Warlock Raid Loot (Tier 11)

This is not a “proper” post, but a list of available gear from the current tier of raids. I know it’s late, and we’re soon getting another tier – and I intend to make a loot list from that once it hits. This is just to complement the Warlock Pre-Raid Gear list (which has been updated to include ZA/ZG gear) and the future 4.2 gear list.

This is a list of loot available to Warlocks from the current raid content. Note that this is not a Best in Slot list, but I will list all items available to us.

I don’t personally believe in Best in Slot lists. While they might be interesting and something to aim for if you’re in a high end guild, I find loot a little too random to know what you will get. What is generally considered BiS, may not be BiS for you right now because it would make you lose too much Hit for example.

Spirit items are not listed because Spirit is a useless stat for Warlocks. However, there may be instances where a Spirit item may be better than a blue piece you might have, in which case feel free to grab it and reforge the Spirit to something useful. I just won’t include the item on the list.

I don’t want to clutter the list, so I’m listing the non-Heroic pieces. Pretty much everything has the same item, but as Heroic version from the Heroic raids.

Note: The gear from Throne of the Four Winds have random stats, so they may or may not end up useful to a Warlock.

Power Generator Hood (Blackwing Descent – Omnotron Defense System)
Shadowflame Hood (Blackwing Descent – Nefarian *Token*)

Shadowflame Mantle (Throne of Four Winds – Al’Akir *Token*)
Shadowflame Mantle (Bastion of Twilight – Cho’gall *Token*)
Mantle of Roaring Flames (Blackwing Descent – Atramedes)

Shadowblaze Robes (Blackwing Descent – Nefarian)
Dizze’s Whirling Robe (Trash)

Soul Breath Belt (Throne of the Four Winds – Conclave of Wind)
Belt of Arcane Storms (Blackwing Descent – Maloriak)

Hands of the Twilight Council (Bastion of Twilight – Cho’gall)

Bracers of the Bronze Flight (Bastion of Twilight – Halfus Wyrmbreaker)
Bracers of the Dark Pool (Bastion of Twilight – Trash)

Soul Breath Leggings (Throne of the Four Winds – Al’Akir)
Flame Pillar Leggings (Blackwing Descent – Magmaw)

Einhorn’s Galoshes (Blackwing Descent – Chimaeron)

Planetary Drape (Throne of the Four Winds – Al’Akir)
Shadow of Dread (Blackwing Descent – Nefarian)

Valiona’s Medallion (Bastion of Twilight – Valiona & Theralion)

Planetary Band (Throne of the Four Winds – Conclave of Wind)
Signet of the Fifth Circle (Bastion of Twilight – Cho’gall)

Theralion’s Mirror (Bastion of Twilight – Valiona & Theralion)
Heart of Ignacious (Bastion of Twilight – Ascendant Council)
Bell of Enraging Resonance (Blackwing Descent – Atramedes)

Stormwake, the Tempest’s Reach (Throne of the Four Winds – Al’Akir)
Blade of the Witching Hour (Bastion of Twilight – Valiona & Theralion)
Incineratus (Blackwing Descent – Magmaw)
Maldo’s Sword Cane (Blackwing Descent – Trash)

Book of Binding Will (Bastion of Twilight – Halfus Wyrmbreaker)

Theresa’s Booklight (Blackwing Descent – Trash)


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