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  1. I might be completely behind the times here but does reforging not make a lot of the ‘default’ stat values moot? I know you mention reforging x for y and I’d be interested to read how this has affected rolls for loot in general. It seems to have made the whole issue more complex by a long way, but like I said, I’m totally out of the loop these days! I recall (from the dim and distant TBC past!) that Spirit was ‘only’ good for priests, but then you ‘locks allegedly got some use for it in Wrath 🙂 Obviously, pre-reforging, i.e. before you had a good excuse *giggles*

    • Well, you can only reforge one stat – but in essence I guess you could say that the default stats are moot.

      However, as a raid leader I will admit that I would never allow a DPS to roll on a Spirit item before a Healer. Spirit items should go to healers first and foremost, and if they don’t need them – they’re up for grabs for DPS. And those are the situations when DPS might have to figure out if the Spirit item is better or worse than their blue non-Spirit item.

      Maybe I should have mentioned that in the post! I really didn’t mean that DPS should start rolling on Spirit items, but rather that they are an option, if you got nothing better (and none of the healers need them).

      • With reforging added into the equation Spirit does have a value to it, ranking at the same as Mastery (0.72) if you’re able to reforge it into Hit (and you’re below the cap). Even with that taken into consideration though, none of the Spirit items listed comes very close at all to the PvP items listed even with the reforging.

        It’s too bad they don’t allow Resilience to be reforged.

        • I know, and yet you get people whining at you “OMG you’re wearing a PvP piece!” .. Yeah, I know, but the only thing that’s ever dropped for me is Spirit gear. For clothies wrist, off-hand and wands are incredibly difficult to get hold of at ilevel 359. There’s basically one wand – which is a BoE trash drop (and very rare, I’ve yet to see it) and two bracers, one BoE trash drop and one from Halfus. During all my weeks raiding, I’ve seen the Halfus bracers once and the BoE none (except AH, but at outrageous prices). At least with ZA/ZG we have a change of getting some things that are in between raid level and Heroic level, which is nice.

      • Just remember Spirit is only useless to Mages and Warlocks, all other casters can use it, may they be healers or DPS. You should bar only Mages and Warlocks from having priority on Spirit gear, since other caster DPS convert 100% of Spirit to hit rating.

        Good post! A good example of what you say is weapons. The PvP ilvl 359 weapon is better than any blue weapon by a big margin due to the difference in Spell Power (which is one stat weight you forgot to mention =P). If you don’t have access to a PvE epic weapon, do a few Arenas and get the PvP one ASAP. Just don’t convert your valor points to conquest points just for that, use them in other stuff instead. It’s rather easy to get enough conquest points to get that weapon from Arena.

        • Ah yes, admittedly all my posts are written from a Warlock PoV (and in a way I guess Mages by extension since they also don’t need Spirit). I know Shadow Priests and some other caster dps get Spirit converted to Hit. If they sun a simcraft for their stat weights, I’d expect their weights to mirror that. So the part on using stat weights should still hold true (theirs will just – of course – give Spirit a much higher value than 0).

          I agree that the PvP i359 weapons are really good if you’re not lucky enough to get one from a raid, and they’re really quite easy to come by as well. (And yes, I did forget to mention the stat weight on spell power since I – somehow – forgot about weapons altogether while writing hehe)

  2. I’ve just leveled a little lock to 85, so this post is perfect for me. I never would’ve figured myself just how shitty spirit was for locks ^^ Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the informative post. I’ve never done the math on them but seeing you do the math makes it much easier to justify certain PvP pieces. I am a great believer in seeing actual math and you sold me.

    • Sadly a lot of people don’t see it. They automatically think that PvE>PvP. Which is normally the case of course, but then you have to take into account Lady RNG (who’s a very capricious being) and the fact that you may not get your hands on a good PvE piece, and in those cases I don’t see why one wouldn’t use one of the “less optimised” PvP pieces, if they end up better. (Sorry, longest sentence in the world!)

    • Glad you’re finding it useful 🙂

      I had a look at your site and those Conjured Mana Cakes look awesome. I’m a disaster in the kitchen myself, but I wouln’t mind me some mana cakes. Sadly they don’t conjure themselves.. hehe

      Wanted to leave a comment, but your blog doesn’t allow for commenting with a name and URL, and I don’t have a blogger account. 🙁

    • Mastery, in reality, isn’t an entirely bad stat. It’s just that with the way things work out at the moment – haste and crit has proven to yield more damage. It doesn’t mean that Mastery on gear is a completely useless stat – but still something that you’d reforge for Haste and Crit, because those two are still better.

      Mastery increases the fire damage you do, and as a Destro lock the majority of our damage is just that – fire. So Mastery does increase your damage, but yeah – for now – Haste and Crit increases it even more and we prioritise those two stats before Mastery.

      Who knows, later on in the expansion, maybe Mastery will become better than those two stats 🙂

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