Female Armor Sucks

I normally don’t write a post just to link to a video, but quite honestly – this was was too good not to link to!



There’s been a lot of discussions in the past about plate bikinis and what not, I think this video really shows a lot of the issues that people have with said bikinis. It’s not about it being a fantasy universe – but the simple logic of; hey if I’m tanking – don’t I want my body to be… you know… protected? Covered in plate?


Female Armor Sucks — 5 Comments

    • One does notice though that the male version does cover the tummy 😉

      You probably have a point about it being cloth as well, I suspect it could cover every inch of you and a sword would still tear right through it!

  1. I always thought it was stupid if you’re a plate tank or whatever plate wearer, but guess it’s not meant to be logic and realistic, besides sure males are designing our gear.

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