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  1. DΓ©monique,

    I must say that not having ever rolled a warlock as a character, you have done an excellent job walking out what one would and should do. My understanding of the class and how to effectively solo an encounter as a pure dps caster is limited. My two main characters have been hybrids, Draccus a Balance/Resto Druid, and Kitron a Retribution/Protection Paladin, and because of the built in self healing that they can do I have never thought through what someone in your cloth shoes would do.

    First off congratulations on your progress towards achieving and equipping the most coveted staff in the game for dps casters. I have a few questions I would like to ask in order to gain from your experiences.

    1. Would you say that it would be more necessary to use crowd-control abilities in place of the silence, purge, and other affects in your arsenal as a moonkin?

    2. How affective would it be to keep popping in and out of form to cast self healing, HoTs, to keep the magic green bar filled up?

    3. In regards to our beloved DoTs, do you see a difference between how one class of DoTs would perform compared to another?

    4. What would work best as a strategy for those of us without pets? As much as I love my trio of Treants they like fold like cardboard after a few secs of getting pounded.

    5. Last question I promise. Overall would you say that the majority of what you faced was more of a movement intensive fight or were there times you could find a spot to work from and cast you big nuke spells without having to run around like your pants were on fire?

    Great guide to chewing through this encounter. Hope to be able to work through this myself one day, and with your post in mind I at least will have a few health potions on hand.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for coming by and commenting πŸ™‚ I’ve never played a moonkin, but I’ll answer your questions as best I can based on what I saw myself and have read while doing research for the quest.

      1. I think you’ll want to use the knockback on the adds if your DoTs won’t kill them quickly enough, just to keep them away from you. Maybe roots if you can spare it as well. I’ve heard though that the boss doesn’t do his self-heal ability (Twilight Restoration) when a druid is on the quest – I assume because it would make the encounter too difficult since you have no way of purging it. The boss himself cannot be CCd (other than purge/silence), but the adds seem suspectible to most roots/stuns/fear/knockback etc.

      2. I suspect you will have to spend a fair bit of time in caster form to keep yourself alive – those shadowbolt type things he casts are painful! You’ll probably want full HoTs running on yourself, using Regrowth when going below 50% (maybe earlier, I guess it’s something you’ll notice what works best for you). But you will definitely have to heal yourself since a lot of the damage is unavoidable. (Very important to run when he does the big beam on the ground though, that one will quickly have you dead if you’re not moving)

      3. I don’t know moonkins well enough to compare our DoTs really, but I’d say to lay anything on him that has an instant cast. Or a proc for a cast. He doesn’t seem to be immune or have resistances to any particular kinds of magic. The fight will take several minutes with any class I imagine. I forgot to time mine, but it’s not the quickest fight, that’s for sure. It’s not horribly long either though. Depending on how things work out I’m sure it can be anywhere between 3-6 minutes.

      4. I think you’ll have to rely more heavily on roots and knockbacks for the adds. For the boss not having a pet makes no difference (since they bug out when trying to attack him), but for the adds you’ll need to slow/knockback/root them instead of having adds tank them to keep them away from you. You generally don’t want them close to avoid their aoe fire nova – since that bit of extra damage can be devastating. Using mushrooms to slow them I imagine could also be beneficial.

      5. I found that I was moving quite a bit. There were brief times when I could stand still for a few seconds, and during those I would always prioritise Drain Life over casted spells, because there’s just that much damage going around. Usually right after I’d kited the flame breath around the room (he usually spawns a new add right after this) I would have a few seconds while my pet was on the add to do some casted spells. I suspect you will find yourself in your regular form for quite a bit in this fight to stay alive using HoTs etc.

      I hope this helps, let me know if anything needs clarification πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Saga for the read! I was interested in the quest since my 2 warlock guildies were on it and my interest was piqued when they were swearing and cursing during this bit. And when I asked them about the various parts of the quest I got “boy” answers… you would have to read my word for word transcription of what they told me to understand what I mean! But yours is beautifully outlined! Just need more pics πŸ™‚ since I am dying of curiosity what goes on in there!

    • Thanks! And I know – I realised only after I was done that I should have taken some screenshots, but of course by then it was too late. I wish I could go back in just to get some shots of what it looked like *lol* I had first planned to Fraps everything, but decided I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot *lol* That, and I had no editing software at hand at the moment sadly.

    • That’s an interesting one, I didn’t realise that. I saw some Star Trek shows, but I’ll admit I only ever saw very little of the Enterprise one. I think I read somewhere that they thought the quest was referring to a passage from the Corinthian’s; “For now we see through a glass, darkly”.

  3. That’s a really great writeup. Almost makes me want to play my old Warlock again just for the chance to get at the legendary… or back to my boomkin spec. Too bad I like feral so much!

    Good luck in getting the staff!

  4. I like reading hot-to guides such as this for the Legendary questchain and encounters, especially as I don’t (currently) have a toon that can undertake it so it’s highly unlikely ‘d ever experience it first hand. Thanks for painting more of the picture. ~Rio x

  5. Saga,

    I have been going over your orginal post a couple of times and thinking about your response to the five questions I proposed. First off, thank you for your time in writing this through walk through of an encounter a few of us might not experience first hand as Rioriel said.

    The biggest piece of your post that stands out to me as a goldmine for this encounter, as well as future encounters to be successfully navigated, is the Preparations. In a book I read often it says to count the cost before building something or going to battle to ensure that you can finish what you start. The concept of re-specing in order to increase your tools availble for an encounter is pure brillance. Maybe I am just slow to join the party on this notion, but as a boonkin there is several talents, gylphs, and spells that can be utilized specifically in handling situations that are not of the normal run.

    One example of the kind of customization you worked out for your lock in the case of a Balance Druid is re-specing into Solar Beam. While there may be some players already running around with this nice Silence mechanic in their toolbox, I had totally bypassed this talent in favor of other dps increasing choices. A placeable beam of light that shuts up a boss or target add is nothing to be overlooked when our feathery hides are on the line. Normally I considered this talent to be a PVP token or only necessary when asked to pick it up for a raid group that need my character to fill that particular “sshhhh” role.

    Two other prime examples of using my knockback or slowing affects that I had forgot or worst disabled are Typhoon and the enhanced Mushroom Carpet of Slowness. In a dungeon run or even in a raid setting I kept thinking about my knockbacks as something to avoid. I had therefore choosen to glyph Typhoon to no longer have the knockback affect. After all who wants to drop-kick a target away from their tank only to invite them to come over and chew on their KFC face. But with no tank to take the beating for me, there is definately a value in having a “Can’t Touch This” ability at the ready. Then for the Mushrooms of AoE goodness. I love and use them as much as I can especially when in Solar Ecilpse, but I had thought the idea of attaching their talented slowing affect as marginally useful. Your walk through had since enlightened me on the value to keeping things away from tagging me with their melee grimmy claws or weapons.

    A few simple lines out of a wholly put together article as benefited this boomkin in regards to the merit of respecing and reglyphing should the need arise. Much appreciated! Looking forward to a screenshot of your lock holding the staff of a Dragons Damage Duplication Dealer.

    • I’m glad that you found the article useful! All talent trees have talents that really look like PvP talents, but I found that some of them were quite useful in this encounter (I considered speccing into the instant fear, but was lucky enough not to need it with my pet “tanking”).

      If you eventually get to go into the Nexus to do this in the future, please report back and let me know how it went πŸ™‚

      • At last a real opportunity to let loose my inner Panzerkin. The feather tanking skills of a kid playing dodgeball in their swimming trunks would be a stretch to say the least. When I get to go through and fully clear all the raids up to and including the Staff questline, I will have to post somewhere the recaps, screenshots, and a video if I can get that together beforehand.

        The notion of soloing a boss as a dps caster with some self healing tools got me thinking. What other encounters could be soloed as the traditional role of dps caster? There are plenty of examples, videos, and classes (yes Death Knights I am referring to your icy selves) that have soloed raid bosses single handly. But I wonder where could we go and blast the boss to pieces similar to the way our plate-wearing comrades do with large swords, axes, and maces? Alas something to think about.

        • I recently saw a video of a Warlock soloing Sartharion with 3 drakes up πŸ™‚

          DKs do seem to be the best class for soloing bosses. It would be interesting to see which bosses casters could take on. Maybe a new project? πŸ˜‰

  6. Good post, I know some friends who are Warlocks who are about to get started on this questline, and I will pass it off to them, as I am sure they will have questions. good stuff

  7. Although I’ll never get to experience this questline, I have really enjoyed reading your tips on how to complete the quests. The techniques may not benefit me (since I don’t even play a warlock!), but I like seeing where you had to go and what you had to do for the quest.

  8. I have just finished this quest. I think from start to finish I’ve spent a solid 4 hours learning my way through and then grinding on Thyrinar. Your walkthrough for the earlier sections was priceless as all the other guides are for how to fight the boss (I didn’t know not to follow her through the gauntlet, and kept dying, for instance!).
    I took a tonne of screenshots so I can write it up from a moonkin POV – you’re welcome to any you could crop the moonkin out of, if you’d like some pictures for this post! πŸ˜€

    • Oh that would be awesome! I went through it and concentrated so much on remembering what happened that I completely forgot to make screenshots at the time! I’d love to “steal” yours, with full credit of course πŸ™‚

      If I could I’d do it again just to get screenshots, but sadly that’s not possible of course *lol*

      I did a ridiculous amount of research before I went in, ended up dying once on the first part (at the floating discs), but then died a few times on the boss before I nailed that. On the whole I don’t think it took more than hour or hour and a half – which was quite amazing. I was expecting a really long night there, but it ended up not being as horrible as I’d expected!

      It was a lot of fun though, wasn’t it? I really wish I could do it again – would be so cool *lol*

  9. dude thank you so much

    i tried it like 50 times
    read your guide and did it 2nd try with ur tacts
    omg i’m soo happy πŸ™‚

    really really thank you

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