Male/Female Warlock Pets — 33 Comments

    • I hope the same, the suggestion is obviously meant to be taken with a grain of salt.. or a shovel of salt 😛 Except for the Felguard, I really would like that model for that one *lol* The rest are just silly (which I hope is obvious) 🙂

  1. OMG – I just squee’d all over my keyboard… and I now have a new desktop background… I’m off to get all staticky stroking my monitor… Fankoo!! *huggles*

  2. LOLOLOLOL!!!! Voidwalker.

    Honestly though, I think this is should be very far down the to-do list. I don’t like the succubus pet but otherwise I’ve not even thought about demon gender, let alone being bothered about it.

    • Yeah, I don’t care much about the gender of my demons either to be honest. Most of them are rather genderless anyway (like voidie and felpuppy). I’d be much more interested in metamorphosis getting a female form, since that’s actually me.. and why am I suddenly a male demon??

      But even that I’m not too bothered about. I’d prefer a touch-up on the original 8 races over gendered demons any day.

  3. I just swapped from Succubus to Felhunter full-time for Affliction and I better get a freaking cute Female puppy!

    The bow on her tail is awesome. I’LL TAKE IT!

  4. That’s it, I want the voidwalker with the hello kitty handbag. It’ll probably just be the Kirin Tor pet but larger knowing my luck.

  5. I personally thinks the only two good different genders you did were the Imp and Felguard; I guess you made them as a joke, but those came out pretty nice, and the bow is unneccesarily included.

    Awesome, in general.

    • Yes, it is indeed a joke (except for the felguard, I would actually quite like that model for the female felguard) – the others are made to be over-the-top. I really don’t want a pink voidwalker with a hello-kitty handbag for example.

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  7. Hahaha, these are brilliant! I really love your “proposed” incubus though…very Illidan-esque, and I love his model! Thanks for a good giggle!

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  11. sticking by my original thoughts and comments on the Incubus “mmmmhmmmm” I would definatly play only my lock and would probaby rarely turn off the game *drool*

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