15 Days of Screenshots (Day 9) — 8 Comments

    • I mean to say, tough because now that she’s a blood elf (better racial for PvP with my team set-up), and I’ve never been as into the belf background as the undead.

  1. I have an idea for backstory for most of my alliance toons. But my main warlock, Tish, has a whole history. She was born in Stormwind, her father is from Gnomeregan, but her mother is from there and that’s where the family settled. Her father did some work for the king (master alchemist, where Tish learned her trade and eventually earned her own name). Her mother’s family were some sort of courtly types (her mom is spoiled rotten!). Tish is also in love with a Night Elf Druid (my hubby’s only Alliance, and oldest, toon). He is currently hibernating in Moonglade (account is suspended). When I retire from wow, Tish will go and wait for him there.

    • That’s sweet how Tish will go to Moonglade when you retire.

      Most of my characters I don’t have much story for, but my Warlock does. I probably have some very basic ideas for the others, but not all – but the Warlock has the whole deal 🙂

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