Things I Miss (Day 16)

As the Cataclysm shattered the world a lot of things changed, not only the world around us but many other bits and pieces as well.

Looking back on what once was, I’m trying to think of things that I miss in a post-Cataclysm world.


It really bugs me that Horde got to take over all of Hillsbrad Foothills. Sure, we never had all that many quests in that zone, but to not have a single base there anymore is something I miss. There’s nowhere for me to fly if I want to farm herbs dangit!

*Dalaran/Shattrath Portals*

Okay, this point is a bit moot now since the last patch brought back one portal, but I will leave this comment here.

I never had any intention of making Dalaran or Shattrath my Hearthstone location in Cataclysm. Never. To me removing the portals to the main cities wasn’t something that bothered my main, but left me feeling stranded on any alt leveling through that expansion.

Basically, once you hit Northrend you’re stuck there until you’re a high enough level to leave again. Unless, of course, you want to spend a good 30 minutes or so traveling to the ships that can take you back to civilisation.

*The Confidence to Solo Queue for Heroics*

Now, this is a failure on my part rather than the game. Heroics in Wrath were very easy and I had no issues queuing for them alone and completing them.

This time around, the Heroics aren’t so easy. I have no problems completing them when with guildies, but the idea of joining a group of random people seem to terrify me this time around.

It’s a combination of lack of gear and confidence on my part. My Warlock I’d have no issues queueing with – I just have no real reason to anymore because she needs nothing from them. I’d like to gear up my Paladin and Priest, but not wanting to queue alone means I have to wait for guildies to be available, and my gearing is a lot slower than it would be if I queued alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Heroics should be nerfed. This is entirely on me and my lack of confidence. (And dislike of people being rude/abusive in PUGs.)

*Worgen in Shadowfang Keep*

I miss the large amount of worgens you used to have in Shadowfang Keep. Sure there’s a few left, but nowhere close to as many as there were before. It used to be a great way to level skinning! Now I have to actually find somewhere out in the world to do it, such a hassle!

What do you find yourself missing in a post-Cataclysm world?



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  1. Yes we’re very much enjoying Southsore thanks *bares teeth* Oops I mean *smile*

    I, too, am completely at ease queueing for heroics on my main but very nervous on alts, even though they’re just DPS and not in too much danger of actually killing the entire group. It’s an interesting difference in abuse between tanks/healers and DPS. If you’re not tanking or healing well enough for the group’s demands, they tend to just silently kick you or mutter a bit and kick. With DPS, however, there’s a torrent of abuse first before a potential kick or you dejectedly leave.

    • Most of my alts are Healers or Tanks sadly – which is probably part of the reason I’m worried about queuing. Or I could go with them as dps, but they don’t have awesome dps gear and these days it feels as if people whine if you’re not already in full Heroic gear (because obviously you can magically obtain such gear without actually running HCs *cough*)

  2. Southshore is such a nice place nowadays! All filled with green stuff and undead! Vacation spot #1!

    I agree with Reala. It’s very easy to please the group as a dps in the new heroics. Us dps people do however demand a great deal out of the tanks and healers. Especially the tanks. We just assume that they know every tactic for every little encounter and as soon they say something like “Uhm, what’s the tacts for this boss?” or something we immediately consider kicking that player, and I do hate myself a little for it.

    One thing I do miss is the bigger sortiment of weapons. In Burning Crusade and Wrath there were tons of weapons to choose from, both PvE and PvP. Now with Cataclysm there’s pretty much only the Viscious weapons from Arena, the mindblowing grind for the archaeology weapons or, if you’re in a guild with people who actually possesses brains, the weapons from BWD or BOT. More weapons to the people!

    • I could queue as dps on my Paladin, but she’s still lacking several pieces and I just know people will cry in outrage when they see her PvP gear πŸ˜›

      She has the ilevel on her tanking gear to enter Heroics, but only 120k health – and I bet people will whine about that (despite the fact it’s what tanks had when we all first started doing Heroics). People get spoilt much too quickly.

      Oh weapons.. My Paladin is still using the 2h sword from Crucible of Carnage *sigh* Nothing else is dropping for her. So I definitely agree on more weapons!

  3. Ps. You’re both meanies and Southshore should still be an Alliance town! Or if not that, at least you could have kept your greedy Horde hands off the farm area!

  4. On Southshore, I totally miss having it too, but I don’t miss questing through and waiting for my quest givers to respawn from the latest Horde attack!!

    I couldn’t agree more on the confidence to queue solo thing. I’m a decent player, with DPS that’s just fine for heroics. My gear currently is a mess. Sub-optimal enchants, need to regem and reforge everything but just don’t have the gold, etc. I don’t want to hear the criticism so I just avoid it and wait for a 4 other guildies to login…

    • I think that’s the thing, the critisism. People don’t even care if you play properly, CC and do things right. If your gear isn’t full Heroic or raid they whine. (And really, if it was full Heroic/raid why would I even do Heroics.. it’s why my Warlock doesn’t do them anymore and I do them on alts). Not all people are bad though, sometimes people say nothing – and I know it’s my own issue that I even let it get to me when people do say something.

  5. Poor, poor Southshore. πŸ™

    Being a total hunter addict, I miss having bigger differences between the types of pets. Nowadays, they’re all normalized pre-talents. Untalented, a tanking pet can do pretty much the same damage as a ferocity pet. It just doesn’t seem right, somehow.

    Pet leveling. I know it could be a huge pain, but really, 3 levels below the hunter is completely doable. It’s high enough to tag along in heroics (if the hunter is careful), and it would only take 2-3 dungeons to get them to 85. Or, my preference, take them along on dailies and/or farming. Pet leveling was my main excuse for leather farming. Without it, it’s a lot harder to make my lazy self go mindlessly genocidal on those darn dragonkin. Not to mention grinding with a new pet was great bonding time. It helped a lot to figure out if a certain pet could ‘click’ with me or not.

    I agree with Maei, there is a definate lack of good weapons outside of raiding/PVP. A few from Tol Barad aren’t bad, but they take forever to farm for, especially if the opposite faction owns the place 90% of the time (like Feathermoon horde do). I miss the BC badge weapons. Wrath and Cataclysm (so far) completely fail in regards to letting people that can’t get into raids or *gasp* don’t like PVP to aquire epic-quality weapons.

    • Oh, I didn’t realise they’d removed the level difference when you tamed them. I know they removed the pet happiness, which was kind of silly. I always felt it added flavour to the hunter class that you had to feed your pet and keep it happy – rather than the warlocks who just don’t care when they yank their demon from the twisting nether.

  6. I agree, I miss Southshore too πŸ™ I hated it when I went on the Cata beta, flew over the zone to check out what they’d changed. I flew over the farm area that used to be Alliance territory – and o. m. g.

    Planting people?! And the screams were horrible, with the zombies eating them. I was tearing up πŸ™

  7. Saga, I am here commiserating with you about Southshore, Maei, I totally agree about the challenge of obtaining good weapons, and Kel – dittos on the pet talents! In the words of Janis Joplin, …you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…

  8. You know, I must admit to finding the queue on my DPS character (a warlock, oh my) more daunting than on my main (Protection warrior). I know I’m good on my main and can control a run to a certain degree, certainly well enough to cover for most bad play.

    But after trying heroics on my warlock, I’m now starting to see just why so many DPS players complain – the average tank in these heroics is ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING; and prior to 4.1 when queue times were so large, it’s actually no wonder patience was at such a premium.

    I don’t think the queue frightens me per se, merely that I can think of very few things I find less enjoyable than trying to do a run with a tank who has no clue about CC, threat generation, mitigation or basic boss abilities. Add in the unbearable need so many have to simply AFK multiple times for no reason and I just ditch the group in disgust more often than not.

    I haven’t queued as DPS since 4.1 – is it any better now?

    • I will admit I very seldom queue solo these days. I like to try and get a tank from my guild to go along, because sadly a lot of the tanks you meet in LFD aren’t that good. Don’t get me wrong, the good ones obviously are out there somewhere – you just end up getting bad ones quite a few times as well.

      I’ve done a few Zandalari Heroics with random tanks, and they’ve varied from fine to clueless. I had one tank who simply didn’t know not to stand and take the poison breath from Venoxis. Not to mention he kept moving the boss (!) and eventually finding himself standing on one of the green lines of death.

      I don’t want to paint all tanks black though, because a lot of them are passable or even decent. But I will admit that I’ve not done any regular Heroics since Zandalari came out – so I can’t speak for the tanks in those.

      I find it more scary to queue as a tank at the moment – but I think it’s mainly a gear issue rather than anything else. My tank still has some pretty horrible items. It doesn’t matter if I know how to tank and how the fights work – some people just take too much stock in gear. (I managed to tank both ZA and ZG with a guild healer – but yeah, too scared to try queuing alone.) As a Warlock – yeah I have less control of the dungeon as a whole, but I also have less responsibility and I know they can’t complain about my gear πŸ˜‰

  9. I was a bit sad about Southshore i liked the place, DAMMMM U HORDE.

    Btw i’m liking Southern Barrens πŸ™‚ take that horde πŸ™‚ and Camp Taurajo does taurens where hiding mass destruction weapons i tell u πŸ™‚

    Venoxis “The party Killer”, the funny thing is that this is not a hard boss, but people fail sooo much on him.

    Latelly i must admit that i hate queueing has DPS (alone), just for the fact that i can find a crapy tank/healer/dps, after spending almost 2h in ZG, 4 tanks, 5 healers and several dps after i was the only one from the initial group. Queueing has DPS is frustrating because even if u are good and know what to do, in the end u can’t tank or heal :). A good Tank/Healer can make a difference in almost every fight, that is why i like going has tank, i might not be the best tank but i know what to do.

    • Yeah, I prefer to go with at least the tank or the healer being someone I know. If we at least have one, we can usually pull through. (Though healers who decide not to heal at all is a bit frustrating – had that last night. The healer didn’t toss me more than 1 heal during the entire Venoxis fight, and of course at the second Toxic Link I exploded into death!)

      If your party knows what they’re doing, neither ZA or ZG is all that hard. It’s just.. yeah.. know what they’re doing is the key words here πŸ˜‰

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