Darkmoon’s back!

Last night after the raid we were greeted with two things I’d forgotten about.  Love is in the Air world event, and DARKMOON FAIR!

While all my guildies were busy grouping up for the new world event boss fight, I flew over to TB and hopped through a portal, being sure to have all of my quest items in my bags!  I only needed to turn in one for my purpose.

Turned in my Mysterious Egg then ran over to the guy who promised me a mount last month!  I asked him if he still had the one I wanted in the colour I wanted and he did!!!  BAM!  Dancing Bear mount!

Darkmoon Fair Bear Mount

So, what’s the first thing I did with my new mount?  Replaced my mechano hog and ran up and down the fair while doing all the quests!  I also did a bit of ….dancing!

Call me crazy, or maybe it was the late hour, but I couldn’t figure out how to make him dance!  After typing /dance 20 times, I decided to see what his roar looked like.  <spacebar>  He started dancing…  Yeah, makes sense after you know how!

Next thing I’m getting from DMF will be the DMF cub pet, or maybe the turtle since I don’t have a turtle on my priest yet.  After re-completing all those quest item quests, I nearly have enough for it.  Happy Carnivale!

Darkmoon Dancing Bear – Dancing



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