Making the difficult decision — 13 Comments

  1. Wow, you deleted and re-leveled an entire new druid instead of racechanging? I could never do that! I hate leveling. Haha.

    I don’t think I, nor any of the people I’ve played WoW with since I’ve started, are planning on playing the pandas. It just doesn’t appeal.

    • I was low on cash at the time so it seemed like the better option *lol*

      I’m planning to play in Mists because I like most of the things that’s happening. I don’t really care about the pandas one way or another though. The zones look gorgeous though, so I suspect I will continue playing 🙂

  2. Hrm, the achievement would be nice. Would the guild be willing to help fund a character change once you became exalted to get the achieve? Then you could change back to human. The guild gets the Draenei pally achieve amd you get to have a human toon with exalted rep? I’ve heard that’s been done. Also, I know how you feel about the worgen. My two problems with the worgen, you can’t choose human form in combat and their casting animations just look odd. IMHO 🙂 Either way do what you want or you’ll always regret it and you might not enjoy the toon anymore.

    • My guild don’t care all that much about achievements (I think that’s more me *lol*), so I may just go for the human female. She does look nice in the re-coloured judgement set! 😉

      The Worgen was horrible. I didn’t mind it so much when I was a cat or bear, but if I wanted to heal (which I did) I had to watch those horrible flailing arms. And I just couldn’t do it *lol* Then there was the sniffing… oh that was horrible!

  3. I’ve got both and in terms of visuals, I do prefer the Draenei but since you deleted your Worgen and are iffy about the Draenei, I’d err towards going Human. It might be easier and safer in the long run 🙂

    • I like Draenei in general, but I’m not entirely sold on their fight animations. Maybe I should play my current Paladin Draenei for a bit before doing the transfer and see how she “feels”. I do love humans though.. but maybe it’s nice with a change since my main is human *lol* Oh, choices, choices.. 🙂

  4. Heh, I’ve got almost the exact same issue with my Death Knight, though I can never imagine my DK as not Forsaken. My main and all my efforts are in my Alliance guild so I sigh sadly at my Forsaken DK (and baby Forsaken Priest) but I can’t bear to transfer them over.

    They’ll stay Horde forever even if they can’t progress worth crap (not that I have the time to raid with two groups anyway…!)

    And I tried going Draenei for a while on my main Paladin but I didn’t enjoy it. I *love* the model but the lack of lore or any reason to be involved with the Alliance other than the game telling me to got to me and I race-changed back.

    Good luck!

    • Since my Paladin was once Alliance I don’t have the attachment to her current looks fortunately, so the change back to Alliance shouldn’t be too horrible. I think there are some characters I have though that are very much tied into their race, and I don’t see me ever race-changing them. (My Warlock comes to mind.. she’s so tied to the image of a Human Warlock now that I don’t know if I could ever see her as anything else!)

      Since I don’t RP I don’t mind the lack of lore so much for Draenei. I’m just not sure I enjoy their animations. I do like the way they look, especially in plate.. but I find that they look a bit odd in robes sometimes. (I’m very picky *lol*)

      • Yes, they do look odd in robes. And cloaks don’t sit right on them. And the tails are a bit weird. And they’re really tall. And the men are all body-builder-gross.

        But other than that they’re great! 🙂

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