My WoW in Screenshots (2006)

The recent Sixth challenge made me go back through my screenshots and arrange them by year that they were taken. As I was going through them I was reminded about everything that I’ve done throughout the years, and I decided to do a little post on each of the years with a few select screenshots.

I first started playing WoW in April of 2006. Sadly I have very few screenshots from my first year of WoW since I switched computers at some point and was too much of a noob to even know where the screenshot folder was. (Hence it was never saved.) The few screenshots I have are ones that I saved separately through photoshop and stored elsewhere.

I shall smite thee!

My first ever character on my own account was my Priest. I named her Braithe and she was a force of smiting destruction. I was a complete noob of course and my brother sometimes came by to look in on me and see what I was up to. One of my first screenshots is of him turning me into a Leper Gnome, because I was so shocked and didn’t know what was happening or how he did it.

OMG what did you do to me!?

Because I wanted to try everything I also made myself a Tauren Druid, named Rhawne (now the name of my Warrior). The various Druid forms were awe inspiring to me and so of course I had to take a screenshot the moment I was able to turn into a big, furry bear!



Already back then I had a penchant for taking screenshots of the various night skies of Azeroth. I don’t know why, but the majority of my screenshots are always taken at night time. Maybe because it’s when I normally play, but also because a lot of times it’s when I find the skies and atmosphere the best.

Azshara by Night


Durotar by Night


My WoW in Screenshots (2006) — 2 Comments

  1. Haha, I remember the first time someone turned me into a pirate. That sure was a WTF moment for me too. You tend to forget just how little you knew as a noob…

    • It’s both interesting and horrifying to realise how little you really did know. I remember my brother refused to tell me how he turned me into a leper gnome, and so I spent forever trying to find how he did it because OMG I so wanted to be able to do it too! It’s fun to look back on those moments when everything was still new. I remember the WOW!-feeling when I took my first ever flight path and soared through the sky between Silverpine and Undercity.

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