Blizzcon 2011!

Well, they did it!  It was said Blizzard was going to need to blow our socks off, raise the roof, set the whole world on fire and I must say, I think they have!  Not for the Diablo III or SC changes, not for the new WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandara (which made it even to our local paper!!)  No, those things are cool!  But I was excited in the first 10 mins of the opening ceremonies.

Blizzard needed to find a way to keep customers loyal and paying even in the first months after the release of some pretty interesting games.  SWOR had my interest until I saw the prices!  Since I’m in a single income family of three, I quickly decided against it.  The trend is moving away from pay to play monthly subscriptions anyways.  GW2 , however…..I was very keen to check out this Free-to-Play, highly developed beautifu artwork of a game.  Still am!  But I won’t be cutting off my WoW subscription to check it out and I don’t feel cheated!  Genius!

It was announced:

  • We didn’t want you to have to decide between WoW and Diablo III sooooooo, we’re giving it to you for free! (with one year subscription agreement)  My ears perked up!  Diablo III was on my list but I didn’t know how we were going to swing another €60 x 2 for a game.
  • Oh, and we would like to give you guaranteed access to the Beta for the next WoW expansion! Say what?!  I cheered!  Ok, maybe for most of you, you have done beta testing with WoW before.   I’ve never been lucky enough to get a key!  I do haunt the PTR’s, checking out some changes but mostly looking for bugs and reporting them very politely (I love testing!), but never a Beta Key for WoW…..this is my candy!  Beta Tested Rift and a few other games, but never one I actually play…yes, I’m a Happy Panda!
  • Aaaand, We would like to give you a new uber awsome imba mount!  It was Demon’s turn to cheer then.  He loves mounts, the shinier the better!  Win win win!  We were both happy!


What do I think about the other changes up and coming? That’s a topic for another post entirely!  Bottom line though, I have faith in Blizzard that they will make a playable, addictive, enjoyable game.  Wouldn’t matter if we were all blobs of purple jelly, the game would be fun.  Pandas.  Yes, I can see how they fit. I did think the “Bounce” racial attribute was a joke and I desperately hope they don’t make light of every aspect of the race.  I will be making one and she/he will be my zen master!



Blizzcon 2011! — 3 Comments

  1. I’m definitely going to try a Monk – since I have one of every other class in the game 😉 Not sure about a Pandaren though, I’m sure I’ll play through their starting zone, but I don’t know if I want to have one. Not if they botch up the female form like they did for Worgen.

    However, if the female pandas look something like this ( ), then I probably would want one 😉 That’d be the chubby, cute race that Dwarves should have been but failed (because of their square, pixelated faces).

      • I don’t blame you, I can’t play my Worgen Druid as a healer because I just go crazy watching her. The sniffing! Arghs! But not only that – I also can’t stand her casting animation where she stomps her foot and raises her head.. it’s like.. what the … what are you DOING?!

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