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  1. I do the same like you. I don’t use a reader (although I really should) and just try and check back by memory. that works….most of the time, but certainly not always. I could save myself a ton of needless clicks by being less lazy and look for tools to assist me – Like you did! and that’s why this post is win! I am so going to get one of these, either the one you use or the FF addon! Cheerio! =)

    • Maybe it’s the age getting to me – I don’t know.. but the remembering which sites I had commented on and going back to them just wasn’t working for me anymore 😛 And after clicking through my entire blogroll a few times I finally gave up and went looking for alternatives *lol*

      Is that why it’s called learn by pain doing?

  2. Wow – how are you *that* organised? I didn’t even know that comment trackers existed!

    My speciality is commenting, then forgetting I commented, not remembering until weeks afterwards, going back to the post to see other comments and thinking ‘D’oh – why didn’t I remember then I could have debated more?!?’ I’m not even organised enough to press buttons that email me about further comments to posts that I have commented on…

  3. I subscribe to comments by email when I post one. It’s available on wordpress-hosted blogs and you can do it on blogspot if you login as your google ID. Self-hosted blogs have to download a plugin for this.

    Anyway, I subscribe by email so I can see follow up comments to the thread I commented in, and if the blog does not have subscribe by email, I have trouble remembering to go back and look at the thread.

    (If you are interested in such a plugin, I use “subscribe to comments reloaded” on my blog.)

    • I remember getting that plugin at one point, but then somewhere along the way forgot to activate it – will have to go back and do that.

      For me it doesn’t work for some reason, because I’ve tried to tick the option on other people’s sites but I never receive the e-mails – I think it has something to do with my webhost though because I’ve had issues with other sites as well. So for me this option works better – but I can definitely see the e-mail thing being useful (and I will try to add it to my site as well).

  4. I have a very useful strategy when it comes to remembering which blogs I’ve commented on: I only comment on blogs I find insightful and fun to read! =D

    I also know myself well enough that I know that I would end up in your exact position if I commented on every blog I visited! =P

    • I’m far away from commenting on every post I read *lol* if I did that commenting would be a full-time job 😛 But I do want to remember the ones where I did comment – and I know I have the memory of a goldfish (3 seconds) and so I need every little bit of help I can get 🙂

  5. Same as Zel, I subscribe by e-mail (after reading in Google Reader). The only problem I’ve had is when I subscribe to something like Failblog, then end up getting notifications every 30 seconds for the next 3 days.

  6. I am afraid I keep it all in my head, but I’m generally quite good at remembering – I mean, if an article’s captured me enough to comment, I tend to remember it.
    When I was reading several hundred wow blogs, I just used to chug through them all every day anyway, checking any new comments, so it was easy to remember which I’d commented on.
    Now I’ve chopped my list so severely down to a handful to avoid the E-Queens, it’s easier still 🙂
    I shall remember this post though, because you never know when you’re going to need things like this – it was useful reading, and something I honestly hadn’t thought of, being a complete dinosaur 🙂

  7. @Andy – *lol* I can imagine some sites might end up spamming you for sure. And see – I’ve been good and now added the option to be notified by e-mail (only a year or so too late!)

    @Issy – Commenting on fewer blogs and having a good memory sounds like a good way to go. Sadly lately my memory seem to be that of a goldfish’s (3 seconds), so I gave up and started looking for aids *Lol*

    @Tania – Maybe a little bit 😉 But anything goes!

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