Me, the Archaeologist

I’m hunting wabbits Canopic Jars.

I have Archaeology and Alchemy on my Mage alt, which naturally means I’m out searching for the Vial of the Sands recipe any time I get a chance.

Tol’Vir absolutely hates me! I have solved two 150 mark rares, and probably around 100 other solves. Out of those 10 have been Canopic Jars. None of them contained the precious recipe that I’m after.

I will continue my hunt for the pattern, but I will admit – it grates me to know that my brother started the search last Sunday and got it after five Canopic Jars a few days later! Can you spell unfair?

I guess random drops are random.

It’s still unfair though because he also got Zin’rokh. All I got was a hand-me-down dress for cloth alts – which I don’t have because they’re all 85. (It is rather pretty though, I guess I could stand around in Stormwind and show it off.)

I want my Vial of the Sands dangit! Give it to me!

I think what I find the most annoying (except for my brother getting it before me and being on another realm so I can’t buy it off him) is that I have to do all of the digging on an alt. I’d have liked to do it on my Warlock for the achievements, but she doesn’t have Alchemy.

Okay, I admit. I did get a few other BoA items, but I still want the recipe.

How is Archeology working for you guys? Are you getting the items that you want? I’ll admit though, I find Archeology fairly boring still, but I find that it works out nicely if I’m on the laptop and watching a TV show or movie at the same time.

PS. I’ve updated the Bane of Havoc guide to include the Firelands fights where I’ve so far found that it might be useful.

PS 2. Off-Topic – I’ve decided to pick up on my personal blog again. It’s nothing too interesting of course, but if anyone’s interested there’s a link up in the Contact widget on the side.

PS 3. I’m incredibly proud of my Horde alt’s guild for killing Shannox on the very first try. Obviously it was all due to my awesome healing *cough* Okay fine, also the other healers.. oh and I guess the dps.. and the tanks.. and… fine – everyone did a splendid job!


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    • Oh you poor thing! 43 jars… I just never really seem to get them, all I get are stupid maps and pictures of desert palaces! I still can’t believe my brother got it as quickly as he did – but then he is a lucky bastard with many things. *growls*

  1. It irks me that the drop rates suck so bad for the general WoW population, but there are a few that get them on the fifth, or even first try! Then Blizz just averages them together (at least in my mind) and calls it a “good” or “balanced” drop rate. Yeah. Right. Tell that to Anzu. Four guildies have gotten it on their first, second, third, and fouth time ever in the damned place, but three years straight of Anzu grinds on three toons and still no luck.

    But, GOOD LUCK!!! Crossing my fingers for your Vial. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m still trying.. ironically after posting this I got the rare AQ-like mount.. which made me sad since I’m doing all of this on my Alchemist alt and not my Warlock *lol* So now my alt has this awesome, rare mount.. and my Warlock is still standing there without her Vial of the Sands!

      Come on.. Canopic Jars.. gimme what I want!

      Regarding Anzu btw.. I’ve grinded Anzu, Baron’s Mount and the Karazhan mount.. still nothing.. Lady RNG and I really don’t get along it seems.

  2. Thankfully my toon with alchemy is third in order of importance, so the deathknight’s digging is as good as her ability to kill healers in pvp; virtually non existent.

    But on Latus, that achievement whore… Still looking for that damn 2h!

    Overall its a great time filler while in queue, and I regret having spent a few sleepless nights powerleveling it just for the ring of the boy emperor. I got it in the end but damn… I couldve farmed something even less useful in the meantime!

    • I never sit and just do Archeology, I must admit. I’d be tearing out my hair in minutes (I have zero patience). But I find that it works out nicely if I’m watching a movie or a TV show of some kind. Multitasking ftw 😉

  3. Archaeology…argh!

    By reading your posts and comments though, I don’t think I’ve actually spent that much time on Archaeology, comparatively. 10 canopic jars? 43?! I’ve seen one. I have yet to get anything useful. No healing trinket – which I really wanted in T11, not even the Tol’vir ring.

    I just need one more rare solve for my last achievement, then I will likely stop doing it altogether. There are only so many times I can see another troll site pop up when I’m hoping for Nerubian or Tol’vir.

    • Canopic Jars continue to evade me – and when I get them all I get are mummified organs or something else “yummy”. I did get the healing trinket and the spell caster ring. And lately – to my dismay – the AQ looking mount, which is frustrating cause I wanted that on my main! *lol*

      I will keep on digging, because that Vial of the Sands will be mine! (She said… and 10 years later – she still hadn’t gotten it)

  4. I’ve been farming Tol Borad foxes for the pet since I hit 85 on Dec 12 or 15 (can’t remember which date). I finally picked up the addon Bunny Hunter about 1.5 months ago, but I’ve been burned out the past few weeks and just can’t force myself to kill anymore foxes. Now in 1.5 months of tracking I’m at 556 dead foxes. Keep in mind that before Bunny Hunter whenever I was bored/had time/waiting on raids or had a spare 3 hours, I was in Tol Borad killing foxes. I’ve got 2 trinkets out of there and about 10 more tokens away from the mount and no freaking fox. I no longer do the dailies ’cause it takes away from valuable fox killing time. One guild member got it on his 4 or 5 fox while another was all like “I farmed for ages, I killed like 50 foxes to get it”.

    My guild members know how much I want this stupid pet, yesterday while farming firelands trash someone made a comment about it. I swear I saw red and ended up yelling the not polite version of “F—- you BLIZZARD, F— you and your stupid foxes” in vent. Much roars of laughter and “OMG, she said a bad word!” since we actually have a guild rank of Happy Panda since panda is usually what I use as a ‘bad word’ in vent.

    Stupid fox. Stupid PANDA fox. 🙁

    • I feel your pain. Anything with a drop rate tends to elude me. I want so many mounts and pets that are random drops, but I never seem to get them.

      I hope you’ll get your panda fox kit soon!

  5. I keep doing archaeology in-between rated battlegrounds once a week and am getting close to the Professor title now, but somehow I’ve still managed to not find a single one of the rares that I actually wanted. Still crying over my lack of vial of the sands as well. But hey, at least I can wallpaper my house with scandalous silk nightgowns.

    • Oh I get plenty of those as well – but one of my most solved ones is the devilsaur tooth. I have most solves for Tol’Vir out of all of the different ones (due to my hunt for the Vial of the Sands). I’m one solve from the Professor title, but it’s frustrating since of course all of this is on an alt. I’ll have to do the whole grind for the title all over again on my main eventually (that is – if I ever get that darn recipe!)

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