Warlock Tidbits — 2 Comments

  1. They really need to rename soul shards to something else. They used to be a clunky mechanic in the past, but it made sense that gathering bits of other creatures’ souls to use for your evil spells took some effort. As an automatically regenerating resource, “soul shards” are just… bwuh?

    • From what I’ve gathered they’re actually renaming soul shards for two of the specs. Soul Shards will be a resource system (and they still refer to it as shards by habit I guess). But in fact it will be the same resource system but named differently depending on your spec.
      Affliction: Soul Shards
      Demonology: Demonic Fury
      Destruction: Infernal Embers

      One might argue though that they should have come up with something new to call it for Affliction as to avoid confusion. Also using Drain Soul in combat to “force” a replenishment might make sense for Affliction where it’s called Soul Shards, I would say maybe less so for the other two. “Ohyeah! I’m draining your soul to replenish my…. infernal embers…?”

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