World Event Overload!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there feeling overwhelmed by having three world events at the same time.  Mr. Zowy is so fed up with it that he’s letting Darkmoon Fair go this month in favor of the two annual ones.  Between the Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air, I’m all world evented out!

Today’s To Do List: (in-game)

  • Turn in bracelets to all for faction leaders (farmed 3 days worth yesterday)
  • Do Love Daily in Orgri on 4 chars
  • Do Love Daily in Uldum on one char
  • Do Seasonal boss on 4 chars
  • Pull some time out of my backside to get into those dungeons to hunt down the Elders and kill them, then steal their tokens!  (not very priestly, but I did say I’d had enough *smile*)
  • Do DMF dailies on all chars I have time for remembering the mounts and pets are worth it.

Items 1-4 will take up all the time I can be logged in if I neglect house work and play during nap times.  So now I’m faced with a problem.  Do I neglect the Love event for one day to get the Elders out of the way, or do I skip the last 6 elders and do them next year?   Maybe I can ask Blizzard for an extention.  We responsible parents simply don’t have the time! *sad face*



World Event Overload! — 4 Comments

  1. It’s insanely much right now. I decided to only do it on my Warlock though, because I simply don’t feel like I have the time on anyone else. Also I’m hoping that the mounts (just like the pets) will be BoA in the next expansion, so I won’t feel so bad about only having them on the Warlock 😉

  2. I got the toxic oozling on my druid from the seasonal boss. I put it in the bank instead of learning it since I suspect only non-learned pets (who were previously soulbound) will be released to BoA in the future. I’m not convinced they’ll let all my chars learn all my pets…would be cool, but not sure.

    • I think they might have to. Basically you’ll get some sort of account-shared stable. Because pet battles won’t work too well if you have to level Pet A for battle on several different characters. It would make more sense if Pet A was shared between all.

      But you never know. Sense and Blizzard don’t always go hand in hand 😛

      • Yeah, I have no clear thoughts about how the pet battle thing will work. I say now that I probably won’t be that much into it since I was too old for the whole pokemon scene and have little understanding of it. That said, I’ve been known to oppose ideas then embrace them with both arms later on! lol

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