Destruction Warlock Spell Rotation (5.0.4) — 12 Comments

  1. Not a bad rotation. I have two suggestions that you might find helpful though. The first is to try to build up to 3 or 4 Burning Embers before the boss reaches 20%. I suggest this because Shadowburn is an instant cast you can spam, and it seems to have better damage compared to Chaos Bolt due to its crits. My second suggestion comes in response to Dark Soul: Instability. I would suggest that you cast Incinerate rather than Chaos Bolt since Dark Soul: Instability adds to crit chance and Chaos Bolt will alway critically strike on its own (at least according to your link and my in-game spellbook).

    • Chaos Bolt and Incinerate are both viable to use during Instability. The tooltip for CB says that increased crit % = increased dmg, so 30% increased crit means a much bigger CB hit 🙂

  2. Can you please clarify why we prioritise Shadowburn over Chaos Bolt below 20%?

    My Chaos Bolts are hitting for a LOT more than Shadowburn, and I can’t imagine this is offset by the reduced cast time.

    Unless I need burst <20% (e.g. on Spine), I'm sticking to Chaos Bolt. Am I missing something?

    • The reduced cast time is 2.5 seconds(ish) compared to instant, which is quite a big difference.

      Also, I’m a little surprised that your Chaos Bolts are hitting for more than Shadowburn (maybe you have lots of crit?). If they really are a lot higher though, and you feel that you get more dps out of it.. Go for it 🙂

      In general Shadowburn should hit higher though, if one looks at the tooltip.

      Shadowburn: Instantly blasts the target for (3365 ( + 350% of SpellPower) * 1) Shadow damage.

      Chaos Bolt: Unleashes a blast of chaos, causing (2164 ( + 225% of SpellPower) * (1)) Shadow damage.

      • One difference that needs to be considered is that CB always crits, whereas SB doesn’t. This offsets the damage formula.
        Looking at EJ, their pre-raid sim shows CB hitting for 254k and SB hitting for 197k. I guess their Sim says that the reduced damage is offset by the instant cast versus slow cast, whereas my unscientific gut-feel says that Ember’s shouldn’t be wasted on a lower damage ability.
        Hmmm… maybe SB is better for execute, but I still feel that I’m missing the HUGE CB hits that makes Destro so fun.
        After an expansion of Mages and Shadowpriests boasting of their record crits, it’s nice to be able to compete 🙂

  3. I don’t understand why people are saying to use the observer over the fel imp. I tried it myself, and my dps went down. Am I doing something wrong?

    • It’s the pet that’s been showing as the highest in the Simcraft that’s been done. However, that’s all done on T13 Heroic gear – so if you have a different gear sets the results may end up different. Also, it’s all still pretty new, so it might turn out that another pet ends up better 🙂

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