What goes around…

I recently wrote about how I feel that people in lower level dungeons have a better attitude than those in random 85 Heroics. Of course I had to do a Nexus run on my Shaman that went completely against this.

Don’t get me wrong – there are always exceptions – I just find it ironic that this happens just as I write that post.

The scene: The Nexus (normal), me on 74 Resto Shaman

We had a Mr.HotShotWarlock in the group who knew best. You know the kind. We also had Mr.NewDK.

When Mr.HotShotWarlock commented that Mr.NewDK was dpsing in blood spec he was not wrong to do so, because – as we all know – blood is a tanking tree now.

Mr.NewDK was simply so new he was just blood because “his friend said it was a good spec for leveling”. Which I’m sure it is when questing – because hey, you probably can’t die!

Anyway, he saw the error in being blood as dps in a dungeon and switched to his unholy offspec. (Btw, can I just – randomly – muse about the fact that so many DKs in instances are in blood presence, despite being unholy/frost.. it’s kind of scary when they keep taking aggro!)

His dps was rather awful, but it’s a normal dungeon at level 70-74 – I’m not really bothered. Everyone else in the party was well making up for it. But of course Mr.HotShotWarlock had to comment on it. Again. And again. And again.

It wasn’t constructive feedback either like, you know you could use X and Y ability and your dps will be higher. No, it was.. “your dps sucks!”, “dk’s usually do 5k dps in these dungeons! yours suck donkey b#!!$”

First of all, this Warlock must run with some great DKs. I know they’re very good, but really – 5k dps at level 71? I’m either getting the runts of the litter with me in dungeons, or he’s got his numbers wrong. Anyway, I digress.

Eventually, the DK was starting to get pretty defensive. Words were getting more heated – and I was getting fed up. Turns out the DK is a 13 year old kid as well, and maybe it’s some maternal thing (hah! totally not I play a Warlock!) but I’m starting to feel bad for him.

I’d already asked Mr.HotShotWarlock to just be quiet and let the DK be, because, hey – it’s Nexus normal and we’re not wiping or having difficulties killing anything. But he kept on going, so I finally snap.

Me: “Look, the kid is obviously fairly new and learning. There are social people in the game, everyone has to learn and everyone’s allowed to play.”
Warlock: “I didn’t say they couldn’t.”
Me: “Not directly, but the way you’re coming down on this DK might make some people feel pretty bad and make them stop. You’re not being helpful, you’re being spiteful.”

Mr.HotShotWarlock was quiet after this. We got to the final boss and what happens? Mr.HotShotWarlock who knows best doesn’t move to remove the stacks! He stacks some nice 14-15 or so of the debuff and subsequently dies.

I told him, “You didn’t move. Fail.” (Yes yes, I could have been the better person and shut up – and I wasn’t.) He didn’t even wait to be resurrected, just left the party after the fight finished and the loot came up.

Is it completely wrong of me to feel pretty smug at this point? I can’t help but hope it took him down a peg or two because he failed at something as easy as that mechanic. (He had heirloom gear, so I highly doubt it was his first time there.)

There’s just something about people complaining about others, and then failing themselves, that make the evil side of me jump in glee. I can’t help it.

Have you had any similar occurances? People acting like they’re all that, and then turning out to make the simplest mistake of them all?




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  1. It’s NOT wrong for you to feel smug, I had a similar experience last week. A friend of mine got his account hacked. Now I am surprised it didn’t take longer, as he doesn’t use an authenticator, probably doesn’t switch passwords very often and probably uses the same password everywhere. I think anyone who gets hacked and not using an authenticator gets to suit themselves in som ways. And I usually say so. But this one guy in the guild really made a thing out of it – “omg only retards get hacked, how can you be so stupid”. It gets worse, because he then explains – “I definitely don’t need an authenticator, only people who can’t take care of their accounts need shit like that. I will never be hacked, I’ve got too sofisticated anti virus and password system” yada yada. It’s paraphrased obviously, but trust me – he was riding some high horses. I was pretty annoyed at him, even if getting your account hacked because you don’t have an authenticator isn’t the smoothest of moves, no need to gloat about it.
    But lo and behold, just a week after the incident… who gets hacked? Yes, mr “I’ve got awesome password system blah blah”. I doubt I’ve felt more schadenfreude in all my life >:)

    • Hahaha that guy sure got to eat his words!

      These days it doesn’t seem to matter how careful you are – you can get hacked anyway. I know an authenticator isn’t 100% safe either – but it sure makes it a lot safer than not having one! I don’t even think you need to be visiting dodgy sites anymore – you can be unlucky and get a keylogger from a normally very trusted site.

      A guildie of mine, whom I never would have thought would use a bad password, or click dodgy links (and he says he hasn’t) got his account hacked at one point. As did my GM who is adamant about using different passwords, NoScript addons on Firefox etc. I think at this point an authenticator is the best way to go, and I quite honestly can’t understand why someone would not spend the 6 euros on one. Heck, nowadays if you have a smartphone it’s even free!

  2. You know what? Have you ever noticed how tanks do so much better AoE damage than DPS in lower levels?
    It was not wrong for the DK to be specced blood at all as dps (provided he wasn’t in blood presence), trash would probably die faster if he knew what he was doing. He didn’t, I get it, but still Mr. HotShot was wrong, make sure you point that out to the next Mr. HotShot you meet.

    • Admittedly the DK was in blood presence, but you make a good point about the AoE damage. Don’t Frost have decent AoE as well though, but maybe that’s just at higher levels. In either case, for me personally I don’t really care how people are specced or what kind of dps they do at level 71 as long as we do the dungeon without issues.

      Will remember to tell the next Mr HotShot, since I’m sure I’ll run into more 😉

      • Frost gets its AoE as a 31-point talent the bottom of its tree– late 70’s, if I recall. So going blood, taking all the vestigial DPS-flavored talents, and using the three-target heart strike, while wearing DPS gear in frost presence might actually be superior from 60 to 70. (Unholy doesn’t get a key strike until 70ish, so it’s also not that great in BC content.)

        • I fully admit I don’t know how DKs work anymore – especially at those lower levels. In either case I’m pretty sure that Warlock didn’t really know either. This DK was admittedly in Blood Presence and not really doing much dps in either spec – but I’m sure Blood is actually quite viable if done right. And definitely useful if you’re solo questing 🙂

          This was Wrath though, he was 71 – but I don’t remember if they have their key strikes at that level or not, been too long since I played mine and I rarely play it these days (she’s demoted to just doing my alchemy transmute every day) 😉

  3. @Zinn – “anyone who gets hacked and not using an authenticator gets to suit themselves in som ways”

    I could be rude and send u to that place where the sun don’t shine, but i will not :), people should not be forced to use a tool like an authenticator, there are allot other security options that blizzard could do.

    Mobile authenticator while the application it self is free it requires a data connection, and with that the additional fees from your mobile operator, and like saga said is not 100% secure. There are plenty of cases of people with authenticator that where hacked.

    So my question is why use a authenticator? Isn’t it better to use common sense?

    About the topic, unfortunately there is always a Mr.HotShot”Random Class”, one that thinks that knows every thing and wants to force his way unto others, wanna be elitists that go into Elitist Jerks see the spec they “advice” and use it without even thinking why? or even read the full article to explain why they chouse that spec. One screaming example is healing druids, according to EJ the best RAIDING spec is one without dispel magic talent, and they explain that that in 25man scenario is better other healers be assign to dispelling leaving druid free to do what they do best 🙂 , not once but several times i’ve gone into random normal/HC with druid healers and when dispel time comes they say .. “i have no talent..” when people ask why they say “to mana expensive” “EJ spec says so” ….. most of them are no near raiding ready (mostly in greens) or leveling … OMG people don’t think? THAT SPEC IS FOR RADING 25 MAN

    I consider myself has a decent player, i like to know the mechanics of the class i play, and i like to listen to diferent points of view ….. when i come across Mr.HotShot”Random Class” i normally try to chill the mood, if not Vote Kick the guy and move on ….

    • With pride goeth the fall. If you happen to already have a cell phone which can support it, the mobile authenticator makes you MORE secure than if you didn’t have it. Maybe 80% more secure, rather than 100%. Same if you use the standard authenticator for $13 lifetime. Secret: Nothing will make you 100% safe or secure. In gaming or leaving the house. Get used to it.

      Look at it another way. If you break a glass on the floor, you might cut your foot later if you don’t clean it up. You may still cut your foot if you do. So by your reasoning, you shouldn’t clean it up, because cleaning broken shards of glass up isn’t 100% effective, merely 90%.

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