Real ID Heroics — 12 Comments

  1. That looks like so much fun!
    Really jealous of you guys 😛
    My GM won’t give me my password, so I can’t even be tempted to join you lol!
    All I can offer is a Ventrilo if needed, PM me if you want it 😀

  2. Gimme a month and I’ll join in – my goblin prot warrior is a lowly 49 at the moment, and I’m only levelling him when my girlfriend and I get the chance to play/level together (she has a goblin warlock).

    • I don’t have anything in that level range myself sadly, or I’d have said we could already do dungeons. But my Horde side is fairly low on characters. Though I sometimes consider leveling some more. If for no other reason than to get more professions *lol* I’m too used to having one of every profession on the Alliance side, so I’m spoilt!

      • It’s no problem, we like levelling and doing dungeons together and at this level it doesn’t matter so much whether the group is any good or not. Once we get to 85 though and start doing heroics, a more organised group might be needed – I don’t really want to tank for idiots in LFD 😀

  3. You can never have too many taurens!

    And I enjoyed it too; it was nice to meet you all. 🙂 Clearly you can be a hippie blogger who’s all about being nice to people and still get stuff done!

  4. LOL, was funny and we have to do it again. You was not so bad geared, to be honest i see many others ppl that with a better gear make much less dps, or stand in the fire and so on… We was able to manage bad pull like two groups with the add call by the scout without casualties so i think that the overall skill of the group was high and on my pov it’s better a skilled player then a geared ones…

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