Recently Gnomeageddon fired up the Sixth meme and I’ve been tagged twice now (by Syrco and Aralosseien) so I guess it’s about time I get cracking!

The challenge is to go into your sixth screenshot folder and bring up the sixth image. This is what I found in my screenshot folder:

My screenshots are a horrible mess. They’re saved per year, but that’s it. I’ve not removed duplicates or screenshots taken by mistake, so there’s a lot of stuff in there.

This particular screenshot is one of about ten of the same scene. It was Love Is In The Air 2008, and I was having a lovely picnic with my good friend (who has since stopped playing). My character is my old Draenei Mage that I never leveled much beyond that point since I switched to a Gnome. (I know.. I know.. horrible decision!)

Now, time to tag six new people to do this.


It’s hard to keep track of who’s been tagged and who hasn’t, so if any of you have been tagged before I’m sorry!


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    • Don’t worry, the gnome is since retired and a bank alt! Sadly the draenei had to be delete since my character list is too big for my server. I don’t want to think about all the high level alts I’ve been deleting *shudders*

      This is off to the north where the wetness seem to have given way to a bit of sundered earth (close to the ogres). I have no idea why we chose that location though, since I’ve always been fond of the floating rocks in Nagrand!

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