid needs to do to defeat him. Step by step.

The Slacker – if you’re lucky he’s at least raid specced and brought his own stack of consumables, but you know he’s not read up about the boss and expects the Raid Leader to tell him all about it.

The Prepared – most likely this raider has read through all of the tactics and have a general idea of the boss fight already before the Raid Leader explains it.

The Overly Prepared – this is someone who probably studied the fights as much as the Raid Leader (or at least thinks that they did) and will interrupt them as they have their own input on what the best tactics should be.

Obviously there are grey areas in between these as well. For example, I’m usually overly prepared; I’ll have read up on the encounter and I’ll know tactics – but! – I don’t interrupt our Raid Leader and give my own ideas for tactics (unless we’re wiping repeatedly and I know he got something wrong! *grins*)

Expectations on Raiders

This probably varies between raid leaders, but for me – if I’m leading the raid – I expect my raiders to at least have a rudimentary idea of the fight before we go in.

I have no interest in spending 15 minutes laying out every spell and ability only to then finally get to explain the tactics. If people have a general idea of the boss abilities when you enter the instance – you can go pretty much straight to the tactics that your guild will employ, with only briefly mentioning abilities (as they pertain in the tactics).


There are so many places where you can find out what abilities a boss has that no one really can have any excuse for not having looked it up.

Something to note though; the tactics that you as a guild employ may not be what you read on your site of choice. In the end, the choice of tactics is up to the Raid Leader and he/she will decide what they think is best for your raid.

Wowhead – The go-to place for all things WoW. If you search on a boss you will find all of the abilities they do as well as possibly a tactic. There can also be useful comments from other people who have done the fight.

Wowpedia – Another great website where you can see every boss for every instance with their abilities listed. You can almost always find good tactics as well.

TankSpot – Great website that has a lot of information for raid tactics, not to mention very useful movies with commentary.

YouTube – You can always search for the boss in question and view movies to get a visual idea of what the raid looks like.


Everyone learns in different ways. Some learns by trial and error, some by visual aids and some by simply reading the information. You probably know yourself best and therefore should have an idea about what you need to do for yourself to know the fight as well as you can before you go into the raid instance.

For me personally, I like to read the tactics and abilities on one or two sites and sometimes (if I feel unclear about some ability) I might go watch a TankSpot video.

That being said though, I am something of a visual person and usually need one attempt at a boss to see the abilities/tactics “in action”. Once this is done I generally feel like I know what I’m doing and am confident in my abilities and knowing what to do when.

So, what about everyone else, how do you prepare for a raid when it comes to tactics? Which sites are your favourites? What kind of “learner” are you; do you need to be in the fight yourself once or a few times before you know it, or is it enough to watch videos and read tactics?

I haveth returned… (and Weekend Reading)

… to the land of the living – or in other words; I now have proper internet again! Hooray! You have no idea how refreshing it is when your instant cast spells are actually instant rather than taking 10 seconds (and that was on a good day!)

I have nothing special for you in this post, since I’ve been busy talking to my ISP (or yelling, rambling, crying, screaming.. whatever word you’d like to use for it.. I think for me I’ll keep calling it “talking”, mmkay?) and otherwise tearing my hear out at a mobile internet giving me WoW lag between 1400 ms on a good day to 12000 ms on a bad one.

So, here’s some other stuff you can go read while I gather my wits about me to write something useful:

  • After my post on Warlock CC I had planned to write a post about some useful macros. Fortunately for me (macros aren’t my strong side), Cynwise of Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual beat me to it with a great post listing some of the best macros. Go check it out!
  • Want more traffic to your blog? Discplinary Action has lots of ideas on how to shamelessly promote your site! (She also has great, fun comics – but that’s beside the point!)
  • Psynister has started a series on Leveling Professions, which I know I certainly need for myself, having a bunch of characters that need to skill up to 525 (so far only got the Warlock’s professions done). Also, he should have extra kudos for the awesome illustrations!

There’s plenty of other good posts out there, but now I’m almost falling asleep (it’s approaching 3am) so I will have to leave it here.

Finally, I just want to say I’m so happy to have proper internet again! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Happy New Year

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year – and I hope that you’ve all had a great holiday period with your friends and families.

You may have noticed that there’s been few updates here the past week or so, there is a reason for this.

My ISP has been down for 1 week. Yes, a whole week – and I have been given no estimations on when it will be back up again. I hope soon, but I’m not holding my breath (which is good since it’s already been a week I’d be dead).

I’ve gotten my hands on a mobile internet but it’s quite honestly crap. It’s been giving me 6500 ms in WoW which means I haven’t so much been playing WoW as I’ve been staring at the screen as my character tries to move. For minutes. Only to eventually get kicked out of the game. Or quit out of sheer annoyance since my character is doing nothing.

Today has been worse than usual. I’m not even able to load most websites, it took me about 5-10 minutes to load this one and I can only hope that it will actually let me send the post.

It’s such an inconvenient time for this to happen too. I actually had some time off between Christmas and New Year’s and I wanted to spend at least some of it doing Heroics and gearing up for raids. With this connection (or none at all) I think we can all agree that hasn’t been possible.

I hope I get proper internet again soon because I want to read other people’s blogs as well as manage to write and upload here.

In the meantime, a toast to a new year that will hopefully bring us lots of dead raid bosses and epic loots as well as many a fun time with our friends.

Happy New Year

Edit: Turns out that actually posting this post was too much for my mobile internet and it gave out for the night, so I’m sneakily posting this from work.