Darkmoon Faire: “Test Your Strength” Tip

In this slow period between expansions there may be people (like I), who don’t necessarily complete a raid and therefore may need to farm for their Darkmoon Faire: “Test Your Strength” quest. Some time ago I found the perfect place to farm for these, and I thought I’d share it with you!

It’s in Deepholm, and it takes between 10-15 minutes to farm the full 250 grisly trophies, depending on how lucky you are with respawns. It’s the area to the west, and you will fly from one end to the other killing the little packs of flying stone bats. While there, I usually kill the larger packs of jaspertip swarmers as well.

Just start in one end and fly to the other, then back down again. If you’re lucky with respawns you won’t need to do the full route more than once.

Stay inside the red-marked area. There are stone bat packs all through it.

Pack of stone bats.

Jaspertip Swarmers running around.


Darkmoon Faire: “Test Your Strength” Tip — 3 Comments

  1. I usually kill the cultists in Icecrown, to the left of the Argent Tournament grounds. I like it because of the very fast respawns on a small area, as well as the cloth and Wrath greenies they drop (yay enchanting mats) but this is an excellent tip!

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