Add-on Madness

Some time ago I decided to re-do my UI again, because I felt that there were things missing that I wanted. I had a look at the pre-made UIs like ElvUI and similar. While they look nice, I just don’t feel comfortable using them. There seems to be a trend in minimal UIs right now, and even if I can understand their appeal, it’s just not something I want to play with. Even if I know all my keybinds, I still want to see them on my screen. This may seem unnecessary, but it’s how I like it.

I’ve enjoyed SpartanUI in the past, with its many frames for buttons, but there were some things about it that bugged me. So I kept the artwork (with some minor alterations), and built my own UI from that.

For those interested, here is a complete list of the add-ons that I currently use, both visible and not.

Purple bottom texture? Why, yes please!



I use Btex for my bottom texture graphics. It comes with several pre-made options, and there are lots more to find and download online. In this case though, I made my own based on the graphics in SpartanUI.


Your standard bar add-on. It has the utility that I want and I find it easy to use. Another option for those who don’t like Bartender would be Dominos.

Shadowed Unit Frames

I find these to be lightweight and easy to configure. When it comes to unitframes I don’t need all the bells and whistles, so these give me exactly what I need.


Formerly ButtonFacade, it gives you the option to change the skins of your buttons. Suddenly you can have circular buttons, or anything you feel you want. There are lots of skins to download for this addon, so just find one you like and you’re all set!

Titan Panel

Because I’m lazy and like to have easy and quick-to-view information about my gold/bag space/durability etc. There are   extra plugins for this if you want more information than I currently have showing.


This is my mini-map add-on and it has a lot of customisation. You can make the mini-map a different shape, and change a lot of other little neat things.


My latest acquisition  this is an add-on that changes your tooltips and just allows you to customise them to what you want shown as well as how it looks.

Satrina Buff Frame

I’ve replaced the Blizzard buffs with these, because they allow me to move them to wherever I want them. It also gives you the option to choose the size of your buffs and debuffs. For me, I like to have my debuffs a tiny bit bigger, so I can easily see if I got something bad on me that needs me to move away from other players for example.


Shows numbers on your buttons letting you know the cooldowns of your abilities.


This is my chat frame add-on. It gives you the option to change font on your chat, as well as several other little neat features.


My cast bar add-on. It gives you a lot of options when it comes to configuration, size and whatnot. I’ve been using this for what feels like forever.

Mik Scrolling Battle Text

I use this instead of Blizzard’s floating combat text. It has a lot of customisation and you can choose where the scroll areas will be on your screen.


Deadly Boss Mods

My go-to raiding add-on for knowing what goes on with the boss at all times. It’s also nice for easily announcing things to the raid. Another option is BigWigs, but I’ve admittedly not used it for years. I hear it’s still good though!


This addon is really useful as a raid leader, because it will tell you about flasks, food buffs etc. It can also print out information about taunts, CC breaks and similar. Big Brother is a Big Favourite!


This is my add-on to keep track of dots on my target. It’s easy to setup and move around, for any class you may be playing.


This is a neat add-on that can be used to easily see where your raid members are having issues. It will check when people do things like stand in fire or get hit by avoidable damage. I use it mainly for my own information, rather than having it print to the entire raid. It’s just helpful to see if there are areas where we can improve on movement.

Event Alert

My new addiction. It puts a big friggin button in a location of your choice showing you various important things. Like for my Destruction spec I have it show when my Backdraft is active, since none of my other addons seem to track this particular thing. For Affliction it tells me when I have full Soul Shards or when I can start using Drain Soul. Yes, it could be considered a silly addon to need – and I don’t really, but it’s just nice. I much prefer getting a big button somewhere on my screen to looking for the tiny Backdraft icon on my character, amidst all the other buffs.


This add-on is very simple, and all it really does is print a message showing the killing blow for when someone dies. It’s just something I use so that I get a quick idea about why someone dies in the middle of a boss fight in raids. Later on I can go and check Recount for more information, but in the heat of battle it’s nice to have a quick, brief idea of what did them in.


I use Grid for my raidframes. They’re quite big for a dps player, but I like to have a good view of what’s going on. It also means that I can use the exact same setup for when I’m actually healing.

Omen Threatmeter

I probably shouldn’t need this anymore, but my inner control freak won’t let me delete it.


My go-to damage meter.

Quality of Life


This is new to me, but as I’m trying to learn Affliction, it’s a very helpful add-on that helps you see when to re-apply your dots. It will give you bars, colour coded to show you if your dot will benefit from Pandemic if you re-apply it.

Atlas & Atlas Loot

Atlas for more detailed instance maps. Atlas Loot because it can show Faction Rewards and similar that the Dungeon Journal does not tell you about.

NPC Scan

Great add-on that will trigger if there’s a rare mob in your vicinity. If you’re trying for any achievements requiring rare mobs, this is almost a must-have.


I enjoy this when I’m playing one of my healers. It’s just nice with the little button that lights up. Clickety-click and done! I prefer it to just dispelling from Grid, since it will only show me things that I can actually dispel, rather than everything.


For all your farming needs! It remembers where you’ve found herbs/mines and other things before. Just makes life a lot easier when you’re out farming and can’t remember where that awesome spawning spot was!


This is an absolutely awesome add-on. It’s basically Wowhead in-game for quests. If you’re uncertain about a quest, and would have gone to Wowhead to read the comments, you no longer have to. It’s all right there, in game!


This must be one of the most fun add-ons out there at the moment for anyone interested in building gear sets for transmogrification. I swear I could probably sit for hours just playing around with the outfits. It shows you where you can get the gear, and if there are other pieces with the same looks.


No explanation needed I think. It gives you your map coordinates, and you can choose which units should show them and where.


Your in-game route planner! Well, sort of. You can insert co-ords into it with a command to get a dot on your map and an arrow showing you in which direction to go. It also works well with Lightheaded, since you can click on coordinates provided by others in comments, and automatically get a TomTom arrow showing you where to go.

Looking at this list I guess I’m a bit of an add-on junkie.

Do you have any add-ons that you don’t want to be without? What are your quality of life add-ons?


Add-on Madness — 2 Comments

  1. My primary must have addon is weak auras, it has so many uses, both more and less obvious ones, for an example I have a sound warning if my target is hostile and is under 20%, a huge red skull in the middle of the screen for not having the grimoire of sacrifice buff up etc. And what i really love is that you can specify which auras activate on what characters/in which specs/in pve/ppv or depending on your talents.

    I also use it for tracking trinket cooldowns, some buffs (hero, potion) and trinket ICDs.

    Another must have for me is clique, or other click casting addon, for soulstone, unending breath, dark intent etc.

    Nice looking UI.


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