Finally Beta… or? — 7 Comments

  1. I just got my beta invite too, at some godawful early hour of the morning. 2:10am, to be precise!

    I’m not even entirely sure I’m going to bother for a while, simply because I don’t know if I’ll want to play the actual expansion if I experience everything in the beta. I’m *that* burnt out on WoW at the moment. 🙁

    • Yeah, I can understand that. I never play everything. I don’t like to do new dungeons or raids, or preferably even really level because I want to do that when it comes live. But I want to play a Monk for a few levels to get a feel for if it’s something I’ll even bother leveling on live. I also feel that I need to check out Warlocks because they’ve changed so much and I want to make sure I still like them. I rather find out on Beta if I hate the new Warlock playstyle, than at level 90 in our first week of raiding 😉

        • my Darling Demon has the same thing. He got in on the last wave and is still unable to transfer chars or download the game. We’re just going to copy paste it from my pc me thinks.

  2. I started my Panda as well. Went on a PVP server considering 1-10 there is no Alliance vs Horde until you are forced to pick sides. It was a little bit quieter on there, and was actually able to play. I rolled a monk. I’ve gotten about 2 hours into the starting area and enjoying some of the mechanics. It IS just an introduction on how to play the game, but still fun. the only odd use (so far) is hopping onto a post, is the vehicle mechanic, and if you don’t pay close attention, you can hop onto the wrong post. Luckily no pain from going too far.

  3. 🙁 All the ppl i play got their Beta.. but not me… I feel so left alone.

    I am happy u got it Saga.

    Happy Easter / Noble Garden..

    did u paint the eggs 🙂

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