Hour of Twilight: One week in (and one day) – Dragon Soul

Okies, so where did I leave off?   Baby goblin was running circles around me and desperately needed my attention.  Since I have a habit of never posting my drafts, I figured I’d just break this up into small bite sized posts.

Dragon Soul
We have a weekend raiding guild.  Saturday and Sunday only.  Patch day over in the EU is Wednesday.  This means we are always a little behind on that darn progression thing.  This also means we get to see where people are struggling and can adjust before our raid, saving us precious hours; in theory.  Since we only raid 8 hours, including breaks, a week, it all adds up.

What did we see with Dragon Soul?  It looked crazy easy!  OK, maybe not “Easy” but totally doable!  Demon looked at me and said, “Right, we’re going for 6/8 this weekend.” To which I laughed, “Keep dreaming!”  He was right!  We killed 4 bosses on Saturday and 2 on Sunday and had 2 attempts at the 7th.  Why was this so easy?  One acronym: LFR

On patch day, pretty much everyone in our guild who even dreams of killing Deathwing immediately queued for the LFR as soon as they could.  They also kept queuing until their wives, girlfriends and parents were wondering where they’d got off to.  This isn’t something we planned, they did this of their own accord and it seemed to work.  The LFR was a mild, bite-sized version of the real fight and helped them at learning positioning without the frustration of only living the first 1.4 min of the fight.

How did it go?
Bosses 1-4 – Two bosses one-shotted, one boss two-shotted, bouncy ball boss was our most challenging mostly because of dispel timing.  There isn’t really much to say about these bosses.  They are similar to the LFR with slight difficulty differences.

Bosses 5 & 6 – Then we came to boss 5.  Being a Target Dummy with wings, we didn’t expect much of a challenge.  We also didn’t expect the amount of damage done towards the end…or the vitality of getting the heck out at the right time.  Clicking the darn button at the right time was our most challenging aspect.  I wasn’t 100% focused for some reason.  After a few tries, we had to call it, get some sleep and come back the next day.

Next day, we had 2 or 3 people who hadn’t been with us the previous day.  Three tries in, they had the hang of it.  Healers had him on focus.  No one was calling out when to click.  A few more attempts and he was down and we were off to the gunship!

Gunship, how dost thou vex me?!:
The 6th boss in Dragon Soul was our most challenging yet!  Why is this?  Well, our group doesn’t like to move unless told to do so.  Dynamic moving, thinking for one’s self, being aware of one’s surroundings isn’t really our strength.  At least it wasn’t!  We learn new things with every new raid release and in this one, we are learning how to pick up our feet and think for ourselves!  It took us a while but after about an hour of wiping, with progression, we hit a wall.

Suddenly, it wasn’t getting any better.  The Zapper wasn’t dying quickly enough.  We had 4 dragons alive at the end of the add phase or we had all the dragons down but 6 adds running around.  Tanks were frustrated, healers were frustrated, dps were…well they’re dps, what do they think about?

About 2 attempts in, I wanted to go shadow.  I could already see my healing was low for this fight and could be more valuable as dps.  The other healers were nervous and said my healing would be needed in phase 2.  After we hit the firmly placed wall, I decided to go shadow, and two-man heal it.

As shadow, I’m in half healer gear but at least I have two really good dps trinkets.  The problem is I haven’t gone shadow in a while and forget all the nifty little mana regen / dps boosting mini cool downs.  First try, I had to figure out why I was oom only to remember about dispersion.  Second try, I remembered to use my shadow fiend on CD…  Third try, I remembered my rotation a bit better.  Not once did I remember about Evangelism but I will for next week!  Still, my dps was competitive in the end.  Dragons were dying, Zappers were slowed and dead, the ship survived to phase two.  PROGRESSION!  Two more tries and he was dead.  By this time, it was late but we wanted to go jump on Deathwing’s back so we did, instantly barrel rolled and wiped.  We’ll get to him next week!

I believe the LFR is partially responsible for our quick progression.  It’s a nice way to learn positioning of a fight and only small adjustments are needed to get the same results on normal mode.  It feels nice as a casual raider to have a sort of practice ground, then the real thing, then on to hard modes for the real test.  We also have fantastic players of high quality.  There are “better” guilds than us struggling to get where we are, so we shouldn’t forget how talented our guys are, even though we are about as casual as a Jamaican sunrise.

Well done guys! <3 ya!


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