Another Year…

Time passes by a lot quicker than I’d like to admit, and I actually missed my two year anniversary yesterday because I had lost track of the date. (I seriously thought today was the 11th until I realised that, oops, it wasn’t!) So, yes… I’ve now had this blog for a full two years, and it’s been a lot of fun!

I’ve not been writing as actively as I’ve wanted to this past year, but I hope that it will change. The post that have had the most views out of all of my posts ever is of course my Destruction Warlock Guide. The post with the most views this past year was the one following the announcement of male/female counterparts of the Warlock pets.

So, what do we do to celebrate this two year anniversary? A CONTEST!

Spellbound’s Worst Warlock Outfit Contest

Warlocks are evil creatures who dabble with the fel magics that most other people stay away from. Obviously this means we have a certain… image.. to uphold. It’s why our tier sets have huge spikes and skulls, and other awesome looking things. A Warlock should look good.

So let’s turn it around. Let’s find the worst possible Warlock outfit available in the game. Something that would make other Warlocks shun you and not let you near them. Something that would make your demon take one look at you and return back to the Twisting Nether laughing all the way.

Link us a screenshot of the outfit (from in-game footage or ModelViewer type things) in the comment section, and we will crown a winner.

Rules: Anyone can join in the fun. The outfit doesn’t have to be possible to transmogrify – use your imagination! – but it has to be things that a Warlock can actually wear/use (ie. cloth/daggers etc.)

Submission Date: The cut-off date for submissions will be 25 April, and winners will be announced by the following weekend.

Prizes: The winner will receive a companion pet from the Blizzard store of their own choosing. The runner-up will get to be a guest appearance in a Curse of Fail comic.

I realise that my comics aren’t as well made or fun as others out there, but I enjoy making them and thought it might make for a fun bonus prize.

Companion Pets


In other news, my good friend and guild master in my Horde Guild has decided to join me here on Spellbound to contribute with some writing. She’s a Priest first and foremost, and an avid Beta tester so you will probably hear a lot about the Beta from her. Due to this the site will undergo a few small changes in the next few days when I change things around a little to make space for Kimzowy. Perhaps she will write a small introductory post for you as well. (I guess this means less whining about guild things, now that the guild master is on the site!)

To Another Year

It’s my hope to continue writing on Spellbound for as long as I continue to play WoW, and I hope that you will all bear with me. If you want to contribute anything today, other than to the contest – feel free to suggest topics to write about, or something you’d like to see me write about or discuss.

I wish you all a good weekend (since it’s nearly here, one more day… one more day…) and hope to see many entries into the contest!

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40 Responses to Another Year…

  1. Sephrenya says:

    Congratulations on 2 lovely years of reading material – here’s to the next 2 :) Hugs!

  2. Syl says:

    Big gratz Saga! =) I have a lot of respect for all of you who hang in there and keep blogging on their WoW passion despite a lot of negativity out there. I hope the next year of blogging will bring you much joy!

    • Saga says:

      Thanks, Syl! I do still enjoy writing about WoW (and playing WoW), even if there are some improvements that could be made. (But I think that’s always the case, with just about anything.) Now I just need to buckle down and finish my 20 or so drafts *lol*

  3. Tania says:

    If I make a pandaren monk, I’m going to buy the pandaren monk pet and have it follow me around all the time.

    Hmm, maybe they’ll be getting rid of it in the future… might have to buy it now, just in case!

  4. Eillena says:

    Here is something you’ve :)

  5. Erinys says:

    Happy Anniversary.

  6. Shintar says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I’ve always been terrible at observing my own blog anniversaries and milestones; I don’t think I ever even mentioned most of them. Good on you for remembering! ;)

    • Saga says:

      I think it stems to my insane love for birthdays and anniversaries *lol* I’m very much an adult, but I swear I love birthdays almost as much as a six year old and approach them with the same glee and joy. (Even if these days I have to bake my own cake!)

      Anything for a reason to celebrate :)

  7. Erinys says:

    Can we have more than one entry because it’s surprising how many “bad” warlock outfits you can come up with whilst egg hunting?

  8. Saif says:

    Congrats on the 2 year anniversary. :)

  9. liquidkey says:

    Hey Saga,

    Congrats on completing 2 yrs .. looking forward to many many more years of reading your blog :) and hopefully playing WoW

    Talking of birthdays, when is yours ?

  10. Kim says:

    Congrats Saga!
    Looking forward to writing with you, girl! <3

  11. Elkagorasa says:

    Contests, prizes, oh my. putting this blogger to shame.

    Keep up the great work Saga!

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  14. Navimie says:

    Congrats on the 2 years Saga! And that’s so lovely to be giving away presents on your birthday, it should be the other way around!

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  17. Happy Anniversary and thank you for giving me a reason to torment my Warlock, usually it’s the other way around!

  18. Narci says:

    Many congratulations on your anniversary and here’s to many more! This poor dwarf lady was roped into modeling my The Worst Warlock outfit. Sorry, Hildagaard.

  19. Cynwise says:

    Ooo. I sent my entry in via email…. Would you like it posted up here, Saga?

  20. Alessandra says:

    I´m not sure if we will agree on what´s “worst”… I see your entries and think they are (almost) all great and I need to copy them all!
    Will think of something tomorrow, of course! :)

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  22. Kamalia says:

    Congrats on your second blogiversary, Saga! Here’s to another great year of writing!

    And here’s my response, such as it is, to your challenge: Warlock Fashion Disasters.

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  24. Elisa says:

    I know my entry is late, and I don’t expect it to be judged or accepted as an entry since I’ve missed the deadline. However, I really did want to participate (even though I know it doesn’t count), so I’m posting here just the same, I hope that’s ok. I think this idea was a really cool one, and it’s the first time I attempt a contest entry. Thanks Saga! :)

    Incidentally, I loved all the entries, especially the gardening one! Warlock on summer break. Haha! ;)

    We were in a real hurry all week, so I didn’t get a chance to post the shots of the weapons yet, but that will be up in about 15 minutes. :D

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