Paladin goes Popeye

As I got ready to logon to my Paladin today I noticed a funny little visual bug that I hadn’t seen before. Take a good look at this picture. Do you see what I’m talking about?


Let’s take a closer look. Check those arms out! She looks like Popeye, with massive forearms! Maybe it’s just a sign that I’m old and silly – but for some reason I found this hilarious.

Popeye Arm!




Paladin goes Popeye — 4 Comments

    • She’s actually been playing around with ret a little bit lately. After I realised her ret gear had an average ilevel of 388… for a spec I’d not played the entire expansion *lol* She’s now out mashing faces. Just because she can. (All the while I’m humming the Popeye song.)

  1. You just got that theme tune stuck firmly in my head since I read this this morning…

    But it did make me laugh if nothing else and annoy my work colleagues with that song all day 😀

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