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There have been a lot of discussion and discord about how Valor capping has been changed in MoP compared to Cataclysm. Where before we could run seven Heroics in a week and be capped, we now have to do a lot more work to do reach our weekly limit. The first few weeks this was not an issue for me. The sheer amount of daily quests I was doing made sure I was capped by Friday every reset. However, now that I’m exalted with all the factions and no longer do those dailies, I’m having a much harder time to cap my points.

Running a Heroic every day is a very good thing, since it gets you the daily bonus of 80 VP (as opposed to 40). I will admit though, that I would prefer if the bonus wasn’t per day, but per week as before. Not in any way do I think that running seven Heroics should get you Valor point capped, but I do wish that the bonus was seven times per week rather than once per day. This became very clear to me this reset as I’ve been out of town since Thursday, with no access to play. Basically I’m sitting here, the day before reset.. with all of 130 points on my character for the week.

To reach the cap in time, I have to run an insane amount of Heroics, at only 40 VP a pop. Sure, I can get 450 points from doing the LFR encounters, and another few from daily quests. But in the end I will still have to do about double the amount of Heroics I would have if I could have done one per day.

*sniff* So much left to do! 2 LFR down… 3 more to go!

Blizzard’s reasoning for not wanting to give us the bonus per week always seems to come back to them not wanting us to put all the eggs in one basket, and getting capped only by doing Heroics. But if they keep the VP gain at 80 per Heroic, doing so seven times per week instead of once per day won’t remove the need to still do LFR/dailies to cap. It will just make it a little bit easier for those of us who can’t make it online every evening to take advantage of the bonus.

I guess, in the end, I’m really just a little bit frustrated about having to scramble to get my points on time. Getting the bonus per week rather than per day would simply be a quality of life issue, rather than change how fast you get capped.

What are your thoughts on the Valor points and capping each week? Are you easily hitting the mark, or are you struggling?


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  1. I am with you in that I am also struggling to cap now that I am not doing all the dailies every day. I still do some of them every day (at Halfhill because I might as well when I’m going to do the one to get the Ironpaw token already) and the new Shieldwall or whatever the hell because hooray new rep grind.

    At still has to finish grinding rep with pretty much everyone, so if he is in the mood to run some for a particular faction, I’ll join him.

    Last night saw me running all the LFR instances I hadn’t yet done and then cramming in a scenario when I finally got down to needing the last 20. I capped, but barely. And I hate the last minute rush to do so, but I also don’t want to have to log on every day to run a heroic.

    On the plus side, last night, I saw GC saying on Twitter that they were going to increase the amount of VP you get from raiding, I think. I’m fuzzy on the details, but I do think Blizzard sees the difficulty in capping without a massive amount of dailies and is working to address it.

    • Yes, I saw the VP change from raid bosses, which will be a nice little boost.

      I’ve been away, so only just got started on the new dailies today. (Bad Warlock!) Like you, I do the Halfhill ones since I’m there anyway for the token.

      All I want is the ability to get my 80 VP per Heroic seven times a week instead of once a day. Please Blizzard, make this little Warlock happy! (But yes, the change to VP from raid bosses is a good start!)

  2. While I was doing a million dailies, this was a non-issue. I was valor-capped from dailies by Friday or Saturday (perhaps a slight exaggeration). Now that I’m exalted and never doing a daily again… ouch… I had 240ish VP last week 😡

    • Yeah, I’m having the same problem 🙁

      If I do one Heroic per day and all LFR, I hit it.. but getting online every single day for that bonus isn’t always the easiest.

  3. I’m miles off it most it weeks but I no longer care whether I’m capped or not.

    “All I want is the ability to get my 80 VP per Heroic seven times a week instead of once a day.”

    Yes please.

  4. Heya Saga,

    All I can say is, “I FEEL YOUR PAIN!” Gah! It makes me wonder if this is Blizzards way of forcing more through LFR? Didn’t they change it from 1x daily to 7 weekly before because they didn’t want people to feel the need to login everyday to run heroics or daily quests? /facedesk then sighs

    • Exactly! It just seems to go completely against what they previously said. The only excuse I’ve found so far from them is that they don’t want us to be able to cap our valor from Heroics alone. But I’m not asking them to change the amount of VP we get, just that we get the bonus seven times per week instead of once per day. The difference would be minimal for them, since dailies/LFR would still be required.. but would be so incredibly helpful for those of us who can’t login every single day.

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  6. I actually just passed on valor points last week. I couldn’t play most of the week because of work…and then I just couldn’t face logging in knowing I would have to do double the time and effort to earn those valor points.

    Feeling like I have to log in everyday to earn bonus points makes the game feel like a daily chore/job. Why can’t I do just dungeons one night if I feel like it? Or do battlegrounds and earn bonus conquest for the first 7 wins?

    The present situation is just terrible!

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