[MoP] Warlock Gear Preview

With less than two months left before Mists of Pandaria is released I wanted to have another look at the Warlock gear that will be available to us.

Dungeon Set

This is the cloth set mostly available from 5-man Heroic dungeons. There are a few items with the same looks, some are also from quest rewards or the new scenarios. It’s fairly non-descript as it’s the same for all cloth classes. Out of the colours shown so far, I personally prefer the one with purple for my Warlock. The set feels fairly boring, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to wear it for long once LFR and the raids are introduced. The items are mostly ilevel 464, but there are the odd quest reward/tailoring item that is ilevel 450.

Dungeon Set

Season 12 Arena Set

The season 12 PvP set is absolutely gorgeous. I normally don’t do PvP on my Warlock much, but I think I may have to start because I really want to get my hands on this set. There are three sets with varying colours, depending on how you earn them. Dreadful from Honor Points (battlegrounds), Malevolent from Conquest Points (arena and RBG) and Malevolent Elite from Conquest Points, but requiring a personal rating of 2200.

2-piece bonus: Reduces the cooldown of your Unending Resolve by 20 sec.
4-piece bonus: Your Twilight Ward now absorbs damage from all magical schools.

Season 12

Challenge Set

From the new challenge runs in heroic 5 man dungeons you can get the challenge set. It has no stats, but makes up for it in looks, allowing you to use them for transmogrification. I personally love this set, and it’s another one on my list of sets that I just have to get.

Challenge Armor

Tier 14

From the raids you can get the usual tier sets. There’s the ilevel 483 from LFR, ilevel 496 from normal raids and ilevel 509 from heroic raids. I think the helm looks pretty badass, and I like the overall look of the armour. My one tiny pet peeve is the little discs. For some reason, once I saw them.. they were all I could see!

2-piece bonus.
4-piece bonus.

Tier 14

On the whole, I’m really happy with all of the Warlock sets that we’ve currently seen for Mists of Pandaria. I can see my Warlock wearing any of those outfits and loving it!

What are your opinions on the Warlock sets? If you’re not a Warlock, how’s your set looking? Are you hating it or loving it?

Images from Wowhead and MMO-Champion.


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  1. Hey Saga,
    Thanks for putting this up. Saw it a few days ago, but my iphone viewer is acting nutty and doesn’t agree with some comment sections 🙁 Yep, I’m loving the PvP and the Challenge sets! Woot! Tier gear I won’t have to Tmog! Hrm, that’s like saving 3 – 5k gold?

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