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  1. I remember the first time I looked up and saw the sky on Hellfire Pennisula when I started Burning Crusade (didn’t have the flying mount back then). I got hit with a wave of vertigo…

    • I agree with that 100% ! Every time I jump off a cliff or a building, I’ll get that funny sensation in the pit of my stomach. Like I’m actually doing it in real life. Such a weird and awesome feeling. lol

  2. You know what? WoW’s cartoony look has ALWAYS been part of the appeal for me. I mean, my favourite games are still from the 8/16/64 bit era. I take gameplay over look any day.

    These are stunning shots, well done.

    • I think that’s part of it, I loved those old games! Zelda is still an old time favourite. 🙂 I look at the new games with the realistic/awesome graphics that everyone raves about and I just kind of go “meh”.

      • Totally agree with you two! Zelda <3 Gameplay over looks, but both would be great of course but it doesn't have to be that realistic. I like how the new Zelda for Wii U looks so far and I liked Twilight Princess, but Ocarina of Time is still my favorite.

        I love these screenshots! How did you get them to look so awesome? Is it the graphics of your computer, resolution, settings or edit? Now I wanna go take screenshots, brb! 😀

        • I think I’ve just been lucky that WoW looked particularly nice when I took those screenshots *lol* Cause there’s no editing or anything, just the regular settings on my computer. I run it on Ultra, though I don’t know if that would make a difference in screenshots?

  3. Vanilla (Classic) WoW = AWSOME, DUDE!!!
    Burning Crusade WoW = THIS IS ACTUALLY BETTER YET!!!
    Wrath of LK WoW = AWSOME … A Boat From Darnassus to Stormwind!!!
    Cataclysm WoW = Well this sux … I’m outta here!

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