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    • I’m surprised he didn’t call me out on doing bad dps, but only on dpsing the wrong target. (I can only assume he saw me judging and thought I was a ret pally – rather than seeing who was actually healing)

  1. I’m a control freak through and through, I need to know who I’m playing with from the start. Although since I normally play healers, figuring out from the start who is tanking is usually a good thing.

    My Priest has been asked to conjure water more than once and in a recent battleground my Druid was ordered to buff Fort. When I pointed out that Druids can’t do so, his reply was “all elves in skirts look the same”. Which would have been fair enough had I not just spent a few minutes sat in cat form next to him (we were up a tower and I was using humanoid tracker to check for Horde). There were only three of us up there, ret paladin, warrior (him) and me, so it’s not as if he could have confused me with some other skirt wearing elf either.

    Discussions like this used to come up fairly often in my old guild (when the latest bunch of trials did something completely stupid) and my usual response was to suggest they come and PvP with us, a lot. I tend to find people are suddenly a lot more interested in other classes abilities when their lives and egos are on the line. However as proved by the warrior who thought my druid was a priest, sometimes PvP just isn’t enough.

    • Well, the new thing in the priest tool bar is cat form! *lol* It amazes me sometimes how confused people get. And sure nelf in a dress.. but that’s quite different from a cat.. or one would think 😛

      That’s a good point about PvP, though I’ll admit I’m a bad PvPer and I just try to stay alive – rarely bothering to stop and think about who exactly it is that’s attacking me (I suspect this is the reason I’ll never be a “good” PvPer!)

  2. After 4.2 dropped and many unsuccessful runs through the Troll dungeons, I had all but given up. Last night I got brave and tried to run a pug’d Z’G. Unfortunately, I have never seen the successful completion of that dungeon (guild or otherwise) so I was totally doing the wrong thing. By the time I thought to say, “hey, I don’t know this dungeon” it was too late and people had started dropping, again.

    • See, I really have no issue with people now knowing tactics – but naturally I prefer if they tell me, and I’ll happily explain. But even if not knowing tactics I find that the majority of good players will run out of stuff on the ground. I know I do! Heck, it took me forever to not run out of the druid healing pool on the ground in Wrath because I thought it was “nasty stuff” 🙂

  3. I definitely like to know who’s doing what – who’s ranged, who’s melee. But I play a healer, so I need to know if I can expect the herpderping warrior to stand in the boss’s AoE, or if the 10-year-old hunter is going to stand in a poison puddle. 😛

      • long time ago i used to examine the ppl with playergear, but now i understand that some player are very good geared but very bad player, so i relay on number using skada…

        Now i disable everything and if i find some player that stand in aoe (for example) i let him/her die, then i explain that the only things that is required for a dps is avoiding dmg. Usually after 2/3 die they learn to avoide dmg or leave the party. Same way for ppl that usually take aggro from tank. I understand if a tank doesn’t generate too much aggro if a pain in the … but as a dps you can lower your treat, lower dps so as before, leave and try to find a better tank or die.

        I have only healing spec so i never play as tank /dps in cata so my exp is based only on healing role.

        • I’ve tanked some on my Paladin, and I have to say though that if the dps really outgear me they’ll pull from me – but only if they attack in the first couple of seconds.. which of course they all like to do.. grr

          After the threat changes last week it’s a lot better though, which is nice. I really hated it when dps would pull off me. Then again, it could have been avoided had they only waited with attacking for a couple of seconds, but dps tend to be too trigger happy.

  4. I got this nifty plugin for Grid shortly after the LFD feature was added: GridStatusDungeonRole.

    Assuming people actually intend to run in the role they were selected for (and I admit, sometimes I’ve selected healing and another guild healer running with me selected dps… and then we decide to reverse our roles regardless of what we were assigned), it really quickly identifies the healer, tanks, and dps for me. It even works in raids, if a role check has been called or if someone sets their own role.

    Even without an addon, though, it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to check the talents of everyone in your group if there is, for some reason, a shred of doubt as to who is in each role. I can understand not knowing the details of the myriad of CC abilities across 10 different classes, but know whose healing you and whose tanking for you is really really basic. >.>

    • That’s a nifty addon – I might look into getting that one. At the moment my Blizzard UI is bugging for me so every time my screen reloads (like when loading into an instance) it resets my normally hidden party/raid frames – so I get to see who is healer/tank etc. before I hide them again.

      It’s a good point about people not always doing the role they signed up for. We’ve done that occasion with a guild group where some people accidentally signed up for both healer and dps, and then the person who wasn’t going to heal gets the heal tag. Normally if there are randoms in the party we’ll tell them, it only seems fair 😉

      • Vodhoo can show you what rove are covered by each member. As healer i need to check it each time. I’m using the LUI interface 🙂

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