Warlock Changes in 4.3 — 2 Comments

  1. Suffering never seemed to work beyond the first Taunt. After that I seemd to end up permanently tanking mobs. Maybe this will be more effective for soloing.

    I’m Affliction, so not much is happening for me. I still want Shadow Bolt removed from my spec. I used to love Drain Life as my filler spell until Blizz nerfed it. Seems I will have to wait for MoP!

    • Ah, that explains why the threat was bad on the Voidwalker. I admittedly very seldom use it. When I do I tend to pop Demon Soul and do some Searing Pains for a headstart on its threat. So in effect, as I’m thinking about it, they’re just removing the part that it has no effect if the mob is already attacking the Voidwalker. (It wasn’t updated on the PTR tooltip.) It’s a nice change then, maybe Voidie can learn to hold threat better 🙂

      Yes, Affliction really has no changes at all. I agree that it will be nice with the change in MoP (but a shame we have to wait so long), when it becomes a proper drain spec.

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