Better Late Than Never

It’s taken quite some time, but last night the day finally came when I could complete my quest for the legendary Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. I don’t care if it’s a patch too late, it’s still a sweet staff, and hey it gave me a cute little pet for every character. (And everyone in the guild can get it too of course.)

I look forward to testing it out in our next raid. Before then I may have to look for a new transmogrification outfit though, I don’t feel that it quite matches my red and black garb. (And you’re not a real warlock if you’re not an awesome looking warlock!)

The Cermony in Stormwind

Why is it doing that? /scared

Just like in Nozdormu's vision!

I'm an internet dragon now. Please don't kill me!

My Precioussss...


Better Late Than Never — 11 Comments

  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    That is great! I wish there would be a hunter legendary coming out soon. I mean, yeah I like to say it’s all hunter loot. But, even I know better than that.

    You’re Teh Awesome!


  2. Many, many congratulations! So happy for you and your guildies. I look forward to our warlock getting hers – the hard work involved and the pet for all makes it doubly wonderful. Hugs. Seph xx

  3. Gratz…

    Second picture, i see a AMAZING Shaman on a Black Drake, i wonder who is that amazing shaman 😉

    Finally i don’t “need” to do FL again 🙂 ….. at least on my main char.

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