15 Days of Screenshots (Day 13)

This is the thirteenth post in a series according to the 15 Days of Screenshots challenge issued by Saz over at World of Saz.

Day Thirteen: A Fond Memory

Shed a little tear, grin a little grin, and show us an image that invokes a fond memory for you.

Through the years I’ve made a lot of good memories in WoW. Some bad as well, but mostly good. Few of them have screenshots to go with them though. I’ve gone through all of my screenshot folders and realised I need to take more screenshots of actual events and less of scenery and boss kills.

In the end, I decided to share the fond memory of my early TBC raiding guild, Ascension, of which I was a Guild Master. I started it together with my brother and a couple of friends, and we filled it with a bunch of really fun individuals. We were just a 10 man guild and had a great time clearing Karazhan back in the day.


Sadly we never made the jump to 25 man due to being on a near-dead server, and we eventually all scattered to different guilds. I still remember those days fondly though. Had 10 man been an option beyond Karazhan back in those days, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d still been around.

Share a fond memory of your own!

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