The Missing Ingredient

Being a mid-range guild progression wise we’ve always found recruitment to be a difficult task, but Cataclysm has possibly been the worst one. Our server doesn’t have a huge population, and so most raiders will join the higher end guilds, rather than ours or one of the others at our progression level. There tend to be too many guilds and too few active raiders.

Reading other blogs and forums, I see that other guilds struggle as well, and I’m curious about what most guilds struggle with role wise. For us, in Cataclysm we’ve mainly been lacking reliable tanks. We’ve had the same three healers throughout the entire expansion (with a fourth spot for rotation that’s had some turn-over), but we’ve switched tanks… I don’t even know how many times. Dps wise we’ve also had the same people, with a few extra on rotation that’s had some turn-over. But we’ve had at least five dps that have been reliable raiding members.

We now finally have a reliable tank who’s been with us for several months and is looking to stay with us in Mists. That said, we’re still missing an off-tank and I’ve been filling the role on my Death Knight and lately on my Paladin just to keep us raiding. When the expansion hits we may have to start looking for a new off-tank, since a lot of fights do require two tanks (especially early on).

In comparison, my friend’s horde guild had the same tanks almost the entire expansion. Healers were also fairly reliable, with just times when some couldn’t make it and so having a fourth on rotation was helpful. My brother’s guild (which is in the high-end raiding) had no problems with tanks either, but instead lacked healers.

This is a small pool to judge from, but it does seem to me that few guilds are lacking dps players, and are more likely to miss healers or tanks. I do wonder what the reason is. Are tanks and healers less fun to play? Or is it the stress of the role that get to people?

I personally enjoy both tanking and healing, but I will admit that I find them a lot more stressful than being dps. You still have a lot to do as a dps, but you making a mistake is less likely to wipe the raid. Most likely you’ll get yourself killed or your damage output will suffer, but the rest of the raid will still live. If you make a mistake as a tank people most often die. Same as a healer.

Has your guild lacked a certain role this expansion? And what do you think is the reason for the low amount of tanks and healers?


The Missing Ingredient — 7 Comments

  1. Well our guild has actually been short on dps players. We have a 10th spot right now that can either be a healer or dps [we have a couple healers with excellent dps ability].

    Tanking has been a nonissue since we joined our current guild as my hubby and I co-tank. Two of our three healers have also been constants [both of those have excellent dps specs and we two heal most fights nowadays]. DPS has been where the turnover has mainly been for us. But a tanking couple is not the norm, so not sure we can offer much insight into the general trends.

    • I envy you guys for having stable tanks! We never had two fully stable tanks for an entire expansion yet. We’ve had the same five dps since early Wrath though, three of which have been with us since TBC. As Mists is looming ahead though, two seem to have grown tired of the game – so next expansion I don’t really know what will be an issue for us. As it currently stands I feel like we’re lacking healers and tanks, since we have new dps. But I don’t know how reliable they will be.

  2. This was my guild during the ICC times. We must have gone through at least 4-5 tanks and each time we got a new one we would need to spend time gearing them up just for them to leave 2-3 weeks after wiping on Lich King. It’s a pain but hopefully you’ll be able to find one that not only sticks but also works well with your group. Best of luck!

    • Oh I recognise that! Our guild has always felt a bit like a spring board for people to get experience and gear, to then leave us and join a guild that is further progressed.

  3. My guilds have always lacked reliable/competent DPS. Tanks and healers were always there and 90% of the time were the same ones. Whether 10man or 25man, casual or hardcore (4+ nights a week), it has always been this way. I suppose it would be exciting to find a different problem for once, how’s the lag playing on a EU server from Canada? 😀

    • I guess every guild has an Achilles heel, ours have been tanks for sure! Going into MoP we may be losing some people though, so worried we might have issues with all roles at the start! Oh, the joys of recruiting 😛

  4. I haven’t done much raiding in cata. I did a little in tbc and a lot in wotlk. The problem we also had was dps. We had three realiable tanks (they lacked tps but the where still good (/stop casting /dance macro ftw) healers we kept losing after they got geared. What we noticed in the guild is durring progression no one was there. But on gear runs we had to turn people away. How we changed that is by changing our loot system. We had progression tues and weds, then did gear runs on thurs day (previous patch raid) they way we did it is the people who raided on weds can /roll 150 on the next tues raid.

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