The Forgotten Cities (Horde) — 4 Comments

  1. That first picture of Thunderbluff is beautiful. I’ve always liked Silvermoon too. Undercity less so because of the evil elevators of doom.

    I wish all the capitals were equal because as much as I love SW, I’m not sure all my characters would choose to live there if there were other options.

    • I hated doing screenshots in Silvermoon since you can’t fly there, which made it difficult to get any good ones. I understand your feelings about Undercity – it’s rather gloomy, but I still enjoy the atmosphere (ignoring the elevators of doom) 😉

      Stormwind is a nice city, and I like Orgrimmar as well on my Horde chars.. but as you say, it’s not necessarily where my characters would choose to be if they had the option. It’s just odd to me that Blizzard removed the portals in Outland/Northrend because they didn’t want people to all be gathered in one place – to then put new portals in one place only.

  2. Thunder Bluff is actually my favorite Horde city because I love taurens and it’s different and easy to get around, especially now with flying mount, and it’s beautiful. Would have been there more if there were portals, I think, now we’re just stuck in Orgrimmar which is ok, but sometimes too much people there, good thing it’s a big city.

    • Yeah, I just think it’s a shame the portals are all in one place – because it means there’s really no reason to visit the other ones. And I like Orgrimmar and Stormwind – but sometimes it’s nice with a change of scenery 🙂

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