The Tale of Two Raiders

Note: This was written before the nerfs, and so some things may not be entirely correct anymore – like mentioning the burning orbs on Staghelm, since those never show up before he’s dead anymore.

As I suspect everyone is aware of by now I raid in two different guilds on two different characters. It means I get to see every boss fight from two different perspectives, and I find it interesting how the same fight can seem almost like another entirely depending on what role you fill.

In this post, I will compare my feelings on the boss fights in Firelands depending on the role I fill.

The Raiders

My main character, and main raider, is my Warlock who obviously fill the dps role in raids. My main’s guild is Alliance and raid on Sundays and weekdays.

My raiding alt is a Paladin who fills the role of healer in raids. Her guild is Horde and raid on Saturdays and Sundays. This means that I only ever really raid with her on Saturdays (with the exception of if my main’s raid is cancelled early for some reason). On occasion we might hit BRD/BoT on a Friday as well.


As a dps on this fight your main focus is controlled dps on the correct targets throughout the encounter. It’s important not to kill something prematurely, or get the boss below 30% before both dogs are dead.

Other than that, you’re mainly just watching out for traps and making sure not to stand in the little fire patches.

It’s not a difficult fight for a ranged dps by any standards. As long as you dps the right target and don’t stand in traps there’s really nothing else to worry about. As a Warlock I enjoy it because I get nice numbers due to multi-dotting with Soul Swap. Though of course I have to pay a bit of extra attention to make sure my dots don’t get the boss below 30%.


As a healer this fight is fairly straight forward. You don’t have to pay attention to the health of the adds other than to know when they die so that you can expect the increased damage taken by the tank.

You still have to watch out and not stand in traps of course, which if you’re busy looking at people’s health bars might be a tiny bit more work than it is as a dps. (Or at least I find.) But it’s still not difficult.

The most difficult part is probably when the tank you’re assigned to might decide to run off halfway across the map. Or if the dps are taking damage they shouldn’t. Tactics wise though, fairly straight forward healing and movement fight.



I don’t like this fight on my Warlock. Not because it’s difficult, but rather because I feel that I’m not much good on it. Due to our raid composition I usually end up on the hanging spiders, and I can’t do any good dps when switching targets that often.

Perhaps this fight is more interesting if you’re the dps that get to go upstairs. At least then you get to look for when to jump down.

In my current role all I do is multi-dotting the hanging spiders. Dps the drone when all the spiders are dead, and then pop all my cooldowns once the final stage begins. On occasion I might help the dps on the tiny spiderlings with a Seed or two.


I’ve been both upstairs and downstairs on this fight, but lately I mainly end up downstairs. This is because I’m the only healer with a taunt, and I use it to help get the hanging spiders off their web (they seem to do less damage then).

This means that I often spend my time between healing the drone tank and the dps downstairs, and seeing if I can nip off and do a taunt while still getting back in range of the tank before he dies.

Other than the taunting, it’s a fairly straight forward “heal anything” fight. I remember early on I used to be nearly oom by phase 2, but now that I’ve upgraded some gear it’s become pretty easy.

Lord Rhyolith


Since I respecced Demonology for this fight it’s become a lot more fun. Not because it’s a difficult fight (after the nerfs, it really isn’t), but simply because I really enjoy running around and using Hellfire on the little adds.

What can I say, I enjoy running around burning things to cinders? All I have to watch out for are the lines on the floor and I’m good!


The healing on this fight has gone from hectic (not difficult strategy wise, but people just used to take so much damage), to really quite managable after the nerfs. (Almost too much so.) This refers to the initial nerfs, and not the most recent ones.

I remember the first time we went there (pre-nerf) and we got into the final phase without warning from the dps that it was going to happen (since I usually don’t have time to check the boss health). Because we weren’t prepared for it the tank got one-shot the second Rhyolith showed his true self.

These days… Rhyolith seems to be dead seconds after he turns.

It’s a fairly straight forward fight. Just keep healing and avoid the lines on the floor. I often end up sticking to the melee on the legs to make sure they don’t go out of range for healing.



Baleroc is a bit boring tactics wise. I pretty much just get to stand there and dps, only having to move a little now and then to do the shard tanking.


I’ve only done this fight 2-3 times on my Paladin so far, and I still don’t feel comfortable doing it.

It’s not necessarily that it’s difficult tactics wise, but rather that I feel very rushed when healing the shard tanks and I often end up low on mana already after my first time on the shard tanks.

Perhaps with time this fight will feel less rushed and I’ll learn exactly how I have to heal on the shard tanks to build quick stacks AND not waste my mana completely.



I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the skyy-yy…

Ok, so yes – I’m the “lucky” person who gets to fly on this boss. Now, I don’t know if that’s lucky or not. I’m sure some people love the flying, but I’m not all that fond of it.

Yes, it’s a different mechanic and something more than just standing around dpsing – but I always have a hard time moving and dpsing at the same time (due to my unfortunate way of moving). I do okay, but I suspect I could do a lot better.

Hitting those portals in the air sometimes can be a bit awkward. You’ll have one to the left, and the next one is off very far to the right. There’s a limited amount of time before you’ll fall out of the sky as well. Sometimes it looks on my screen as if I fly through the portal, but I obviously haven’t because a second later I’ll suddenly be sprawling on the ground in a bloody heap.

On the whole though, I suspect that flying is still a lot more fun than being on the ground and dealing with those hatchlings and adds. Someone correct me if I’m wrong…


Tactics wise this fight is really easy as a healer. Yes, there’s a lot of healing needing to be done during the phase when the bird is down – but that’s not a difficult tactic, just lots of spamming.

I’m always responsible for one side of the field, and as long as people don’t step into the fires, that means I only really have to heal my assigned tank for the entire first phase.

This only gets difficult when your tank doesn’t call the hatchling’s enrage and hikes off to the other side of the field in search of a worm before you’re aware of them doing so. Fortunately we have the run speed increase and can generally catch up with our tanks in time.

It’s a healing intensive fight during some phases, but overall a fairly easy one when it comes to tactics. I find communication between tanks and healers to help a lot though. (Knowing that a tantrum is incoming really helps you not having to panic heal.)

Majordomo Staghelm


I quite enjoy this fight on my Warlock, despite the fact that I don’t get to stand in and be lazy like the melee! (Yes, we let our melee all stay in during the cat phase.) The tactics are easy, but it’s one of those fights where not moving quickly enough can wipe your raid, which makes it interesting.

I usually get to “tank” the orbs as well, which means I have more to do in the final phase (tanking it and getting 3 cat jumps kind of sucks though!).


The basics of the fight is the same on the Paladin, I move in and out at the exact same times as I do on the Warlock. However, as a healer I have to rotate my raid cooldowns with the other healers and make sure I hit them for the correct number of stacks on the scorpion phase.

Other than that though, it’s pretty much the same fight – just a lot of healing needing to be done, especially in the scorpion phase.



I would like to say that there’s a lot going on in this fight, but it’s actually not that much. There’s quite a bit of moving though. In phase one having to move away from the little “bombs” and the flame waves. In phase two we move from side to side as the little adds spawn before aoeing them down.

The main thing for me to think about as a dps on this fight is to minimise the damage that I take while dpsing the boss as hard as possible. Then try to kill the adds in the transition phases or stun them if I can.

Oh, and kiting meteors in the final phase. I hate kiting meteors!


Being a paladin I usually spend most of my time making sure the tanks are staying alive, but I often try to toss out heals to help when we take the raid wide damage as well. I still have to dodge all avoidable damage, while trying to keep healing.

In the transition phases I’ve glyphed my Holy Wrath to do a stun so that I can help on the elementals. I also save my Hammer of Justice in case one seems to get too close to the hammer.

For the rest I’m usually trying to make sure no one dies while avoiding the flame waves and other nasty things.

Final Thoughts

To me the biggest difference in fights between playing a healer or dps is that when I’m dps I’m mainly concerned about myself and avoiding standing in the bad while still doing decent dps. When I’m healing I still have to make sure I dont’ stand in the bad, but I also have to keep an eye on everyone else in the raid so that I know when to heal them.

I see more of the fight as a dps possibly because a lot of times I am staring at the raidframes and am too busy healing to really look at my surroundings as a healer.

It’s a lot of fun though, because it often allows me to see more areas of a fight than before. Like on Beth’tilac I’m usually downstairs on the Warlock – but I’ve sometimes been upstairs on the Paladin, so I’ve gotten to see both sides.

I’ve been flying on Alysrazor, but I’ve also seen what they’re doing on the ground level.

When the healers are talking about their stacks on Baleroc and I’m dpsing, I actually know exactly what they’re talking about!

All in all, I enjoy playing two different roles in raids.

Are you raiding on more than one character or do you fill more than one role in raids? How do you like the two in comparison?



The Tale of Two Raiders — 2 Comments

  1. How many healers do you use for the Baleroc fight? Even after the nerf, we use 3 on 10 man. And what we end up doing is having a dedicated shard tank healer, while the other two rotate on the main tank and shards. I’m usually the dedicated shard tank healer since I can keep Beacon of Light on the main tank as well.

    • We’ve been using 3 as well, though I’m sure it’s easy to do with 2 as well. We’ve still been rotating all 3 though, your tactic seem interesting we might try that – though isn’t it a bit of a waste since you gain so many stacks from healing the shards and don’t use it on the tanks?

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