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  1. We are a 10 man raiding guild, and we like to propose us as semihardcore.

    We are very focus on progression (and I think that our result are decent to be a late night raiding guild.But this is offtopic. The atmoshere is very diffirent between raiding night and not raiding night, when we raid usually we are almost all in the Fireland so our discussion/chat is in the /raid channel and chat is doable only during the time between wipe 😛

    During the weekend, when we don’t raid, chat is silent or full of joke depending who is in the guild at a specific time. To be honest we are 8/15 players online usually at that time so we are very few.

    And relating of behavior ppl like to play solo going for achivemnt or hc run. Sometime with guild but more often via pug (it’s very hard with few ppl making a not planned hc run)

    So if you want to tag our giuld i think that we can set it as relaxed.

    • My guild is also fairly small since we’re a 10 man as well. When we’re all raiding there’s never more than 1-3 people outside the raid in the guild chat, so it tends to get fairly quiet there 🙂

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