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  1. Discipline does seem to be better, technically, but I enjoy playing Holy so much more. Or I would enjoy it more if people would click on the damn lightwell. I mean, seriously, it costs them nothing to click, but people still won’t do it.

    I would dual spec Holy/Disc and then just run LFR or heroics to practice each spec to see which you prefer. Because really, when you get right down to it, both will do what you need.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed that some people swear by Disc. Also, some of the raid cooldowns are quite handy. I may have to try out both as you suggest to see what I prefer. I’ve been Shadow for a while, but since I don’t really do any questing I guess I could do without it.

      The lightwell thing is so frustrating. I put one down in the LFR only to see it never get used up (I think the only people using it was me and the other Holy Priest!).

      • I’m constantly grouching “USE THE LIGHTWELL” to my 10-man raid, especially on Madness. I had one DPS mostly ignore it until he healed the fight on his druid, and he started using it more after that, haha.

        Barrier is pretty nice, and so are power infusion and pain suppression. And the four-piece bonus is definitely nice for disc, although I’ve been loving Sanctuary lately, since it lasts almost as long as its cooldown with the set bonus.

  2. I think you should play what you want to play. I am Disc at the moment and love it so much I’ve not gone Holy in aaaaages. These days I’m sometimes even tempted to change my second spec to Shadow (which I’ve never done) purely so I can kill things when I want and because I so rarely want to use my Holy spec.

    In DS, Holy seems to do better on certain fights and Disc on others. I thought about switching dependent on the fight, but would want to reforge for it or have 2 sets of gear. Holy priests seem to prefer haste, whereas I prefer to stack Mastery. I think it depends a bit whether you are doing 10 or 25 man and also what other healers you are with.

    Play it how you enjoy it, not how you think you should play it and I believe you will get more out of it 🙂 Hugs, Seph xx

    • I think part of the reason I was enjoying it was because it was a break from the norm. While I love my Warlock I am one of those horrible people who crave a change once in a while. Since I’ve healed all the fights on my Paladin in my friend’s guild the stress is already gone as well, since by now I feel that I know the fights well enough. (I stress on the Paladin instead *lol*)

  3. My bf plays a healing priest in our raids and he is dual specced Disc/Holy. He swears by Disc but switches to Holy for certain fights. We mostly 2 heal DS, him and a Holy Pally, so when we need more aoe heals he switches to Disc. Right now I think he ends up as Disc for Slime guy, Ultraviolet and sometimes spine. I know when we were working on Madness the first couple of times he went Holy but switched back to Disc for all the cooldowns, but then we also 2 heal 1 tank Madness so those cooldowns are definately needed.

  4. Holy was in rough shape during Firelands, so they gave it big buffs in the last patch. It’s now in a great place! Reduced CD on the newly-buffed Divine Hymn gives you a literal “save the raid” button pushable every 3 minutes. The 4-pc set bonus is also more impressive for Holy than it looks — you can have Sanctuary down permanently, which is extremely useful in the big AoE healing fights like Ultraxion and Madness. I also get use out of it in Serenity spec for the Spine encounter, where I handle nearly all of the healing-absorption debuff via HW:Serenity and Gheal.

    Both Holy and Disc are viable at this point, so play the one you know and enjoy.

  5. Oh, and in contrast to Sephrenya’s discussion of secondary stat priorities: it seems that Disc priests can choose to favor haste OR mastery, but Holy priests should *definitely* gear for mastery. Holy needs to hit at least 12.5% haste raid-buffed to get an extra tick out of Renew and Hymns, and you can stack additional haste to hit your personal comfort zone, but mastery is *very powerful*. You can never have too much…Echo of Light can easily provide 12-15% of your healing on a given fight.

    • Holy is what I’ve always played (since back in Vanilla it was pretty much the only approved spec in raids) and I really do enjoy it. Disc for me has always been my PvP spec, but seeing some other Disc Priests when I raid I do seem some useful things. But it’s good to hear the 4 piece bonus is better than it looks, more or less constant Serenity sounds nice. I believe they buffed Serenity as well, didn’t they? (Cause I remember it being pretty awful before.)

      Ooh I’ll have to look better at Mastery for Holy I guess. I’ve been a Haste junkie my entire Priest life, so I might have to stop reforging all my Mastery *lol*

      • Yeah, Sanctuary was buffed in an earlier tier. I always liked it/thought the healing was worth the mana cost, but seems I was in the minority and it got buffed. I’m really going to miss perma-Sanctuary when I lose this set bonus! It lets you pop the Sanc out whenever you want (i.e. the group is standing still and taking damage), rather than trying to match it to moments of highest damage.

        Disc’s tools are flashier and can pull off the occasional crazy gimmick tactic, but even during times holy priests can’t top the charts, they just provide such *stability* to the raid. +15% healing buff combined with Test of Faith (increased healing on targets below 50%) and the Circle/Prayer/Sanc/Divine Hymn toolkit means that hardly anyone gets into the danger zone. My raid leader told me she lives in fear I’ll ask to go disc again. ; ) She’s safe though, cos I can’t live without Body & Soul anymore. Can’t wait for it to be in all specs come MoP!

        • Oh I do love my Body & Soul! I think I might stick to Holy simply because it’s what I’ve always played in PvE and it’s what I know best and love.

  6. About DS:
    Switching for your priest was a bad thing, it stoped me from nagging even more our GL 😉

    About Priest:
    My priest always been Shadow(MS)/Disc(OS), but recently i respeced from disc to Holy to finally give it a “good try”, one thing i liked is the versatility of Holy, u can do a good Single target heal and good AOE heal just by switching chakra state.

    I find Discipline more “easy”, less binds. Holy with the chakra changes confuses me, and i still tend to stick to one chakra state

    • I’ve been holy since Vanilla, so I guess I’m just so used to it that I’m hesitant to try Disc outside of a PvP perspective. Admittedly I could probably get better with the Chakras as currently I tend to pick one depending on what type of boss fight it is and then stay in that Chakra for the remainder of the fight.

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