Transmogrifun? — 7 Comments

  1. Your warlock looks deliciously evil. The scythe is one weapon power torrent actually looks good with, possibly because the blade is quite plain. It’s got a great name too.

    I’ve sort of given up on Transmogrification. Although I’ve been turning all my Priest’s season 11 stuff back into season 10 😀

    • I do love the scythe for my Warlock, it brings back memories of getting my first one all those years ago. Similar to how I fondly remember the (very long and annoying) quest to get the Dreadsteed at level 60. While I can understand that people may not be into getting those things the “hard” way anymore (thinking of the Warlock/Paladin mounts), it’s a shame really – because while they were kind of difficult back in the day and required something of you – they also added a lot of flavour to your class.

      I definitely don’t put as much time into transmogrification as other people do. But I like a decently matching set, so any piece my Paladin gets I quickly transmogrify into her T12 so she won’t look mismatched (except when she plays retribution, then she looks like she doesn’t know what she’s doing – which nicely reflects me and playing retri!).

      If I had more time maybe I’d go out and farm some of the gear I don’t have but like, some of the older tier sets etc. But I’m much too lazy. So they’ve had to make do with what they had in their banks. Every now and then I have a quick look on the AH though, just in case there’s something nice looking on there. Every now and then I make a nice discovery 🙂

  2. My priest has the yellow dress from AQ, along with black mageweave leggings. I haven’t found a helm that works yet, but the current priest tier shoulders work really well with the robes, colour-wise.

    • Oh, I can imagine that’d look good together. Admittedly a lot of my characters end up running with their head piece not showing, because I seldom like how they look these days. So I can see why you may not have found a helm that works yet.

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