Making the difficult decision

Throughout most of Cataclysm I’ve been not only raiding on my Warlock, but also once a week with my friend’s guild on my Paladin. It’s been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work because she’s on a different server which means I haven’t had the support of my other characters in terms of gems, enchants and gold. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it though, getting to see the fights from a different perspective than a pure dps. When you heal a fight it’s almost like it’s a different one compared to when you dps.

It’s also been tiring though. Due to illnesses I’m not someone with lots of energy, and raiding the extra day (sometimes two) a week and doing the extra work to keep another character geared on another server has taken it’s toll. For that reason I’ve now decided that I won’t continue to raid with my friend’s guild. It’s sad, but necessary. They won’t miss me for the time being since their raiding is more or less stopped until the expansion it seems, and when it comes around I’d expect them to get new recruits.

My friend, whose guild I’ve been raiding with, isn’t going to continue playing in Mists. While I have grown fond of all the people in my horde guild, she was the main incentive for doing the extra work. With her gone, I simply don’t have it in me. There are several people out there among the bloggers that I know manage to raid with more than one guild, and I commend them. It’s a lot of extra work (at least for me), and can be quite tiresome.

It’s definitely been an interesting and rewarding experience though. The two guilds have been fairly close to one another when it comes to progression. This means that sometimes I have been able to down a boss in one guild and then come with suggestions to the other on how we did it. For most of Cataclysm my main guild was ahead, but we lost ground to the horde guild in Dragon Soul and they cleared it a week before us. We’ve since caught up again though and my main guild ended raiding with one more heroic boss down than the horde guild.

To be fair I’m quite tired in general at the moment, and I’m quite happy to take a part-time break from raiding. With no more raiding on the horde side, and raiding cut down to one day a week on alliance side I’m hoping to get some energy back. I want to have plenty of energy once Mists comes out, since there seems to be a lot to do!

I wish my horde guild all the best, and I’d have happily merged the two guilds together if I could. (Transfer costs aren’t really helping, not to mention I know several people who don’t want to be alliance, or who don’t want to be horde.)

Now I’m in the process of getting the money together to transfer my Paladin back to the alliance server. I’ve put too much work into her to want to leave her on a server where I don’t think I’ll be playing her. Bringing her “home” means that she can still join alt raids, or do heroic runs with guild mates.

Which brings me to my next decision… Should she be a draenei or a human? Draenei Paladin is something we need for the guild achievement, but I generally prefer humans. Then again, maybe I’d get used to the draenei. It’s a difficult decision. I don’t know about others, but how my character looks and feels means a great deal to me. So much that I deleted my 85 worgen Druid because I couldn’t stand her healing animations and re-leveled her as a night elf.

I’ve had two Paladins, and they’ve gone through a fair number of changes. Bringing this one back will mean I have to delete the other Paladin (which is fine cause I already had and was re-leveling her.. so she has nothing important on her person at the moment), and I’ll be back to having one Paladin. Now to decide which of her old incarnations will be her new one…


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  1. Wow, you deleted and re-leveled an entire new druid instead of racechanging? I could never do that! I hate leveling. Haha.

    I don’t think I, nor any of the people I’ve played WoW with since I’ve started, are planning on playing the pandas. It just doesn’t appeal.

    • I was low on cash at the time so it seemed like the better option *lol*

      I’m planning to play in Mists because I like most of the things that’s happening. I don’t really care about the pandas one way or another though. The zones look gorgeous though, so I suspect I will continue playing 🙂

  2. Hrm, the achievement would be nice. Would the guild be willing to help fund a character change once you became exalted to get the achieve? Then you could change back to human. The guild gets the Draenei pally achieve amd you get to have a human toon with exalted rep? I’ve heard that’s been done. Also, I know how you feel about the worgen. My two problems with the worgen, you can’t choose human form in combat and their casting animations just look odd. IMHO 🙂 Either way do what you want or you’ll always regret it and you might not enjoy the toon anymore.

    • My guild don’t care all that much about achievements (I think that’s more me *lol*), so I may just go for the human female. She does look nice in the re-coloured judgement set! 😉

      The Worgen was horrible. I didn’t mind it so much when I was a cat or bear, but if I wanted to heal (which I did) I had to watch those horrible flailing arms. And I just couldn’t do it *lol* Then there was the sniffing… oh that was horrible!

  3. I’ve got both and in terms of visuals, I do prefer the Draenei but since you deleted your Worgen and are iffy about the Draenei, I’d err towards going Human. It might be easier and safer in the long run 🙂

    • I like Draenei in general, but I’m not entirely sold on their fight animations. Maybe I should play my current Paladin Draenei for a bit before doing the transfer and see how she “feels”. I do love humans though.. but maybe it’s nice with a change since my main is human *lol* Oh, choices, choices.. 🙂

  4. Heh, I’ve got almost the exact same issue with my Death Knight, though I can never imagine my DK as not Forsaken. My main and all my efforts are in my Alliance guild so I sigh sadly at my Forsaken DK (and baby Forsaken Priest) but I can’t bear to transfer them over.

    They’ll stay Horde forever even if they can’t progress worth crap (not that I have the time to raid with two groups anyway…!)

    And I tried going Draenei for a while on my main Paladin but I didn’t enjoy it. I *love* the model but the lack of lore or any reason to be involved with the Alliance other than the game telling me to got to me and I race-changed back.

    Good luck!

    • Since my Paladin was once Alliance I don’t have the attachment to her current looks fortunately, so the change back to Alliance shouldn’t be too horrible. I think there are some characters I have though that are very much tied into their race, and I don’t see me ever race-changing them. (My Warlock comes to mind.. she’s so tied to the image of a Human Warlock now that I don’t know if I could ever see her as anything else!)

      Since I don’t RP I don’t mind the lack of lore so much for Draenei. I’m just not sure I enjoy their animations. I do like the way they look, especially in plate.. but I find that they look a bit odd in robes sometimes. (I’m very picky *lol*)

      • Yes, they do look odd in robes. And cloaks don’t sit right on them. And the tails are a bit weird. And they’re really tall. And the men are all body-builder-gross.

        But other than that they’re great! 🙂

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