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  1. I really enjoyed this. Thinking back to all the songs I’ve listened to while playing wow and I’ve discovered, I’m not very musical. Or Cool…. Here’s what I got though!
    Shadow Priest: Mana mana

    This was played over ventrillo at the first boss in BT every single week….to make our one and only SP (in a guild of 500+) feel like it was all worth while. πŸ™‚
    Danzel – Pump it Up!:
    Our raid leader played this as we were gathering for most raids in Wrath to get us in the mood. haha We hated the song but it grew on us…still makes me smile remembering good times!

    The Lonely Island – Jack Sparrow:
    This one is courtesy of Saga here….Blame her for this! She got me hooked on this late one evening while I was sorting out our raid roster for the week. Had me laughing so hard! I now play this while organizing raids to remind me what guild & raid leading is all about. Cool, daring, controversial, being comfortable with your less comfortable sides and filled with humor! Last stanza prepares my mental state to deal with the endless debates regarding fight mechanics LOL “This whole town’s a…”!

  2. The only time I ever missed other/better music for WoW was in battles or BGs – I like MMOs that have proper combat tracks. So every now and then I’d throw some up-beat MP3s on my Winamp to accompany raid nights or PvP sessions, although that’s a little tricky with voice comm. Most of the time I’d go for System of a Down – the Mesmerize album is divine. =)
    For soundtrack/themes, E.S. Posthumus are great for energetic tracks too (especially the Unearthed album). you often see them used in WoW fanvideos.

    • Good choices πŸ™‚

      I’ll listen to the original WoW sounds for some time, but since I do tend to level more than one character *coughs* I get a bit tired of them eventually, and that’s when I’ll start listening to my Spotify usually.

  3. Actually I am one of those crazy people who thinks listening to music disrupts my thinking, so I almost never have any kind of music going while I play WoW, except occasionally default music of course. Most of the time I play silently only with sound effects on ^^

    • I agree, I don’r remember last time that i get some music in background ans usually i silence also the wow music leaving only effect.

    • I tend not to listen to music either whilst playing, but every time I end up in Arathi Basin, I find myself humming “Big Blue Dress”.

      That and I used to have a bad habit of raiding to Lady Gaga.
      “if it’s not rough it isn’t fun, fun”
      seems to sum up raiding on a Holy Priest at various points in the past few years.

    • Ah, I always had the opposite πŸ™‚ I remember in school even we had a maths teacher who believed that music was good for the thinking, and he’d put on classical music during maths class *lol*

  4. WoW theme song for me would definitely (ironically) be “Pain – Follow me” as boss abilities have a specific hate for me, targeted by “random” boss abilities 3-4 times in a row etc, my friends know never to follow me unless it’s a stack phase…

    Best ever memory from a song was probably Fear factory – self bias resistor as that was what i had playing when being on my first raid.

    • Oh, I recognise that special hatred from bosses. Only last night I ate 3 out of 5 leaps from Majordomo in the Cat phase. It’s like, really? Don’t want to give your love to someone else? (he replied with jumping me again)

  5. Now, this post really reflected my own music habits.

    Here are the songs I picked up from PVP movies for example:

    Maydie GM 60 Warrior PVP – Every song actually!
    Pat HW 60 Warrior PVP – Soil: Breaking me down
    Laintime 60 Warrior PVP – Every song once again!
    (I liked warriors okay)

    To be honest, every WoW movie I watch has some epic music to take away.

    – Jamin

    • Ah, PvP movies.. they were always a lot of fun to watch as well! I never excelled or even neared the skill of those players though! But it’s amazing to look at! (Heck I can’t survive anything, I’m a complete PvP noob!)

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