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  1. Nothing is worse in consequence than lying to your GM about that sort of thing. And usually, once a person is willing to lie about such things, it gets nasty when that person gets caught out.

    We’ve been fortunate that people were up front about such things – STWOR, issues, quitting, wrong continent, that sort of thing.

    • In the past we have been fairly fortunate too, the other guild leader’s been far unluckier than we have – and the lying is really bad. We’ve had one person leave for SW:ToR, but he said a long time that he would, so that’s fine. We have one person gone on “vacation” but haven’t heard from them in 3 weeks, so we’ve given up and started recruitment. Another said he’d be gone for November due to work, but isn’t back since *lol* (I hear he’s playing SW:ToR now anyway so I don’t expect him back either).

      That’s the thing, isn’t it? People will always quit games and move on to other things – and as long as they’re up front about it there’s really no hard feelings. It’s when you’re sitting there and not knowing that you run into issues (and resentment may build). As a guild leader you have to make sure that your guild keeps running smoothly, and it’s people’s responsibility as guild members to help with that (in my opinion). I think a lot of people forget that they’re playing with other people at times, and while they might thing “it won’t kill me to miss a raid now and then”, they forget that unless they tell those other 9 or 24 people, they’ll be sitting there online waiting for you..

  2. A lot of our members have left for SW:TOR, and I mostly know this from Facebook, since they kind of just disappeared from WoW. 🙁

    They keep trying to recruit me, but I’m just like “uh, no, I don’t want to play Star Wars!”

    • I’m the same.. I’m sure it’s a good game and all, I just have no interest in playing it for some reason. I’ve tried several MMOs previously when they came out, but SW:ToR just doesn’t interest me at all.

  3. I think people want to go off and try this new game, but don’t want to lose their place in the current guild. Specially if it’s a 10man-core group. They should probably say “Hey, I’m off to try this-new-game, and I’ll let you know what happens”, but they’re scared that if they say so to an officer, they’ll be written off quickly and replaced, then have nothing to come back to if said-new-game fails to be the next cool thing that they enjoy.
    Totally depends on your guild I think. Some guilds, like your one probably don’t mind, they just want to know. Others can be really nasty and replace you if you fail to turn up one night if your tire is flat and can’t make the raid start time ><

    • Yeah, we’re a fairly casual guild in that sense. I expect people to turn up and do their best in raids – but I’d never kick someone off the team for being late or going on vacation (heck I wanna go on vacation too!). I just want to know if they’re not coming back so I can start replacing them. We don’t raid that many nights a week, so it’s fairly easy for those who want to, to play both WoW and SW:ToR (we have a few members who do). But then you have those who can only play one game at time (whether it be due to costs, time or just attention span), and that’s where I’d appreciate a heads up. Just a little “I will be gone for a few weeks”. And sure, that probably means I have to recruit to replace them, but they’re welcome to come back – they just may not have a guaranteed raid spot right away.

  4. This is so very true. I remember many heated moments back in WoW, where we were in the shits once more because of members not communicating with us properly – disappearing from one week to the next, not telling us about new work schedules or bigger changes to their agenda.
    I lost my temper sometime, because I don’t understand WHY it is so hard to let your leadership know…? this is all we asked for, to get some proper notice. it’s the minimum to do: to respect your guild enough to send them a quick PM or tell (which takes what, 1 minute?)…… I can take all the involved logistical work, the adapting, maybe more recruting etc. but the indifference (of some, not all) is something that will always wind me up.

    • Exactly!

      That’s just it. I fully understand people trying new games, getting bored with games, needing breaks.. Whatever it may be. All I want is a simple heads up so that I can deal with things on my side to keep things running for the other people in the group. It shouldn’t be so hard.

  5. We’ve been lucky enough that our core group is very good friends with each other and has played together for 2 years now. We are in WoW to be with each other and our core of 8 or 9 raiders has been solid through the last couple of months.

    Our last spot is still iffy a bit, but we haven’t had a problem yet. I think it has a lot to do with the length of in-game relationship you have with your raid team as well.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this lately, though. Maybe something is in the air. Plus, with the last expansion, plus LFR let people kill DW so easily, a lot of people don’t have an incentive to keep raiding. Killing LK was a BIG reason why people did ICC for 8 months. And LK was hard, it took some people 6, 7, 8 months to kill him. DW? Dead in two weeks.

    Why keep playing till MoP comes out?

  6. Makes me really wonder if Blizzard hadn’t forcast this coming. Raid Finder seemed to come along just in time to allow guilds like mine, that had trouble getting 10 people together and are now lucky to see 3 people logon, at least see some of the raid content.

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  8. We had a two weeks break around Christmas and New Years but I think everyone returned after and we went back to 100% focus and progressing in Dragon Soul.

    I think we lost a few, mostly social members, to SWTOR, but none important 😛

    What’s been most annoying about this holiday is that some of our new tryouts just disappeared, like vanished from the guild or haven’t logged on in weeks.

  9. Yeah, hand in both honey pots!
    We’re casual about it but will find replacements raid wise if we know a person can’t make it for a while. Seems like most want to try the new content without losing their raid spot, but forget to log on and raid! *strained smile*

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